Home Based Businesses For Women – 10 Ways To Make Money Online

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If you’re business-minded you may be considering, or already have, one of the best home based businesses for women, an online business. If you have a clear plan and are willing to take consistent action you can make your online business a success.

While an online business may sound daunting, home based businesses for women can take many shapes and work in many different ways. Let’s explore some of the options for an online, or virtual, business:

  1. Fiverr. Start small and offer $5 gigs on Fiverr. Services range from the everyday (such as writing articles and blog posts, creating caricatures or small logos) to the sublime (singing pets with logos on their sides, funny phone messages, posting love messages from your town). Anything is possible and every job or gig is $5. The secret is to find a popular gig you can offer for $5 that you can deliver quickly and easily.
  2. Offer freelance services through sites like ehow, elance or peopleperhour. Whether your skills lie in writing, marketing, social media, critiquing sites, designing logos or websites, you can find freelance work here.
  3. Blogging. Follow your passions and write a blog about something you love, or have experience of. Write regularly and provide great content and value. Once you’ve built a small list of regular readers, you can sell relevant products to them. Make sure you offer products that help your readers solve their biggest problem. And write blog posts around that same topic. Make it easy for your readers to find information that will solve their problems or meet a specific need.
  4. Become an infopreneur. Find a hungry niche of potential customers using sites like ClickBank and Amazon. Determine their biggest problem or need and create products that solve that problem or meet that need. For example, if you love skiing, you could create a “Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Skiing” eBook or a series of “How To Carve Turn” Videos. This is the most fun way to make money as you’re writing about topics you love.
  5. Create small niche websites. By choosing a specific niche, identifying 5 keywords for that niche, and writing and publishing articles for each of those keywords, you can create a very simple 3-5 page website, which will attract traffic. Rather than trying to sell to your visitors straight away, make one of your pages an attractive “opt-in” page encouraging visitors to sign up for your e-newsletter or mini-course. Then, use email marketing to automatically provide content to your readers on a daily basis, and promote affiliate or your own products to your potential customers. Niche websites will not make as much money as authority sites but can generate a steady income. Once you have the formula down, you can rinse and repeat until you have your desired income.
  6. Get paid to write. Sites such as Hubpages, Squidoo, Triond and Ehow all pay you for writing, by placing ads on your pages. The key is to write good quality content and to write regularly. These sites all have a very different format and feel so it’s probably best to try them all out and then focus on one site that you write for consistently. Another tip is to find content in a similar niche to your own and leave comments. That will increase awareness of your content and build those all important relationships with others in the same niche.
  7. Microworkers – Get Paid For Small Tasks. Outsourcing is a huge business these days and you can get paid for any number of small tasks. Microworkers is great if you need small amounts of money quickly. You will be paid to do small random tasks online such as tweeting, blogging, reviewing, signing-up for social media sites. Any routine task that someone can outsource can earn you some quick cash.
  8. Get Paid To Tweet, Share and Comment. Create a Facebook fan page offering your services to Tweet or share with your Facebook friends, post content to multiple social media sites or comment on forums and blogs. Online marketing is dependent on regular, consistent communication and there is a huge opportunity to make money offering these services for others. You can charge on a per task, or hourly rate.
  9. Affiliate Marketing. Use email marketing (if you have a list) or Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Digg etc. to find people in a particular market and share affiliate links with them. You’ll then collect a commission for each sale made through your affiliate link. The secret here is to find a hungry market of buyers by finding the best sellers on ClickBank, Commission Junction or Amazon and then promoting relevant products to that market. You can join an affiliate network, such as ClickBank or Amazon Associates, and get paid every time you promote a product through your affiliate link.
  10. Offer a virtual P.A or admin service. Formalise your business by offering admin, organisation or other office skills services. With the popular use of Google docs, dropbox and other online tools, you can easily create spreadsheets, track listings, review products, write articles or help others with their admin. And make good money doing it.

So, as home based businesses for women go, there are plenty of opportunities to make money if you’re willing to get out there and start taking action today.

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