Mobile App Vs Mobile Website – Which Is Best for Your Business?

The “web vs. app” dilemma remains a very major concern for businesses seeking to develop or enhance a mobile presence.

Individual mobile development projects will present their own challenges. However, deciding between a mobile website and mobile app does not have to be difficult. As a business owner, you must first identify the purpose of your mobile project along with your business and marketing considerations. Based on the results of your findings, you can settle on a solution that will best serve the purpose of the mobile project, now and in the future.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What Is The Purpose Of The Mobile Project?

This is the most important consideration when deciding between a mobile website and mobile app. the mobile development project should be defined by a business goal. The goal could be to enable customers to customize a product that can be ordered online, or to accommodate the increasing visitor traffic which the regular business website is not able to handle. Whatever the business objective, it must be identified and evaluated before delving into the development and distribution phase.

Who Is You Target Audience?

Study the audience who is likely to use the business’ mobile application and evaluate how often they will engage with your business. A mobile website can be accessed from any browser with an internet connection while a mobile app needs to be downloaded – consider whether your target market is willing to make the effort.

People tend to download apps that sync with their lifestyle or for activities they do regularly. For example, people with a Facebook account will more likely use the app rather than access Facebook from a browser, because the app provides added value like taking pictures and uploading on Facebook instantly. Such lucrative features in an app serve as an incentive to persuade people to download an app.

What Kind Of User Experience Are Your Intending To Provide?

Consider how the target market will interact with your mobile project, what will they use it for and what kind of experience do you intend to deliver. Based on the type of business, people prefer to use mobile website over mobile app, or vice versa, to perform different activities. For instance, people prefer to make online purchases from a mobile website, while they use a mobile app for connectivity or navigation.

What Is Your Budget?

For small to medium sized businesses, budget is a serious concern. Reaching out to a vast target market through mobile website is more cost effective than developing different mobile apps for individual operating systems or devices.

If you were able to answer these questions and have come to a conclusion about whether you want a mobile website or a mobile app, contact IT solutions for the best mobile development project services in Canada!

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