How to Apply Think and Grow Rich to Change Your Life!

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Napolean Hill is a very intelligent man who dedicated 20 years of his life to study multi-millionaires and see with his own eyes how they become successful. Not only did he become very successful at accomplishing his goal, he also applied what he learned into his life and became extremely wealthy himself.

I have read Think and Grow Rich over five times and I have to say five is nothing compared to those who have read this book over sixty times. The power this book contains can change your life forever and I want you to get started today without any confusion and have a clear mind to where you are headed.

If you have read this book only one time, I suggest you to read it more than once in order to get a better understanding. When reading it the second time, keep a highlighter next to you and underline the best parts in the book.

For those who have already read this book more than once, I want you to take a pen and paper and draw a line on the paper. On the beginning of your line, put the year we are in. Below or above that line write how much money you want to make and put a deadline at the end of the line so you will know when that goal is going to be achieved.

Add what you will give in return to you accomplishing the goal. For example, I will imagine and believe myself already being in possession of the money, and I will take action every day until my goal becomes a reality.

Once you got your goal written down, take the paper and tape it somewhere in your bedroom, so when you go to sleep and wake up every morning, the written goal will be in front of you. Read your goal outloud to yourself three times every day with a very strong and positive feeling.

Next, take another piece of paper, and write down why you want to earn that much money. This will create a burning desire in you so you will burn the bridges behind you so there will be no going back.

Like Napolean Hill said, it is not just about hard-work. Of course, hard-work is a big part of being successful. But, there is vision, burning desire, faith/belief, and than the will to take action will come along.

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