Considering a Domain Name For Your Home Based Business is Easier Than You Think!

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A domain name can be a very important aspect to your home based business. It may project a very important image for you and the products you promote or sell. If you change domains sometime later after you have been set up for sometime, things could get quite complicated. However, choosing a domain name does not have to be hard.

Here are some suggestions to easily help you choose a domain name:

  • Jot down on a piece of paper approximately ten ideas about a domain name you may want.
  • Do a domain search to see if one of the ideas you wanted is available. I use Use when first starting out as that is what most people tend to search for when looking for a business.
  • If the name you want is not available, GoDaddy provides a list on the side of alternative names. GoDaddy may suggest putting words like best, my, or the in front of your idea for a domain name.
  • You can search for an on line thesaurus on Google and come up with some very unusual alternatives for words. Create interest by adding words like explosion, creations, reports, secrets and etc.
  • You may be using a domain quite often so sometimes it helps to make it as short as possible. Three to four words would be enough.
  • Brand yourself and your business by adding your name in front of your idea. This makes it personal. would be an example.
  • Creative and unusual names pertaining to your business or personal branding need to reflect a positive professional image for your business.

A domain name can be easily chosen using the ideas that you have written down. Personally branding your business to your name gives you a sense of pride in ownership especially if you reflect a positive image for yourself and your business. Make sure your domain name can be easily remembered and that the spelling is exactly what you want before purchasing your domain. Remember to be personal and professional so your business will flourish.

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