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I was enthralled by astrology predictions when I was very young. My father, a total disbeliever, considered it was nonsense. He alleged that the daily predictions were all written so unclearly that they could relate to anyone. He also maintained that the depictions of the different zodiac signs were so universal that anybody in a blind study could lift up any of the depictions and find himself in it. I regarded my dad as an intelligent man, thus I tested his supposition and came across that he was totally mistaken. I used to open the books which explained what different zodiac signs would behave like and used to haphazardly commence reading to locate some part of myself in those depictions. But very few went with me in any way. On the other hand, I took note of the fact that I did not completely match every lone item of my own sign. Why is it so? Why does none of us completely match our birth sign?

This is because the fundamental sun sign just informs one part of who we are. You would find that there is a moon sign, a Mars sign, a Venus sign, and so on. Every one of them has a dissimilar intention and comprises various parts of our prospective personality profile. If we use an analogy, conceive of each planet as a different feature of the human mind, for example, the feelings, the drives, the loves, the spirituality, the interactions, the intelligence etc. Besides, we may consider each zodiac sign as a different culture. When I say to you that I bumped into a woman from Brazil today, you get an instant impression of what type of person she is. But is it true that every lone woman from Brazil precisely identical? Certainly not, but we can make a broad impression in our minds with regard to what she is possibly like. However, if I informed you that this woman was born and brought up in Brazil, her looks were like a Scandinavian, had the disposition of an Irish woman, the religious values of a Jewish woman, might plunge in love similar to a French woman, and had the self-sufficient trait of an American, you would be able to get an even improved impression of what kind of woman I had now come across.

This is like what comes about when an astrologer draws your chart and informs you that your moon is in Virgo and your Mars is in Aquarius. Suppose one astrologer is having a discussion with another astrologer and states, “Yes, I have drawn a chart today on a person whose Moon is in Aries, Mars is in Leo, and Sun is in Scorpio opposing his Saturn in Taurus”, the other astrologer will right away have an image of the individual simply very similar as you could envisage the woman depicted making use of comparisons to different cultures.

As it is true that someone can be born in a region which geographically is on the boundary between two cultures, the same can be true for astrology. A person who was born and brought up in USA but all the time resided right close to the Canadian border is prone to get the hang of and be familiar with the Canadian way of life and faith systems. Similarly, an individual who was brought up in the vicinity of the Mexican boundary would most probably be influenced by the Mexican culture as well. This occurs when someone is born on the cusp between two signs. They may in principle be Leo, but demonstrate many manners of a Virgo as well.

When scientists attempt to confirm or refute astrology predictions as a precise way to ascertain the psychological makeup of an individual, they by and large take it from the line of attack that all Capricorn’s are workaholics and disheartened, all Scorpio’s are vindictive and sex addicts, all Virgo’s are anal about systematizing and health cognizant etc. This is almost as precise as mentioning that all Irish people are inebriated, all Germans are Nazi and all Japanese are in the depths of despair over bad grades and unsuccessful businesses. The only manner that science will be able to draw precise statistics is that they have to start examining the complexity of the parts as a whole. They have to conduct studies to verify if people who get a grave Aries and/or Mars influence all through their charts are more prone to be violent. But they should not take for granted that every single individual born during the season of Aries is unavoidably violent.

To give an example of my findings from my own family, my father’s sign is Leo, my stepmother was a Sagittarius. They had a very fierce unstable relationship. Their son is born as a Leo. He goes well with both of them. They have all three fire signs. My sister is a Pisces which is a water sign and I am a Capricorn that is an earth sign. We never did blend in with the three of them. When I study the profiles of our sun signs, I could understand the essentials of my family dynamics describing. It was only normal that when we were truly young, my sister fell down into a pond of tears each time things got disordered and ugly, and that I would defend her and guard her from their fire that so intensely offended her.

When I read the accounts of other zodiac signs, I could find great pieces of myself in the accounts of Aquarius and Libra. I was not virtually conventional enough to be a forceful Capricorn. I like creative, seductive, and multicolored clothes and everybody is aware that I am too odd to ever blend in with the status quo like a true Capricorn. It was only years afterward when I was taught how to draw a chart and discovered that I had a serious influence of planets and aspects in Libra and Aquarius. The pieces of me that did not match the Capricorn account can be located in those two zodiac signs. If scientists were on the lookout for me to be wholly Capricorn, then they would have to come to the conclusion that astrology predictions does not work. On the other hand, if they regard me as a Capricorn who takes actions and thinks like a Libra and who loves and clashes like an Aquarius… ah then they would make out that astrology predictions works rather satisfactorily in spite of everything.

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