4 Important Things About Title Tags For Improving SEO

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When optimizing your search engine results, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is ensure that your title tag is the best that it can be. Title tagging can drive up your page visits tremendously. Creating the perfect one takes a small amount of energy but can pay off big. Here are four basic things you should know on how to tag your website’s title.

1. Your Name and More – Putting your company name in the title tag is a good idea. Whether or not people are currently aware of your business, at some point they should be and will likely run a search for your company. Having your name in it will help them find you quickly, since the title tag really does play a massive part in your ranking on results pages. Of course, you will want to include more than just your name so that people who haven’t heard of your company yet will find you from a basic search.

2. Include Keywords – Take a moment to come up with a few of the most common search keywords that your potential clients will use to find your company. If you sell printers and printer parts, for example, then those would be two keywords. Even better would be “cheap printer parts”. Take the best ones and apply them to your title tag. This can be tricky, so take a look at the text on your website itself. If keywords are obvious there, you can make a safe bet that they will transfer perfectly into your title tag.

3. Use a Proper Sentence – A title tag shows up at the top of an internet browser, and a string of keywords looks highly unprofessional. Use your company name and your keywords and create a proper sentence to use as a title tag. “Printer Warehouse – Cheap Printers and Printer Parts” is a good example of this. Many suggest that you put the most important keyword first, which could look like this – “Cheap Printers and Printer Parts at Printer Warehouse”.

4. Think About Length – When your page shows up on a search result, only seventy characters will be displayed. While the whole of your title will be indexed by the search engine, users searching for you will only see seventy characters. Drawing in clients and customers can be improved when they get a general overview on the search page, so be sure to come up with one that fits into seventy characters or less.

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