How Long Should Your Audio Interview Be?

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How long should an interview be? It should be as long as it has to get the job done. Most of my interviews are between thirty minutes and ninety minutes. Most of them will fall in between an hour after they’re edited. The more you tell, the more you sell.

I know you’ve heard in the copywriting circles a two page letter will outsell a one page letter. A four page letter will outsell a two page letter. An eight page letter will outsell a four page letter, and on and on.

If somebody is interested in something, they can’t get enough of it. If you were doing an interview that was four hours long about copywriting, I’d probably listen to the whole thing.

So, as long as it needs to be, and the great thing about audio interviews is the more content you have, the more valuable it is. Maybe you have an eBook that only sells for twenty bucks and it’s on making money in the cleaning business, you can increase the value of that product to $3,000. Go interview ten cleaning experts around the country.

Do the interviews. Offer the interviews. Put them on CDs. Offer the transcripts. Offer the downloads, and you can get world class experts who have made a million dollars in the cleaning business.

You’ve just got to provide valuable information, position them as an expert and put that interview in front of the demand. There’s demand on YouTube. There’s demand on iTunes. There’s demand on all the social media sites. Each one of them within it’s own little country, has search boxes, and there’s millions of people searching for different things within those services.

So, that’s why your interview, your expertise, there are people searching for that. You have to put your information in front of that demand. They have to stumble upon you or you have to strategically place yourself in front of that demand. That’s what this is all about.

By having it as an audio interview, you have a very great chance of getting your sales message in front of that demand listened to.

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