Article Marketing Success – How To Write Articles to Boost Your Online Business

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There is no better way to build a successful online business from scratch than article marketing. Not only is it absolutely free, but writing articles gets your name and your brand out there almost instantly and allows you to re-direct people right back to your website. Whether you are selling something small or something worth thousands, you can use article marketing to drive people to your business and you will see results from this form of marketing.

Even if you are not an expert writer, you can use article marketing to build your business, as the most important part of article marketing is giving your reader quality information rather than a well-written and polished piece of work.

If you want to achieve big success with your online business as fast as possible, use the following four tips to get your articles out there to work hard for you:

#1 – Set a monthly numbers goal

If you want to be successful in your business, you have to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for everything. In your article marketing efforts, decide on how many articles you will write each month and then break this down into daily and weekly goals. While 100 articles every month may seem steep, when you break this into weekly numbers it is only 25, and then if you break that into a 5-day plan it is merely 5 articles everyday. This is an achievable goal and should take no more than an hour or two once you know how to write articles the right way.

#2 – Write something everyday

Even if you don’t work on the weekends, you can sit down or even write a single article before anybody else even wakes up. Saturday and Sunday you can write a single article in less than 15 minutes and this will take up almost none of your day. Once you’ve written several hundred articles you can stop this practice, but in order to build your business you have to go the extra mile.

#3 – Leave out the article’s conclusion

One of the most powerful ways to get someone to click on your link at the end of the article is to omit the concluding statement in your article. This will stimulate more curiosity in your reader and it will increase the number of people who click your links.

#4 – Make a clear, direct offer in your resource box

Instead of listing your accomplishments in your resource box, simply make a clear offer for the reader to download your free product. This ensures they won’t miss the chance to get your product and thus get onto your email list.

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