Send Out Post Cards As an Effective Marketing Method

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Jody Flowers, a portrait photographer, increased her fame as well as her business by sending out post cards that had up to four examples of her work printed on them. Instead of having to advertise to get people to come to her studio to see her work, she actually got more work because people were already aware of how beautiful it was.

And that’s the wonderful thing about post cards. They can be printed with anything on the front, be it a logo, a piece of clothing, a cartoon, an example of your work, or testimonials about your work. You’ll find that when sending out a post card instead of a letter, 96% of the time your message will be read. Plus you can even use a post card to advertise a hot line or give free advice by sending out weekly tip cards, or for many of the other techniques listed.

Frankie Freecards, a post card advertising network in Virginia displays racks containing anywhere from 10 to 20 free post cards in various nightclubs. Advertisers can use a picture or a message on the front the post card, on the back there can be a coupon, a message about an upcoming movie or a new CD. Club goer’s are free to pick-up ? couple of post cards and as you can guess, many of them mail the post card’s to somebody which means your message receives a much wider reach. I myself have used Frankie Freecards to get money off music CD’s and find out about art exhibits.


– Most people tend to read post cards because the message is right there.

– Mailing a post card first class costs only $.29 versus spending $.44 for a letter.

РYou can custom design your own post cards using your computer and printer with pre-­designed paper through Paper Direct.

Technique Tips:

– Real Estate Agent: Photograph 3 or 4 houses to use on a post card that could be sent to prospective home buyers.

– Contractor: Have a before and after photo card of a newly added deck.

– Restaurant: Send an appetizing photo card of 5 new meals to prospective customers in the area.

– Clothing Designer: Send photo cards of your latest designs to store buyers.

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