10 LinkedIn Tips for Your Company

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LinkedIn Profiles were commonly considered as an online profile of a person or a digital business card, but it can reap a lot of potentials if taken a step further. Indeed going beyond the basic capabilities of LinkedIn to build a more powerful social contact and to maintain a professional online presence would translate as tremendous business opportunities.

Best ten tips for a business:

1. Profile Completeness:

The heart and soul of any business brand is its profile. Profile names are powerful enough to get a business rank high in search engines. When people visit the page to learn on the product or service, about the company and its work, then it is important to feature a solid profile to create that first best impression with 100% details.

2. Connecting with all:

It is important for business profiles to expand their options and opportunities through interaction with almost everybody enrolled in LinkedIn. LinkedIn act as a live networking event that helps a business introduce itself to others and helps create new contacts and expand the business network, which in turn helps create new business opportunities in the long run.

3. Create a compelling online presence:

Create LinkedIn profiles and pages that are interesting, attractive and compelling for visitors to keep visiting it again and again. It is also a good idea to get moving pictures and video recommendations incorporated in the profile as this helps people learn who you are, what you do and how best you could help them.

4. Products and services page:

All business LinkedIn pages should ensure that they have a specific services and products page to offer more details and context and link directly with each products and services pages on the website and on its landing pages.

5. Careers:

Even large brands could be a flaw if they don’t have a careers tab. For, this helps in promoting positions until they get filled.

6. Recommending others:

This tip is based on the old concept that the more one gives, the more they receive. Recommend others without they asking is an excellent way to improve one’s social proof on the social network. This indirectly helps in improving traffic for a website.

7. Using apt keywords and phrases in the heading and title:

Title is important to be easily findable in a LinkedIn search but the heading is an opportunity to extent the business to excellent heights as it helps elaborating one’s skills, ideal customers and their area of expertise.

8. Getting LinkedIn profiles come Alive:

Whatever one does in LinkedIn Profiles, it is important to get them live, this is accomplished by adding videos to the profiles, slide shares, presentations etc., with the help of specific applications. Videos should be launched and linked with the profile in such a way that it could be accessed from anywhere in the profile.

9. Making best use of saved changes:

LinkedIn allows its profile users to save close to ten job searches and at least three people searches. After performing a primitive search, click on the save search option to run them easily again later. Users could choose to gain weekly or monthly reminders through email newsletters.

10. Consider SEO:

It is important for all business pages to be SEO friendly and to treat them well with the right content. It is important for brand descriptions to be tailored heavily, concise and impactful so that Google previews and ranks them.


LinkedIn has indeed rolled out a number of applications to help people promote their businesses better. Irrespective of what industry a person lies in, there is an application for everyone to get their business message across in a better way. These tips help improve the overall experience of LinkedIn.

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