Definition of Personalized Stationery

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Any office supply that has had a personal touch added is considered to be personalized stationary. This could include the following:

company letterheads,

business cards,

promotional pens

phone pads,

school stationery,


The list is endless. Additionally, personal stationery at home could include:

greeting cards,

Party invites,



other children’s craft.

If you did a search in your local phone directory or on an internet search engine you will find many companies out there that will offer this service for a set fee. There is even software packages you can buy to create your own designs for whatever paper based stationary you choose and then print them from your PC at home.

Getting children involved in craft time is also a fun way of making your own personal stationary and can be done by using stamps, both bought and self made from potatoes for example. By doing this you can make personal greeting cards for family and friends or just a little special something for your children to keep and treasure.

You can also extend this onto items such as pens, key rings, mugs, T-shirts, mouse mats and much much more. How many times have you seen pen or even a key ring pen with someone’s name on when in the gift shop picking up a card. If you searched on the internet you could find hundreds of different companies that offer you these stationery items and thy provide facilities where you can make them more personal so you can send to a friend as a cheeky gift.

Craft fairs are also a good place to pick up some tools, tips and ideas for your own stationary making adventures. You can buy personal stamps, with lettering, phrases or patterns and there is a multitude of stickers to add for that extra special finish to your greeting cards, whether for valentines day or birthdays or Christmas.

Even playing around with your email and word settings can enable you to have a different font type or background and the colour choices are only limited to your own imagination.

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