5 More Inventive Internet Marketing Ideas

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1.) Make It A Game

Playing games on smartphones and tablets has never been more popular. They are played in all sorts of situations, whether someone is waiting for a bus, taking a break at work, relaxing in the evening or taking a bath. Gaming on mobile devices has never been easier and their popularity seems set to increase further.

By creating a gaming app with your company brand name on it, you can significantly increase your brand awareness without giving your potential customers the feeling that they are being “sold to”.

Depending on your type of business, the game could be related to the type of product s or services that you provide and deliver subliminal marketing messages to players.

Games are also an excellent vehicle for going viral. Players who like and enjoy the game are very likely to share it with friends and colleagues.

With a little imagination, you can quickly come up with some game ideas that will work well with your product line. You can also run the idea past your customers and ask them to contribute their ideas to the process.

2.) Show How Your Products are Used

A relatively new way of getting messages across in adverts is to show how the product is used and what it can do. Usually the name of the product or company is only introduced towards the end.

By using this method, you are creating interest in the product and the viewer is waiting to see what the product is called and who supplies it. A number of car manufacturers use this method to showcase the vehicle’s driving experience and capabilities, then deliver the make and model as a punch line at the end of the commercial.

This method can also be used as a “how to” instructional video.

3.) Partner Up

Co- branding and partnering with complimentary businesses is not a new concept, but is gaining in popularity. If you align yourself with a business or product the compliments, but doesn’t compete with yours, you can significantly enhance the benefits of both products. You can also offer discounts and special offers via this method such as buy one, get one half price etc.

It is also the opportunity to promote your products to your partner’s database and vice versa

4.) The “Disloyalty” Program

One of the more innovative ideas to come up recently is actually a reaction to the traditional “loyalty” programs that have been around for decades. Here, companies that offer similar services are combined on a single card that can be punched when someone makes a purchase. When the card is completely punched out, say after 8 or 10 uses, then that person can get an inexpensive product from any one of the companies listed for free. This is especially useful for restaurants and coffee shops, but it can be used by several smaller companies that band together.

5.) Try Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on the customers that you already have and getting the most from them. If you are an established business, you have a potential goldmine sitting in your database, just waiting to be exploited. It is generally accepted that it costs less to sell to an existing customer than it does to find new customers. The difference in cost varies depending on who you listen to, but the accepted norm is somewhere between 5 and 10 times cheaper.

It begs the question then, if that is the case, why do some businesses spend most of their time and resources chasing new customers and not building customer loyalty with their existing customer base?

When done correctly, inbound marketing can significantly increase your profit margin while not adding much to your marketing cost. This is because repeat customers are far more willing to buy than new ones because they have bought before.

By carefully offering new discounts, coupons and even exclusive products for previous customers, you can considerably boost your bottom line.

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