5 Ideas to Use Social Media Marketing for Small Business

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According to the statistics published by Nielson, a leading company facilitating global view of market trends in specific industries, social networking and blogging are the 4th popular online activity. In fact, the Nielson reports claim that these are better liked than emailing. In the present competitive world, online presence is a must for any business. Social media marketing for small business is a new revolutionary concept that takes advantage of online advertising campaigns to promote a brand name. All you need to succeed in this campaign is the knowledge about the right kind of marketing strategies and tactics.

How to Leverage Social Media Marketing for Small Business Promotion

An entrepreneur can get a large number of visitors by leveraging social media marketing for small business. In order to convert these visitors into sales, you can do the following:

Create videos: People often search YouTube for quick information on products. Create interesting video clips demonstrating your products, their usage and customer testimonials. Post these videos on YouTube with a link to your original website. If people find your videos interesting, they are sure to follow the link. These people might end up getting converted to your customers.

Use Facebook profile: Whenever you launch a new product or undertake a specific business activity, make a relevant wall post on your Facebook profile. For instance, you own a business of energy boost drinks and you have recently launched a new product in the same category for people aged above 50. Catch the attention of your target audience with a crisp wall post, such as, ‘Feel like 30 with our new Re-vital 50+ health drink!’ Do not forget to add your website link for driving interested audience to the product page.

Use Twitter: Tweet links of your product videos, articles, blogs and press releases on Twitter. A large follower base on Twitter is likely to click the links and visit your website. If a customer posts feedback regarding a product, make sure you retweet. This will engage more followers into your business.

Get involved in online discussions: Online forums are a great place to spread your brand name. Get involved in online discussions and tell people about your products. This is also a platform where you can get to hear about your customers’ likings, grievances, appreciations and rejections. Whether positive or negative, you should handle every customer reaction wisely as it may affect the mindset of other people on the forum.

Post search engine optimized content: Driving traffic to your website is all about employing the right keywords. So, never undermine the importance of SEO techniques and employ highly searched keywords. However, never misuse the power of optimization while doing this

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