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Letter writing is a form of communication. Thoughts, feelings, opinions and intentions are written clearly so that the reader will fully understand what exactly you wish to say. Personal letters are more common and informal. But a business letter is more formal and must adhere to certain rules, format and restrictions.

If you are a businessman or a business owner, it is important to create an effective business letter in dealing with clients or to other employees. A good business letter will have a great impact on the success of your business dealings and build a good impression to your clients.

The most basic step in formal writing is creating an effective letter to elicit a sense of professionalism. In order to achieve this you must use proper and respectful words. As much as possible do not write in a slang manner and avoid using abbreviations. Always maintain an excellent grammar construction and do not use extended sentences.

Be concise and straightforward with your letter as much as possible. It is also important to have enough knowledge on the matter you are trying to write in order to be effective and clear in delivering your message. Remember that first impression is important and there is no second chance so make the most of it when writing your business letter.

It is also important for a business letter to look neat. If possible use a computer or typewriter in creating letters. However if you don’t have access to any of these tools, you can have it hand written but make sure to write neatly. As a reminder, do not use colored or paper with designs with your business letters since it would look informal and unnecessary. Use plain white paper to keep your letter neat and simple anyway what is important is the content of the letter.

Another key factor in creating a good business letter is to know the exact name of the person you are going to address the letter. This suggestion is very important especially when you are going to address it to an executive or a high official in a company. If you don’t know the name, you must exert effort in finding out by calling the company and ask anyone who can provide you what you need to know. Writing the exact name of the person in your letter will have a positive impact with your reader. Addressing a letter with “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Sir/Ma’am” and other way should be avoided.

Finally, the most important thing to consider before sending out your business letter or any correspondence is to make it a habit to do some spelling and grammatical check. Afterwards, read the whole letter thoroughly and look for homonyms and do necessary editing. In most cases, when reading through your letter helps a lot because you will most likely see any errors which need some editing. You must also ensure to rephrase any improper sentences or anything that sounds awkward when read.

In terms of style in writing, it all depends on your personal preference. There is no rule in terms of the style. What is important is that you must do your best to integrate these tips in your writing whether it is for personal or business use. By doing so, you will surely improve your writing skills and will see better results.

It is also a good habit to read and observe some samples of letters so you will have an idea which you can later apply with your letter writing. You can see many of the good letter samples in the internet.

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