Income Seldom Exceeds Personal Development

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Income seldom exceeds personal development because it takes a lot of change and dedication for any one to become rich. They say “Its not all about the money its about what it makes of you to get that money you desire.” You are going to go through hell and back in order to achieve your goals in life but most people fail after their first obstacle which is about 97% of people in this world. The other 3% are leaders and will not quit no matter what. They go and go to the point of “until”. This means they do not stop or quit “until” they have achieved their goals and dreams in life because they know it takes a lot of development to achieve something so great but they also know you must go through a lot of failure and obstacles before you get that reward. The more failure and obstacles you overcome the bigger of a person you become and the bigger the reward will be awaiting you at the end.

Personal development is what every business owner must work on because when times get hard they need to know that they are still the owners and they must take responsibility and still make it run even in the hard times instead of crying and being afraid to spend a little more money on advertising to get those customers. The ones who always think so much are never successful. The ones who just go out there and take massive action daily and take it to critical mass are the ones who are always successful and get what they want when they want it. I just wanted to share a little tip. Make a schedule for yourself and follow it daily for the next few weeks and I promise you will see results increase dramatically. When you have a schedule in front of you and you see it you will go through it everyday and you will not miss or skip but if you did not have a schedule written sometimes you might skip a day here and there and sometimes you might not do everything you were supposed to.

Last thing I wanted to share which is my favourite quote. Take Massive Action. “Do something for some one today in the knowing that there was no way they could ever pay you back and watch how this world changes for you.”

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