A Virtual Assistant New Years Resolutions for 2007

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The Virtual Assistant Industry has grown in leaps and bounds this year and is soon on its way to becoming a household word. It used to be people would ask, “What is a virtual assistant?” Now, the question is more, “Who is your virtual assistant?” It brings to mind years past when if you mentioned you were starting a home-based business, people would look at you like you were nuts. Now operating a home-based business is not only accepted, but also highly regarded.

This past year, we saw amazing evidence of the power of virtual assistants (VAs) with more and more media coverage, well-known authors and celebrities singing our praises, and businesses and corporations alike commenting on how hiring a virtual assistant has helped them to achieve so much more success in not only their business, but personal lives as well. Thousands of qualified and dedicated entrepreneurs stepped up to meet that demand and now join the ranks of being one of us-a virtual assistant.

When thinking of the VA Industry; brilliance, cutting-edge technology, and enormous dedication come to mind. This year let’s take our Industry to new heights. Let’s keep our proud tradition of being the best, and let’s show the world, that they can’t do without us.

Here are several New Years Resolutions to help you achieve greater success with your business this year:

Resolution #1 — Make a commitment to get to know two people within your industry on a more personal level every month. Answer back an e-mail addressed to a VA group with a personal, “Hi. How are you doing? I’m Diana.” Also, become active on VA boards. If networking locally, introduce yourself at a professional organization’s meeting or a conference instead of just being in the background.

Resolution #2– Take the time to organize your business and make it easier to run on a daily basis. If you haven’t done so already, invest in a 3-ring notebook and put all the valuable forms you use on a daily basis in there including all your marketing letters, follow-up client letters, proposals, portfolios, etc. By customizing these forms now, you have them available when a client contacts you and are then able to respond to that client immediately with the right professionalism that will convince them to use your services. Bottom line – You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time.

If you’d like help on creating some of these forms, consider our latest book, The WordPerfect® OfficeReady® Virtual Assistant Solution Pack, available at [http://www.corel.com] in their Office Productivity/OfficeReady® Template Packs section. This VA Solution Pack contains a valuable 81 page e-book and over 70 templates you can use on a regular basis to start or grow a successful virtual assistant business. The Solution Pack was written by Diana Ennen with the help of several VA Industry leaders including Kelly Poelker, co-author of numerous other VA Books with Diana Ennen.

Resolution #3 – Define your definition of a virtual assistant. There is so much talk today on exactly what is a virtual assistant. Spend the time this year to focus on what you believe a virtual assistant is and what you believe your clients look for in a virtual assistant. Develop a mission statement with that definition. Try this, “At (insert your company name), we strive to provide you with the best (insert what that is) and to always meet and exceed your expectations. We are committed to (what?). This can be done while enjoying that eggnog this year, not too spiked of course. By developing your mission statement, you will find clarity, which will enable you to take your virtual assistant business to the next level. Also, if you have a mission statement from last year, it’s time to rewrite it and include where you are today with your business.

Resolution #4 – Get the steps to success down in writing. For those that have read our book, Virtual Assistant – The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA, you might benefit with our new VA The Series Workbook. It takes you step by step through operating a successful VA business, listing all your goals, development ideas, and also drives home exactly what you want your business to be. When you see it in writing, it helps you see where you want to go and how you want to get there.

Resolution #5 – Make an effort to keep your company name out there. Send out regular press releases, articles, newsletters, post cards, thank you notes, and frequent follow-up. Not only can this help your Google status, but it also gains you credibility as an expert.

As virtual assistants, being able to work without global boundaries has enabled us to work with clients anywhere. These steps can help you find the right balance for your business so that 2007 is more prosperous than ever.

We wish you the best of luck in the coming year. May it be your best year ever with success, happiness, and the right family/work balance that allows you to enjoy every day with peace and serenity. Stop by any of our sites for additional information on how you too can become a successful Virtual Assistant.

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