Promotional T-Shirts – A Blast From the Past

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The most common method of t-shirt printing in the past was using silk-screen where designs are separated into individual colours. Water-based paints are usually used for this process and only a limited number of colours can be used.

In the 70s and 80s, airbrush also gained popularity and other more decorative methods included embossing, appliqué and embroidering. These later ones are admittedly more expensive. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, laser printers can easily print any image on a t-shirt. Companies can have the option of having their logos printed easily within a very short time. Their designs can be as intricate as they want and can be printed on the garment without compromising design or colour. Colours also have a wider range and can be printed in more vibrant hues.

It has now been a standard practice for companies to print logos, slogans, new products and services on garment giveaways. Companies such as Coca-Cola and Disney have acquired a massive following with their logos brightly printed onto all sorts of different clothing items. It is now a fashion statement for a person to wear t-shirts with designer names and logos printed on them and In this way, companies become household names.

This is the importance of promotional t-shirts to a company. It is easy to dismiss this age-old method of advertisement as a relic of the past since the media has paved a whole new road to advertising heaven. Companies are willing to shell out millions of pounds for a page in the fashion magazines and newspapers that line the streets. They’re willing to pay television networks lots of money for a few minutes of airtime to advertise their products and services. With the arrival of technology, companies fight over the chance to put up ads in whatever website is available in cyberspace.

It’s a fact, advertising has come a long way but we have yet to dismiss promotional clothing as a thing of the past. Unlike television, you don’t need electricity to show your customers what you stand for. Unlike the internet, you don’t need a broadband network to remind your customers that in case they need pizza, or have plumbing problems, or banking needs, you’re there to help them. Unlike magazines and newspapers, your customers don’t need to spend money to purchase advertisement.

It’s very easy to see why, although old-fashioned these form of advertising is still a very effective way of promoting a company’s name, products and services.

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