Internet Home Business Idea – 5 Steps That Lays Golden Eggs

What if you have tried everything but have failed to start your own successful internet business?

In this article you will learn the exact 5 step formula that I personally use to start a new internet business and achieve my internet home business idea.

The purpose of this article is to get you started on the right path towards the way to internet riches and financial freedom.

Your 5 Simple Steps to Make Killer Money Online…

1. Create a Goal.

2. Create a Plan.

3. Create a Treasure Map.

4. Cut Them Down.

5. Create a Time Table.

Lets get started…

1. Create a Goal.

It is extremely important to define your end goal that you want to achieve. It can be to make $2000 every month or start getting 500 visitors to your site every day.

Clearly write down your goal in detail.

2. Create a Plan.

Create a step by step plan to achieve your goal. Write it down, color it and create a road map.

It is the exact road map that you will follow to shoot your goal. Stick your plan in a place where you will always see it.

3. Create a Treasure Map.

Now that you have a plan write a simple todo list from start to finish that you will follow to achieve your plan.

4. Cut Them Down.

Now cut down your treasure map into daily, weekly and monthly tasks. You will follow these tasks the way you write down in this step without fail. Persistency is the key to success.

5. Create a Time Table.

Once you have your daily, weekly and monthly task create a step by step time table as to when you will achieve these tasks.

Follow the time table patiently and make sure you complete your tasks as per the time you have allocated. Be desciplined in completing your tasks as per your time table.

Apply the above 5 steps to any complicated project you are doing and success is right at your doorsteps.

This simple blueprint will make sure that you achieve your internet home business idea in the shortest and quickest way possible.

The purpose of this article was to give you the exact system that I personally follow to start my internet business and make money online.

Every successful internet business enterpreneur will follow this plan in one way or the other as it is a very important element to achieve success and increase your focus in achieving your internet business goals.

Whatever you do I wish you all the very best and success in life and business.

Difficulty of Funding for India’s Entrepreneurs

Today India appears to be poised for phenomenal growth and this could be well

observed at the start of the new millennium. India is becoming a priority destination for different foreign investors and venture capitalists. Today’s knowledge-based economy of India is considered as a fertile ground for the upcoming entrepreneurs. As a result, the Indian businesses are now adapting the

global competitive environment. But previously, this was not the case; most of the early entrepreneurs had to face hindrances in the path of their success due to

various reasons such as inadequate opportunities, scarcity of capital, lack of technology and many other factors.

India is a conservative nation and most of the people prefer regular monthly pay

rather than embarking on any business venture on their own. In India, people do

have innovative ideas but translating these ideas into business enterprises involves many risks which they find difficult to tackle. This has led to an overall

cautious mindset amongst the upcoming entrepreneurs. Even if an individual makes up his mind to start up an enterprise, he fails to get proper motivation, financial backup as well as proper sources for funding. The most common difficulties faced by Indian entrepreneurs are non-availability of good credit schemes and complexities in acquiring long or short-term loans. Also the Indian banks show lack of interest in entrepreneurial projects and put hindrances in processing the funding request applications. These constraints make an entrepreneur feel handicapped in initiating any kind of business venture.

The reasons behind the difficulties of funding comprise of the communication gap

between venture capitalists or finance agencies and entrepreneurs. Absence of good credit schemes as well as improper presentation skills also contribute to the

difficulties of funding faced by Indian entrepreneurs. Many banks also fail to offer

enduring loans for start up units. Most of the time, investors and finance companies do not thoroughly understand the entrepreneurs’ newly introduced concepts. It would help if the funding agencies and venture capitalists kept themselves abreast with newly developing technologies and their possible profitable uses.

However, the difficulties of funding can be solved by different entrepreneurship practices. The important aspect for entrepreneurship is the attitude to make the entrepreneur-investor partnership based on mutual trust. In this, one partner possesses the innovative idea and skills necessary for implementing an enterprise, whereas the other partner has capital required for execution. This kind of partnership can contribute to paramount success of an enterprise. The finance companies, funding agencies as well as banks should develop certain processes to asses the feasibility of any new business venture and based on this they should facilitate loans for good proposals. These investors, funding agencies and banks should also try and introduce credit schemes that are favorable for entrepreneurs and add to the economic development of the country.

Making Heavenly Matches Online – Anupam Mittal

Synopsis – One of the greatest barriers and Mittal faced were cultural. People would often raise questions like “Why should we go online to find a suitable mate?” and “What if there is a bot on the other side and not a real person?”

Anupam Mittal’s entrepreneurial journey is all about having an educational stint abroad, realizing the potential of an idea and returning back to India to execute it. Back in 1990, Mittal was studying in USA and working with Microstrategy, a business intelligence software firm. The internet had just began booming in US and he realized this was going to change the world sooner or later. Once a year, would return to India.

In 1997, when he visited India, he started doing some web development for some companies from his father’s office. A traditional matchmaker once approached him with bio data’s et al. of prospective brides for him. This is when the idea to take the entire matchmaking experience online struck him. Without thinking much, in the same year he launched It was one of his first entrepreneurial experiments. They were focused on web development as opposed to making money. He did all this and continued working in the US.

In 2001, he quit his job and moved to India and changed the name of the venture to Mittal invested all his money into the business as initial capital. It was only in 2006, when they chose to raise external capital. He knew he had built a decent brand and the business was good. He created a mobile application company called He raised capital from Sequoia, Silicon Valley Bank and Intel. In total they raised USD 20 million in between shaadi and mauj.

One of the greatest barriers and Mittal faced were cultural. People would often raise questions like “Why should we go online to find a suitable mate?” and “What if there is a bot on the other side and not a real person?” Mittal had to find answers to it all. He truly believed that there would always be doubters and haters but to be an entrepreneur, one has to take everything with a pinch of salt. Close to ten years back, many did not understand the concept behind Buying advertising was difficult too.

From being a simpleton who was studying and working abroad to one to being voted as one of India’s 50 most powerful people by BusinessWeek, Mittal has come a long way. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is an investor too. His investments comprise of companies like Ola Cabs, Druva, Pretty Secrets, Café Zoe and several others. Today Mittal is founder and CEO of People Group, which owns businesses such as, the world’s most successful matrimonial site,, Mauj Mobile and People Pictures.

He truly believes that India is witnessing a big change and is embracing entrepreneurship with open arms. He stated “If you go back seven to ten years, there was a stigma of failure. So everybody used to take up jobs as engineers, doctors and so on. Now it is easier, people are accepted even if they fail.”

Hiring A Business Consultant In India Will Give New Dimension To Your Online Business

The need and significance of employing the services of a Market-Research company is highly comprehended these days by online business entities. The most sought after upshots are a head start over competitor and a wide improvement in line of products and services. An apposite business consultant in India will proffer you with pertinent data which will help you reorganize your strategies and nurture the precise client base.

Online market research will assist you in laying your hands upon relevant stats and reports which will prove fruitful in making your online venture a major success. When it comes to finding an apt Market-Research company, we will come across thousands of them on the World Wide Web. Their essential chore is to proffer you with imperative information which will help you take an edge over your competitors.

Market-research companies utilize professional research analysts, who are competently educated to work in explicit market fragments to proffer their client corporations with pertaining and relevant data. Contacting a business consultant in India will lessen much of your burdens as they are well equipped with sophisticated technologies and state of the art online tools to gather market data and make it work for you. Market-research works aptly for both freshly started businesses and time honored establishments as they are always in search of innovative and resourceful ideas as to how to expand the business and develop it to newer heights.

Proffering significance to market research is a guaranteed stratagem that could fetch an assortment of advantages to your company. Intermingling with genuine clients is the most excellent technique to come back with most desirable inquiries and determine what the market holds for the concerned corporation. The existence of a complete in-house team of experts at a business consultant in India makes sure that the market research is altered into commercial lead for clients. An apposite MRC will also help you meet commercial confronts by indefatigably fabricating ground-breaking and eccentric means of collecting applicable information and adapting thus collected data into strategic trade insights.

You should always do a bit of intricate research on the World Wide Web, before plunging into the decision of hiring a certain mrc. You should always double check its profile, its history, list of satisfied clients, their transparent work procedures, customer’s testimonials and pricing structure for their services before going in to utilize their services for business development.

Online Freelance Writing Jobs – How Article Writing Stands Apart?

There are several online freelancing companies. They are working 24 hours of the day allowing their writers produce quality write ups and earn some handsome amount of cash. Moreover, all internet marketers would want their business to get noticed through quality contents. A valuable and worthy content can draw lots of audience to a particular website. Good content help in building good relationships and also initiates the success of a business for a long period of time. A good content not only helps an online company make a handsome amount of profit, it also makes way for a writer to earn his daily bread and butter.

Content writing freelance jobs in India helps in better correspondence and worthy reciprocation. The more you write that better idea you can generate. When you start writing it is one sort of standard, when you continue writing your scribbling gets more relevant as you start developing more worthy ideas. Your sense of putting ideas into words develops each day. This is how Indian freelance writers have gained worldwide reputation and are able to write more profoundly maintaining an international style and standard. There are lots of companies throughout the world you are in search of quality Indian content writers because they know that there is a perfect crowd in this country that can really make products and concepts speak.

Online freelance jobs in India have become a custom because in this country literacy gets brushed up each day. People discover how to write better and how to write differently. Indian freelance writers have to handle so many things at one time. Their works involve sales, marketing, interacting with sub contractors, project work, marketing and billing. Thus, when an Indian writer handles so many things at one time and tries to put everything on paper accordingly his skill gets sharpened and his aptitude receives international recognition.

Article writing has always made a difference. An article can provide platform to your business. An article can make your working arena thrive each day. An article gives your work a perfect identity and helps people know you better. In this way an article always stands apart and helps in adding value to your work.

Ideas For an Online Business

There are so many guides posted on the internet which taught the normal internet users about different ways of making money through online business. So many new ideas and possibilities are the hot topic of people now days and many people are implementing those ideas and ways of online business for greater income. As many new people are joining new ways of online business therefore many new ideas are generating every day and the competition among people is increasing. You can also be the part of this competition field of online business. If you want success in your online business then you need some new ideas which lead you to a successful business. Here are some of the new ideas for your online business.

The Design Technologies of Web 2.0

When we talk about technologies of Web 2.0, so it is not a new thing to speak about. The technologies of Web 2.0 have been under use for web and online businesses for many years. However, many of the web and internet business use internet marketers to manage through the easiest techniques for seeking the online business to a good rank. In many of the cases, the internet marketers choose the easiest way of the dated designing to these basic web sites. If you want to neglect the designs by these web sites then using the concepts of design and technology of Web 2.0 and also of the web applications will make your business attracted with more interaction of you and your visitors to your web page. One simple and attractive way of designing can be done through making an online blog in your web page and then incorporating your site with different design themes. For more interactive environment use some widget designs on your online blog page of the website.

Marketing of Web 2.0

The standards of the marketing online are also changed with the arrival of Web 2.0. Although many people has been preferring e-mails, classifieds or blog advertise posting for the purpose of marketing but the new methods of marketing introduced by Web 2.0 have more impact to attract heavy number of customers and this will make a good increase in your online business as well. Web 2.0 introduced the social networking and video sharing methods.

If you have not ever marketed through a social networking site then try this. Make a profile in any of the popular social networking site. Add more people and speak the word about your business to them. The more big network of people you have the more chances of visitors to your profile will increase. Hence more people can be visiting your marketing page. If you are sure that you have a big network in this social networking site and more people are checking out your marketing ads then make some other profiles on other popular social networking sites and this way you will get a heavy traffic and more chances of customers. Video marketing is the best only if you are able to convince through your attracted video advertisements.

5 Internet Business Ideas to Inspire You

Many people today are searching for ways to work from home, and to start their own business. They see the opportunity that the internet presents and they want a piece of it. But sadly many people fail in their quest to start an online business before they even take the first step. They know that the internet is where the future of our economy lies, but they just can’t figure out how to go about starting an ebusiness. What they lack are motivating ideas. Everywhere we look today we see people peddling new eproducts designed to assist the would be entrepreneur in establishing their own money making endeavor. However as we know most of these products are simple regurgitated junk that only offer generic and obvious answers to questions that need a much more detailed answer.

What people want to see, are real life examples and specific ideas so that they can become motivated to start making a steady income online. So here is a list of real motivating business ideas for our aspiring entrepreneurs.

  1. YouTube. Creating a popular unique YouTube channel is a great way to make money. You can use any skills or hobbies you have to make instructional how to videos, or make your own comedy, or dramas. The key is to get a whole lot of views on your video so you can make money off the ads. Or you can promote affiliate products from your video itself.
  2. Sell Yourself. Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or MySpace account with a lot of friends and followers? If so you can again use your popularity to sell affiliate programs, ads, or whatever your heart desires to your clan. The Key is to have a lot of eyeballs on your profile.
  3. Start A Blog Network. This is a great opportunity right now to take advantage of the blog craze. Blogs are by definition interactive platforms for expression meaning it’s a great place for you to “express” your adoration for any product that pays. The advantage of a blog network is that you can interlink all of your blogs. (Free Advertising!)
  4. Flipping Websites. Not unlike flipping houses, website flipping is where you buy a web property and then sell it or fix it up to sell for a higher price than what you bought it for. This is a much better investment than a house due to the fact that websites are a lot cheaper not only to buy but to maintain. Also websites can be purchased for as little as 10 months revenue, meaning you could make your investment back in less than a year! Possible sources of quality websites are Digitalpoint, and Flippa. (sometimes eBay, but you have to be prepared to sift)
  5. Become an Internet Reseller. There are tons of products on the internet being bought and sold every day. From ebooks to airplanes, many opportunities exist to become a middle man on products and never even get involved in its production. Possibilities include setting yourself up as a web designer, SEO expert, or social media advertising company, hiring an outsourced freelancer from India who can get the job done get his quote and tack on a markup. This is no different than how say a home builder works so go for it.

Managing Global Supply Chains – Striking a Strategic Balance

Global supply chains are facing difficult times as the marketplace shifts to a more global environment. Companies want to enter new markets with lower costs and better speed. However, many executives are struggling to meet goals in the face of new challenges.

Factors such as higher transportation and energy costs are enough to throw a wrench into a company’s supply chain. Building a strong strategic plan can assist executives in achieving their goals.

Evaluate Higher Transportation Costs

It’s no surprise that energy and transportation costs have experienced a sharp increase. Companies are scrambling to balance these costs while staying competitive in current market conditions. Striking the right balance can add up to increased efficiency and profit gains.

Manage Product Lead Time

Although producing oversees offers less expensive labor, this may also result in longer lead time. This slows down the process of bringing a new product to market. These factors need to be carefully considered when planning production.

Review Exchange Rates and Tariffs

Tariff and exchange rate challenges are introduced when a company manufactures overseas. Senior managers should carefully evaluate these components and identify opportunities to increase efficiencies.

Manage Complex Products Closely

Consumers are demanding more sophisticated products. Companies are working creatively to meet these needs, but sometimes production gets left in a lurch. Producing more complex products can slow down production, leaving the supply chain out of balance.

The solution to this issue is forming strong communication channels between marketing and operations. Working closely will provide a synergy between launching a new product and meeting production demands.

The Challenge of Reducing Costs

Senior mangers are always evaluating strategies to increase efficiencies and lower costs. Managing global supply chains in this demanding market requires strategic oversight. Leaders from all business units need to come together to create strategic goals that are measurable and realistic. A systematic way to measure these goals should be established so results can be tracked.

Evaluating Ways to Get Products to Market Quicker

Once a company discovers an innovative product, marketing and sales push hard to bring the item to market. Operations is the business unit that can best provide knowledge on capacity to produce a product while maintaining a high level of customer service. If production is slammed with orders, angry customers will surface, creating a lasting affect on a business’ reputation.

A strategic plan for getting products to market in the most efficient way should be created. Senior managers should meet regularly to strike a balance between bringing a product to market while persevering production and customer service. Discovering this balance will positively affect the global supply chain.

Find Communication Efficiencies in Manufacturing

Companies serving a global marketplace may have manufacturing facilities spread out all over the world. The communication flow across such a large area may become challenging for some businesses. This can be addressed by creating formal procedures for sharing information across all locations. The results of making this change are improved consistency and performance.

Examine the Benefits of Centralization

Many companies are moving away from local management to a centralized model. The manufacturing may be accomplished overseas, while the home office is charged will managing those tasks.

Retaining Employees in a Global Marketplace

As your company goes abroad, attracting and retaining talented employees may be challenging. Spend time and resources on creating an attractive work environment for employees. The time and effort invested initially will payoff with a decreased turnover ratio.

Managing Compatibility Issues

Managing technical infrastructure can be challenging enough in the local market. But once you introduce vendors from around the world, the issue becomes more complex.

Spend time working with vendors to ensure technology works seamlessly across all channels. Frontloading your investment will minimize issues down the road. This will also improve your efficiency and profit potential.

Acknowledge the Environmental Effect on the Global Supply Chain

Consumers are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint. Companies are facing the challenge of finding a balance between being environmentally responsible and maintaining profitability. Working with leaders in your company to discover a harmonious solution will impact your business positively in the global marketplace. You’ll benefit from an environmentally conscious image, while preserving profits.

Forming a Partnership between Operations and Marketing

Executives from marketing and operations need to meet regularly to review goals. They need to form a partnership to improve the global supply chain process. This will enable a quicker response to change when working to bring products to market.

Most company executives agree that global supply chains have room for improvement. While facing economic changes and rising fuel costs, there will be opportunities to review processes and maximize efficiencies. Investing time and resources into maximizing the efficiency will preserve and grow your profits.


July 2008 McKinsey Quarterly Survey on Global Supply Chains

Why Android App Development Is Beneficial for Businesses Seeking Growth and Visibility

Recent stats about the behavior of customers online have revealed that the use of mobile apps to purchase things and to gather data has increased in leaps and bounds. Today, brands are getting purchase orders through mobile apps and are also able to keep the customers engaged through various ads and activities. Android mobile app development has gained much popularity these days and enterprises are also creating customized mobile apps that solve the customer issues and add value to their business. So, if you are planning to capitalize on the popularity of mobile devices through apps, then Android should be on top of your list.

Developing an Android app can be beneficial for your business if you are willing to reach out to the mass. The smart device and touch screen enabled Google platform is used by more than 80% smartphones and 60% tablets all over the world. So, it can be said that Android is dominating the market with its strong presence. Since the devices running on Android are available at remarkable prices, they are the first choice for the users. It is in fact reasonable to build an android business app for the leading digital market.

Ideal to interact with customers:

Any channel that is adopted to reach the products or services should be open and easy. If users have to purchase devices that are very costly, then your business goals will not be attained. With regular features and upgrades, today’s smartphones offer advanced computing features and are able to match any laptop or desktop in terms of their utility. Since Android mobile users are in large numbers, business owners can often target huge market by creating business apps.

No investment in development tools:

Android comparatively has a low entry cost as it offers Software Development Kits for free to the developer’s community and this reduces the development and licensing costs. Same is with the varied tools and technologies, which are open source and are available for free. Developers are not supposed to charge any fees for the tools that are offered by Google as they are available for free.

BYOD preference:

Android holds over 83% of the market share and this is quite evident. For organizations that are adopting the BYOD policy, it is feasible for them to opt for Android as their enterprise app development platform as it is available for a wide range of devices and business can target users of all economic groups. And overall BYOD environments also require heightened security and Android platform offers high security features, so that users can easily share information and make transactions without any issues.

Smart working:

With Android app development, you can put flexibility and power of the platform to work anytime and anywhere to create best in class productivity apps. Android offers more options for customization that are based on the specific needs of the business and also the changing trends of the market. It is easy for the developers to tweak the existing apps and add more features and functionalities to make them more contemporary. Android is the best mobile platform between process architecture and applications.

Free options to choose distribution channels:

Google offers the freedom to distribute your apps from any medium that you prefer. There are no hard and fast rules that you have to put your app on Google Play for its distribution. You can either distribute it on your own or use any other ad platforms for distribution. In case you want to create an internal enterprise operation and are not willing to launch the app on the store, then you have complete freedom to do so and Android gives you this opportunity. According to your choice of promotional strategy, you can now easily reach your end users through various channels.

Easy adoption:

Mobile application design trends are evolving and this requires that your app is continuously updated. This can only be done by experienced Android app developers. Android apps are scripted in Java language together with the help of rich libraries. So, anyone having knowledge of Java can work on them. Usually Java programmers find it quite easy to adopt as well as develop script code for mobile apps. In case of any crashes or bugs, any developer having Java programming proficiency can easily resolve the errors effectively from the android app.

Thus to conclude, if you are willing to maximize your customer reach through mobile applications, then targeting the Android platform will help you to transform your business into a profitable venture.

Difference Between An Application And A Mobile Website

If you want to establish a mobile presence for your organization or business, among the first considerations that will likely to remember is if you want to create a mobile application for users to download or perhaps a mobile website. These might look very similar at first, and knowing which is most suitable to your needs will greatly depend on different factors. These will include your budget, target audiences, required features, and intended purpose.

A Mobile Website Vs. An Application

It is very important for you to fully understand the key differences between a mobile website and an app. Both can be accessed on a handheld device like a tablet or a smartphone.

A mobile website is somewhat the same with any other website that has browser-based HTML pages linked together and can be accessed over the Internet. What differentiates it from a standard one is the fact that it is meant for the smaller handheld display along with those with touch-screen interfaces. It can indeed display text content, images, data, and video. Also, they can give access to mobile-specific features like click-to-call or location-based mapping.

Applications, on the contrary, are downloaded and installed on your mobile device instead of just being rendered in a browser. They may pull content and data from the Internet or the content may be downloaded so can get accessed to it even without an internet connection.

Which Is Better?

If you are deciding whether to build a mobile website or a native app, the right choice will greatly depend on your end goals. An app can be the best option to develop an interactive game. But if your main goal is to offer mobile-friendly content to the plenty of users, a mobile website is surely the best way to go. There are some cases where you might need to invest in both.

Experts highly emphasized that a mobile website must by your initial step when it comes to developing an excellent mobile web presence. On the other hand, an app is very useful for creating an application for a specific purpose which can’t be efficiently accomplished through a web browser.

The web vs. app question remains to be a very real consideration for businesses wanting to establish a mobile presence if mobile remains a new frontier. Weighing which of these two can greatly benefit your business is very crucial. This way, you are sure that you are making the right move to ensure the success of your business.

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