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Spring is in the air and the songbirds are on the way back to there seasonal homes. A new season awaits you. Time to make plans for your new career and get after your to-do list. It is also time to say thank you to everyone who you have spent the winter and holiday season with and do not forget the Hiring manager at the company you want to start your new career at.

This is a great time to share your appreciation to all of your business acquaintances and contacts. When ever you write a cover letter to any prospective employers, it is very smart to include a few words of gratitude for the chance to introduce yourself and your skills. Do not forget to ask for that interview for the job you want to land.

Always keep one thing in mind though, the hiring manager has no obligation to respond to your cover letter. But if you sprinkle your cover letter with some gratitude he or she will not be able to resist contacting you.


Because you will be one of the very few that show you are more concerned with gratitude than greed. By showing a little gratitude, you display your good heart and your interest in others, not just yourself. This very small addition to your cover letter will put you in a class by yourself. It will be a sure sign that you are someone who would be a welcome addition to any company and its staff.

Simple Ways to Say ‘Thanks’ in Your Cover Letter:

Make sure that you use clear and simple language in your cover to convey your gratitude but also at the same time shows your talents and skills for the job you are applying for.

1. “Thank you for taking a minute to consider my cover letter and resume for your open position, I really appreciate how busy you are.

2. I am grateful for the time you give to your prospective employees such as me. I never take this for granted.

3. I welcome the chance to speak to you about my skills and your expectations. Thank you for this chance to hear about your company and to share how I might be a great fit into your future plans.

4. I really appreciate the job description that you provided online. I would like very much to have the opportunity to show my gratitude in person for letting me introduce myself and my background and to find out how I can contribute to your company.

Never be too gushing or sentimental, it may come off as insincere, instead, focus on clarity and sincerity. You know that you have what it takes to land that job you want, just make some small gratitude a high priority and you will succeed.

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