How to Make a Resume – 3 Vital Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

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Whether you’re fresh out of the university or someone who’s hoping for a career change, it’s important that you learn how to make a resume. The resume contains all of your achievements and work experiences. It tells the employer what you have to offer the company.

A lot of people actually don’t know how to make a resume. Most of them just copy it off from a standard format. While this is not exactly a negative thing, it keeps them from understanding the purpose of the resume and does not give them any room for creativity.

It is always in your best interest to know exactly how something works and innovate it to your advantage.

1) The Basics.

If you want to discover how to make a resume that sells, it’s important for you to know about the basics first. The resume should obviously contain your name and your contact details. It should also contain your educational background, your work experiences and your achievements.

All of these details should begin at your most recent; and try to include only those that are actually relevant to the company you’re applying for.

Unless you’re applying for a position in the creative department, stick to the standard fonts (Arial and Times New Roman) and font size (10 or 12).

2) Use The Active Voice.

When trying to make a resume, always use the active voice. Employers like people who are doers and not just watchers. Avoid sounding pompous and arrogant though.

3) List Down Your Other Strengths.

Once you have all the basics down, it’s time to figure out how to make your resume more interesting. If you are fluent in any other languages, it is to your advantage to include them in your resume.

Many companies have sister businesses in other parts of the globe; and if you can speak in other languages, they’ll immediately see that as an asset.

Be mindful of the other strengths you have. Being the top scorer in an online video game should not be included here, unless you’re applying for the position of video game tester. Stick to those that you think might be of use to the company.

Learning how to make a resume is important. While there is a standard format to be followed, there is still room for creativity and other strengths. By simply changing your sentences into the active voice, you already have an advantage over the other applicants

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