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Let’s take it to the next level, let’s say you’ve done an ask campaign, and now you have 125 different challenges, questions, or problems people have sent to you. These are all challenges in your niche.

Next you write your 50 page manual and it answers everybody’s questions.

You could do 1 page per question. Let’s say that there’s a lot of overlap, and out of 125 questions you end up with 30 questions net. Now you have a 30 page manual that just blows away everybody else in your niche.

But, what you also have now, is you have the blueprint outline for a class series. If you were to just talk for 10 minutes on each of the 30 topics, you would have 300 minutes of audio, which is 5 hours of audio training.

You could then take those 30 points, make those the 30 bullet points in your sales letter.

You could write a few stories about 2 or 3 of the bullet points. You would have your stories in your sales letter done.

I find opening a sales letter with questions for the niche is really effective, and using this method you could use the same questions you got from your ask page. Look at the 125 answers you got and find the ones that had the most overlap. Just repeat those back at the beginning of your sales letter:

“Do you struggle with X, Y, Z?” “Do you struggle with A, B, C?”

They’ve already told you what they struggle with, so you just tell it back to them in the form of questions. And then you say, “Hey, I understand! In fact, I asked 25 people if they struggle with these particular things, and these are some of the things they told me they struggle with.”

Then you make a big list of all the things people are struggling with.

“So, here’s what I decided to do. I decided to create an all inclusive audio training program that will teach you everything you need to know about all of those things. And, it’s 5 hours long, it’s 5 60 minute audio training sessions, where I teach on all these things.”

Then you list 30 bullet points, and you embellish a little bit if you want to. You probably like formatting with little check marks, and bullets, and highlighting and all that stuff people do that makes them feel like it might sell a little bit more.

Then at the end you say, “Hey, if you want all this training, here’s what it’s worth. Here’s the price, and go ahead and click the payment button.”

Notice we’ve done all of this from the single ask page. We’ve gotten all of the information we need to write our giveaway manual, to create our 5 hour training program, and to write our sales letter.

Now, here’s one more thing, there’s even one more thing you can do with this now. You could take those 30 questions and a training session every week for 30 weeks, and have a 30 week group coaching program. Where, every week for 30 weeks, you do an intense training on one of those question, and open the call for questions and answers. Now you have a 30 week coaching program. Or combine a few questions a week to build a class series – whatever you want to do.

You’re answering genuine problems here. As you teach on these topics, you’ll get even more questions. You can keep teaching on these new questions every week, and you have an ongoing, lifetime, monthly coaching program, and you’ve done it all from a single ask page.

Build your business on solving problems – it’s an incredible foundation.

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