Making the Most of ISO Certification in the Recession

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1. Let your customers know.

Organisations pursue ISO certification for varied reasons but often overlook the fact that adding value to their business benefits their customers too! Think about issuing a Press Release to your stakeholders letting them know about your certification and how it will benefit them.

Remember, in the current climate your clients will be looking around for greater value and security, so make sure they’re aware of your ISO certification. It could turn out to be the vital reason for staying with you!

2. Win new customers.

Being ISO certified can provide an immediate boost for your organisation’s credibility and reputation, making it a great marketing tool and providing you with a competitive edge. For tenders, the need to demonstrate an effective quality management system is essential so ISO 9001 is an obvious advantage. Joining supply chains often means ISO 14001 certification becomes a necessity, because green issues are a growing priority with blue chip companies.

So, are you marketing yourself effectively enough? Ensure your ISO certified logos are on your letterheads, business cards, website and vehicle fleet!

3. Cut costs and save money.

Standards can save you money directly. Specifically, ISO 14001 requires you to identify and control environmental impact. By implementing this, organisations minimise waste of natural resources and raw materials. By dedicating time to maintaining your registration, you can increase these cost savings over time as you find new ways of cutting waste and consumption within the organisation.

See the Business Link website for free advice on using energy more efficiently:

4. Keep your workforce motivated.

By achieving ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 you are demonstrating to your workforce that you are committed to continual improvement, efficiency and caring for the environment. Let your employees know what you are doing, it can improve motivation and loyalty in a financial climate where everybody needs to be working to the same goals.

You can involve your workforce in the certification process; a fresh set of ideas will often identify more opportunities for improvement and cost savings within the organisation.

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