Resume Writing For Teachers – A Teachable Moment

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A teacher recently contacted me about resume writing for teachers. When I asked how her job hunt was going she related the following story.

“I thought I had a great teacher resume,” she told me. “After sending out over 319 resumes for full time elementary positions I finally got two interviews. The first one called me in, interviewed me, and then sent me an email telling me I was over qualified. The interviewer was a member of the school board and though I was seeking a full time elementary teaching position, he said because of my lack of skills he would only consider me to start as a substitute with a minimum one day a week guarantee. If a substitute was not needed any particular week I could help in the high school library. “

“I was shocked,” she added. “I had been worried about being overqualified for the position and had ‘dumbed down’ my resume. I left off my teaching credentials for science and two workshop certificates for social skills development at the elementary level. I tried to explain that I had these certificates but the gentleman looked skeptical. Then he told me he wished I had included that on my resume because he would be submitting recommended applicant resumes at a board meeting later that day. Needless to say I never heard from him.”

“Do you have any ideas,” she asked.

“Have you considered writing two teacher resumes?” I responded.

“Wouldn’t that be contradictory?” she queried.

Resume writing for teachers often requires listing more credentials and skills than some other types of resumes. Write two resumes. Create a teacher resume that is as relevant as possible to the job and school where you are applying. Tailor the resume as much as possible for the position. Get inside information if possible. Contact the hiring manager or another teacher at the school and ask questions about the school. Get any information you can about the position. Then if you feel you have more to offer that could over qualify create a second resume wit all of your qualifications and have a copy handy when you go to interviews. Make sure the second resume is not contradictory but contains your additional credentials and skills. When you need to hand this resume to an interviewer you will appear prepared and have back up for your claims.

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