How to Hire Virtual Assistant?

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If you’re a busy person working hard to achieve success in your business and financial life, you may not be able to afford hiring a full-time personal assistant. But in order to achieve more and get rich, you must delegate works and tasks. You can’t do everything on your own. So there is other option for you, why not hire an online personal assistant instead? It’s low-cost and easier than a regular in-house personal assistant.

Getting assistance virtually and at very low cost is not a bad idea. You have lots of things to do, you have goals in your career and life, but time flies like anything. Why not offload few things and give them to your Virtual Assistant to complete, under your supervision and guidance.

Workplace Vendor offers best solutions for Virtual Assistance, and we have given below few important points to note while selecting your VA.

Given below are some important steps to consider while hiring Virtual Assistance Services:

First: First of all you need to confirm the geography of the Virtual Assistant. As many low-cost VA’s are available outside US or Europe, hence their availability in your time zone is important. This is good to confirm availability and support time before entering into any agreement or contract. Most of the VA’s in the Third Word are working over night so this would not be an issue, but better to confirm at the outset.

Second: The language of the Virtual Assistant. Your VA must speak your language. If you are based out of France or Germany or if you speak any language other than English and hiring Virtual Assistant from India or Philippines, you need to be extra cautious as VA’s in these countries normally speak English and may not be able to support you in your language except if they have special multi-lingual skills.

Third: You need to check and confirm the domain knowledge. If you are hiring for general assistance, or for human resource department or for IT support, the VA’s must have required knowledge. The issue comes in when we hire General Admin Virtual Assistant and ask him to design a website or perform technical SEO activities, in these cases the VA’s fail to perform and whole industry suffers.

Fourth: Check the availability of daily usage tools and technologies like Computer, Software, Mike, Camera, Word Processor or Spread Sheet, etc.

Fifth: Better to have an agreement with a Virtual Assistance Services agency for better security and proper support. The agency will serve you in more responsible way and keep alternatives and back-ups for smoother support.

Sixth: You may use some tool to count utilized hours, as Virtual Assistance agencies charge hourly. But you may also have an agreement with monthly fees that is better if you have permanent flow of work.

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