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Request letters are written when you want to seek a favor from the concerned authority. You may request for scholarship, recommendation, product feedback, and many more. They strictly follow all the rules of formal letter writing. The language is extremely official and polite. The content is brief and to the point. Request letters are objectively written without any emotional statements. The central idea is to convince the person and not to coerce him to give in to your request.

To get a clear idea about how to write a request letter, look at the example given below.

Scenario – You as Tom Clark, wants to write a letter to the Chancellor of a university to grant you scholarship for further studies.

Tom Clark (the name of the sender)

The Clark House (complete address of the sender)

Street No.8




Ms. M.M. Williams (the name of the official)

Chancellor (title or designation)

University of California (address of his organization)


Subject – Request for the grant of scholarship

Dear Madam, (Use ‘Sir’ to address a male)

I introduce myself as Tom Clark, a topper in the Business stream in the state exams. I would like to apply for the Best Student Scholarship to help me take up studies at the college level.

I am a student of Fountain Valley School and passed the state exams with a score of 395 out of 400 marks this year.

I belong to a respectable family. My father, Tim Clark, is a farmer. He toils throughout the day and earns a meager amount. He is a law-abiding citizen and has never got into any conflicts with anyone. The locals of our village look upon him for his righteousness. My mother, Julie Clark, works in a local bakery shop. My other family members have served the nation during Tsunami catastrophe. Two of my brothers worked day and night with local doctors to save lives of tsunami victims. My younger sister is studying in eighth grade.

My parents are financially weak and have a large family to support. They cannot afford the expenses of my further studies. Therefore, I request for some financial support to help me go to college and fulfill my career dreams.

I enclose copies of a reference letter and character certificate from the principal of my school. I also attach my mark sheets of the state exam.

I will be obliged if you consider my plea and help me.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,


Tom Clark (sender’s name)

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