How to Create Big Impact Trade Show Display Booths to Get the Big Money

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Having a trade show display with the WOW factor can make a huge difference to the profitability of your trade show expo, especially if you’re new to the circuit and want to make a big splash.

It takes preparation and research to achieve this. You need to clearly outline the image you want for your business, how it is to be communicated, what impact you want for your customers and industry colleagues.

Starting from a well planned out and designed position you’ll look like an established business. With a carefully and professionally design trade show display booth you’ll be also able to scoop the show’s display awards and be able to use this for your marketing campaigns too.

So when you’re starting out you need to carefully select the business name so it fits with the marketing strategy and works for you in all aspects of the campaign. The business name also needs to be able to work online for you and be available so your internet marketing strategy supports your overall marketing strategy.

Usually there’s about a 12 – 18 month planning phase before the big trade show launch so product, design, branding and marketing is in place to allow a comprehensive and complete image at the expo.

Another key point to work on is the trade show promotions – the take away post cards, business cards, catalogues and bags. Make sure there’s space to write notes on all cards, flyers and brochures for customers as many do a walking lap on their first day, gather ideas and take notes about ideas on promotional material. If the card stock is glossy or black then it is next to impossible for your potential customers to write their notes and this frustrates them – something you don’t need to do.

The website needs to carry through the same branding image and message as the trade show display booth and promotional materials with the look and feel.

Getting advice from professionals can make all the difference for cutting down the time lost through learning tough lessons on your own. Having a stand builder to design the trade show display from a carefully considered design specification for a custom built stand can instantly create the impact of an established business.

To achieve all this you do need to be well capitalised and funded as it does take 18 months- 2 years before you start getting a positive cashflow. So careful financial planning is mandatory for success because many very good businesses are lost and fail each year because of a lack of cashflow and being under capitalised. So be sensible with your financial planning.

The value of putting a lot of effort into your trade show display stand is more people stop to look, increasing the visibility and orders placed, to promote the brand through a consistent image and many trade show businesses reward winning exhibitors with a big discount on their next trade show booth rental.

A well designed portable trade show booth needs to be designed so it can fit in different configurations and layouts. This lets you have more choice and flexibility for stand location within an expo hall. This is vital for the design of the booth so you can get as much use out of it as possible so it pays for itself quickly.

This method of trade show marketing can be done for well financed new businesses or to reinvent and reinvigorate an established business that needs a breath of fresh air to prosper.

The key to success is careful, creative and intelligent planning for marketing and financials. Do your research and understand your business. Make sure you have the financial buffers for lessons learned the hard way and take advice from professionals you know what their motivations are.

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