5 Different Mediums Offered by Online Printers

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Online printers make the job of ordering printed stationery easy and convenient. With different paper weights, sizes and finishes there are any number of variations for your printed work. The following shows details of the various printed mediums available by online printers and book printing companies.

Understanding what is accessible before placing your order will ensure the online shopping experience is a simple one.

Paper Weight – Grams per Square Metre (GSM)

  1. 80 gsm
  2. 80 gsm is equivalent to any standard copier paper. This might be ideal for ‘With Compliment’ slips or a one page leaflet where you need a bulk printing run.

  3. 80-130 gsm
  4. 80-130 gsm is mostly used for flyers or any material used as part of the general letterbox distribution or for other high turnover promotional material.

  5. 130-150 gsm
  6. 130-150 gsm paper weighted greater than 140 guarantees the print will not show through on the other side making this weight the best to use in brochures, flyers and newsletters where printing is required on both sides.

  7. 200 plus gsm
  8. 200 plus gsm is a thick high quality paper that does not need to be folded. Posters and calendar printing are a good example for using this weight of paper.

  9. 300 gsm
  10. 300 gsm is the standard thick card used in printing business cards.

Matching the right paper weight with the many different sizes available will result in a satisfactory product finished to your specifications.


Matching the right paper weight with the many different sizes available will result in a satisfactory product finished to your specifications.

Measurements for A6 paper are 105mm X 148mm (A5 folded in half)

Use A6 for labels and cards.

Measurements for A5 paper are 210mm X 148mm (A4 folded in half)

Use A5 for the larger flyer or leaflet.

Measurements for A4 paper are 297mm X 210mm

Use A4 for letterheads as this is the standard letter paper size.

Measurements for A3 paper are 297mm X 420mm (2 times A4)

Use A3 for calendars and smaller posters.

Measurements for A2 paper are 420mm X 594mm (2 times A3)

Use A2 for large posters.

Measurements for A1 paper are 594mm X 841mm (2 times A2)

Use A1 for larger posters.

Measurements for A0 paper are 841mm X 1189mm (2 times A1)

Use A0 for wall banners.

Measurements for DL paper are 99mm X 210mm (A4 folded in 3)

Use DL for the standard flyer or leaflet and ‘With Compliment Slips’


Bond is a flat non-reflective surface for use with general stationery lines.

Silk is slightly reflective with an ultra smooth finish.

Gloss is completely smooth with a shiny surface ideal when you want to make a statement.

Not only is there paper weights, sizes and finishes to consider but the use of colours for your printing needs. Some printers offer colour printing at the same price as black and white for certain lines so be sure and check out all the options available.

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