Sound is a Sound Reason for Business Success! How to Get Rich in Any Business?

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It sounds good:

I know you do some relaxation exercise or reading some magazines in your drawing room leisurely. You hear a number of sounds that come from the street outside. Some are attractive while some distract attention! You like it or not, you need to hear all these noises.

Nutty business:

Now also you here a bell-ring sounds differently, with a unique musical rapidity.

You know, it is a special sound coming from a hot selling item on the street: It is the peanuts! Some call it groundnuts too!

This ringing noise is coming from the street and that too you know it is from a peanut seller pushing his handcart. The steel spatula generates the sound by hitting on the rims of an iron Chinese woke.

Sound Attraction:

He has a small stove burning, which heats the sand filled Chinese woke for hot dry frying the peanuts. He pushes the cart, shouts loudly with his special voice and makes the sound just by hitting the rims of the iron woke.

Interesting Musical Note:

By this, a peanut seller informs that he passes on the road; he sells hot fried tasty groundnuts; this shows that he is closer to you on the street; further alerted by the sound that may leave at any time.

Desire with Flavor:

Now the spatula makes a different sound by turning and frying the nuts. It is also unique and your nose is sharper to inhale the flavor of the hot frying of the nuts in the sand bath. Aha, you want to taste it instantly.

Act Fast to Taste the Nuts:

You are just calling your maidservant to go and get it immediately as the peanut merchant may leave at any time. She bought it; you got it! You simply admire at the taste of round bold hot peanuts.

Now, on the business side, let us find what has happened and perceived in this groundnut selling process.

Small Mobile Shop:

The pushcart is a small shop of 6 feet by 3 feet by size drawn on the road. On one side, it is true that the cart is a small retail shop. On the other side, one can expand the business to the size of the world, as much as one can draw the cart.

That is to say, the cart moves to the nook and corner of the city or the village. The business can be expandable with the capacity of the drawing retailer. Naturally, he will get more business with more area and more people.

Further, the process shows the following steps in selling process.


The sound is the key factor that initiates the business. If the cart moves on the street with out making any sound, then it would have gone with out the notice of the potential customers residing in the houses. The vocal sound of the street vendor with the noises generated from the hit tings on the Chinese woke is the prime factor that introduces the shopkeeper on the street.


The unique noise that emanated from the spatula while frying creates further more interest for the insider.


The unique smell of the frying groundnuts brings in desire to the potential buyer.


Then it is over as the potential buyer moves out, goes near the seller and makes the buying process. The retailer finds the requirements of the purchaser and completes the process of delivering and collecting the sale proceeds.

The students of business management science are learning about the salesperson’s success techniques. The above said example of selling of peanuts is a very simple and true selling process. Of course, the peanut seller knows or not, this has built in scientific sales process!

We call it “AIDA principle”, comprising of the following.

1. Attention is drawing customer’s awareness.

2. Interest is increasing curiosity for the customer.

3. Desire is creating crave by exhibiting more characters and creative visualization.

4. Action is pressing for customers’ accomplishment for completing the sale.

Sound is a Key to Business:

Besides, we learnt that sound is a key factor in bringing business here. You hear the bell ring sound from churches and temples and sacred voice from the mosques. They draw the attention of the people and invite them for the prayer.

The bakeries and roadside fast food counters use radios and speakers to pull the crowd. The street circus player makes sound with drums. Different kind of ring tones are used for different commodities like ice creams soft cotton candies etc. With a threadbare analysis of this sound subject, we can understand that it has unique role in very many ideal businesses.

Hence, sound is a sound business idea to bring more customers into our business.

AIDA is more scientific method of selling anything on earth!

Similarly, there is more number of customer pulling tools.

We shall see them next.

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