How Do You Define A Wannabe Entrepreneur?

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With Indian economy on a roll, the country has suddenly become a breeding ground for wannabe entrepreneurs. You will find wannabe entrepreneurs here, there, every where. Business dailies are whetting their appetite further by announcing to the world their incredible start-up stories. To top it all, even Tier-I B-schools are going out of their way to promote start-ups, to the point of promising seed-funding. But the one question that comes to our mind on witnessing such a deluge is, whether becoming an entrepreneur is that easy? Or let us put in this way, how do you define a wannabe entrepreneur?

In this fast changing times, a lot of young professionals desire to be their own boss, to be the kings of their own castles, so to say. After securing an international degree or having a few years stint in multinational set-ups, their aspirations are high and dreams big. ‘I want to be an entrepreneur’ is a silent wish that has been crossing the mind of these young professionals full-on, but the fact is entrepreneurship eludes many.

Entrepreneurship, they say, is not a designation but a mentality. It’s the way you think and has nothing to do with the title you own. Vision is not enough to be an entrepreneur. People presume that just because they have a vision, they’re good enough to qualify as an entrepreneur. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here we have given a check-list comprising a few questions that will help you know whether you have it in you to be an entrepreneur.

Are you self-motivated?

Tell us, are you a leader or a follower? Simply put, do you like taking initiatives or you need to be pushed into action, literally. An entrepreneur, as a matter of fact, can be spotted anywhere, be it at public parks, in the queue, at the bus stop, anywhere. You can identify an entrepreneur by his eagerness to take initiative. He is someone who doesn’t wait for a title, to do things, to alter things, to execute things. Always self-motivated, no task is too small not to deserve his attention.

Are you self-confident?

If you were refused something, do you have the self-confidence to push it again? Yes, an entrepreneur never takes no for an answer. He believes in making things happen even though sometime things have reached a dead-end. Further, he doesn’t mind seeking favours or do things that normally people pass off.

Are you responsible enough?

It may come as a surprise for many, but business is not about taking risks, rather it is about taking responsibility. He owns up his actions and takes full responsibility of the results. An irresponsible person who works in bouts of enthusiasm is far from being one.

All said and done, simply capital and ideas don’t make an entrepreneur, however attitude and thinking does. If that’s possible, then possibly you could hold the position of an entrepreneur wherever you are and whatever position you hold.

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