How To Achieve Your Personal and Professional Success

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You might find comfort in their daily routines because you feel you can control what to expect of your day. Is your daily routine becoming an obstacle for a healthier worklife balance?

Life in the 21st century has gotten pretty hectic and you feel you have to be on 24/7. Most families have two parents working because life is expensive. The daily demands of life have you juggling more “balls” than you can keep track. It seems like everyone wants a piece of you. You want to be a good parent and participate as much as possible in your child’s academics and extracurricular activities. Yet you have many work demands and expectations at work and in your personal life. Some days you just want to scream or crawl into a corner.

You are not alone. The average individual, no matter male or female, feels the daily pressures of worklife balance and try to face each day with new hopes of a better day. Your hopes will not help you solve your worklife balance issues. Make today the day you take a stand and make a commitment to balance your life personally and professionally. It is time to prioritize and take a look at your daily routine and see if it is getting you closer to your goals and worklife balance.

Eliminate activities in your day that are not the right pieces for your puzzle for success. Is your life jar too full? What activities need to be added or eliminated? Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs is a great foundation to put the pieces of your life puzzle together. Make sure your physiological needs are met which are required for you to sustain life such as water, air, nourishment and sleep.

Are you eating from the five food groups in the proper portions, are you at a healthy height/weight ratio,do you drink at least 6 eight ounce glasses of water a day, exercise at least 20 minutes a day and sleep at least 6 hours a day,? These needs are necessary for you to have a solid foundation to put the pieces of your life puzzle together. Do you feel secure that you are living in a safe place, have medical insurance, job security, and financial reserves? These are some of the top issues individuals struggle with and can negatively affect your daily focus.

Are you happy with your job and do you feel that it is helping you to build your life puzzle? Are you fulfilling your social needs? You need to have a balance between work and home. Do you have friends you talk to at least a few times a month and meet for a few laughs? Do you give yourself permission to have ” down time”. Do you feel that you belong to a group in which you share common interests? Do you have a support system you can share your achievements and life’s “bump in the road” with? Do you give and receive love? Once you have a sense of belonging now your sense of importance as a person is evident. Self esteem consists of self respect, achievement, attention, recognition and reputation, need for knowledge and aesthetics.

Everyday learn something knew and use it as another piece to build your puzzle. Do what you can to reach your full potential as a person and do not let work define the person you want to be, rather let it be a piece of your puzzle. Always strive to grow psychologically and let new opportunities help you to grow further to contribute to your puzzle. Once you define your life goals, the pieces necessary for your puzzle will come together easier than you expect. Your worklife balance is dependent on you and the personal choices you make everyday. Be your own self motivator and when you feel as though something in your day is an obstacle,trouble shoot,ask for help or speak to someone you respect to help you find a healthy solution at work or in your personal life.

Remember life stressors are what you make of them. Do not view your perceived obstacles as a red light, instead view them as a discovery opportunity to find another piece of your puzzle. It’s your life make it as healthy and happy as you can. You can achieve a healthier worklife balance. Change starts with you. Invest in Yourself everyday for personal and professional success.

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