How To Create A Perfect App For Hotel Business

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If you run a hospitality business, no one knows about convenience better than you. A mobile app is the next level of convenience, a popular solution for staying unconstrained in communication. It is valued by people who travel and stay at hotels. They value comfort and relaxation. They need to know that any service is instantly accessible. And they get it all while staying at your hotel.

Mobility and quality belong to the key elements of service. You have the latter. A dedicated app brings the former. It can become a part of your hotel’s image. It doesn’t quite matter how large your hotel is and how many suites there are. Every client deserves the mobile convenience in booking and getting the latest information, given by such an app. You own a mobile solution that widens the reach of your brand and brings client loyalty. If the application is equipped with all these features as well as your hotel is with services, it’s a good way to go.

Clients receive a free-downloaded mobile application that will facilitate their choice, manage booking, inform them of anything they might need, and help them communicate with the hotel staff. Let’s take a closer look at the features of a perfect app for your hotel.

– Direct online booking – the function that must be put above everything else. The more simplified for users it is, the better. Provide them with a list of available suites with photos, prices and descriptions. Real-time updates are vital to keep track of suite availability. Essentially include means of online payment/prepayment and direct communication, such as click-to-call.

– Your application should utilize geolocation to provide users with directions to your hotel.

– A good option is a choice of languages in the app. English is spread worldwide, but your foreign visitors would be delighted to choose a language they might know better. These could be German, Spanish, French, Russian – the languages spoken in numerous countries around the world.

That was all about booking and choosing. But the application is still of use after the client’s arrival, and will be throughout the stay. Here are the things that are by no means less important for clients:

– Details on hotel facilities, services and amenities: swimming pools, childcare, fitness centers – any range of activities you offer. There might be information about the nearby activities, attractions, restaurants, shopping centers etc. This information will be appreciated.

– Information about the forthcoming hotel activities and special events can be delivered in a number of ways, such as Push-notifications. Let the clients decide, what kinds of activities they want to be informed of.

– You may include direct communication with the hotel staff. Thus your clients are able to leave requests

– Finally, you may choose to include social network sharing. Your loyal clients would be glad to recommend your brand and services across Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Such is a well-packed perfect app for hotel business. Choose which of these options you would like to implement in your own application. Or perhaps you can come up with a new idea for a feature. After all, it’s up to you to make right decisions. A branded application is a worthy investment that increases clients’ satisfaction, and as a result, brings returns.

Let’s look through some features of the apps designed for the world’s most famous examples of hospitality industry companies.

Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts has an app with a fine user interface, colored in white and gold. The overall looks are quite pleasant, and the most necessary options – ‘Find A Hotel’, ‘Book A Room’ and ‘Offers’ – are at hand. The Android app covers a variety of its versions, ranging from 2.3.4 to 4.1.1.

Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts is one of the top players in the industry. Its iOS application features rich photo galleries. That is where images are important as ever – your clients have everything they need to make a choice.

The Android app for The Ritz-Carlton Hotels includes the reservations menu, means of direct communication and a QR code reader.

Along with online booking, an iOS app for Hilton allows to leave requests and orders on personalizing the suite to match the preferences of the client. Everything is ready upon the arrival.

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