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Growing an online home based business is one of the best things that an individual can do to get a constant source of income. An online home business may come in various forms but one of the most profitable and tested online business type is network or multi-level marketing. It involves re-selling a company’s products or services for a commission. One such company that offers a network marketing business opportunity is ACN business.

ACN Inc. is the largest telecommunications company involved in direct selling in the world. It was founded in 1993 and is based in Michigan with operations in 19 countries across the world. ACN business deals in cutting-edge digital products and services in use and demand every day. These include long distance and local calling, DSL and dial-up internet, Satellite and wireless TV, cellular products and digital video/phone services. The company has realized double-digit growths consistently and rakes in an annual income of more than $500m.

ACN business offers an immediate and residual income-generating plan for its direct representatives. As an independent representative, one is expected to recruit customers into using the company’s products or services. As long as they remain active ACN business customers, the person who introduced them earns the representative commissions as high as 10%. The income growth is exponential as each of those customers recruits other customers down the line. Therefore, the greater the number of customers recruited under an independent representative, the higher the income.

Success with ACN business involves effort, passionate and effective marketing. That effort is made easier using the internet. The internet is a vast market place with potential customers numbering in the millions and growing daily. These customers are all simultaneously and consistently reachable on a 24-hour daily basis. With internet marketing, huge costs associated with traditional or physical marketing techniques are eliminated, translating into even more profits for the marketer.

Employing effective tactics and strategies to reach and convert customers is the most important component of a successful ACN business. The first step for the independent retailer is to create a website with all the information about the ACN business products and services. The website should be attractive, with easy to read and understand information.

Attracting traffic to the retailer’s ACN business website may be done in several ways. One of this is via blogging. Blogging involves promoting the products by posting recommendations on online discussion forums or web pages. These are particularly effective since millions go to these discussion pages to get unbiased and informative reviews on products, services and other general information. Other online marketing and advertising techniques may be employed though they may come at a cost.

Traditional marketing techniques such as making 3-way calls, warm marketing (marketing to relatives, friends), printing and handing out fliers are outdated, time consuming, limited in scope and not very effective for a successful ACN business.

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