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Through the years I have read countless books (at times 2-3 a month) on Personal Development, Motivation, Self Improvement, Entrepreneurship, Autobiographies of Successful Business People, Tapes etc and everyone tells or sells the same or similar advice. I was always inspired and hungry for more knowledge and I soaked up the information and teachings like a sponge but it left me with the question? What is Dynamic Living actually and can we attach a formula to this? The writing of this article is the culmination of all the abovementioned, hours of reading, information and quotes gathered from all these books. I am no expert in all these areas but merely trying to put things into perspective. My sincere wish is for all of you to take some value out of this article.

Before we even try to get to this Magic Formula of Dynamic Living, we need to start at the beginning. The beginning of Planning!

When we go on holiday, what do most people do, we Plan our trip, don’t we! We need to know where we are going and what we are going to do! What do pilots do before they fly? They plan the route. They file a flight plan from point A to B and possibly C and they make sure that they know where they are headed and in which direction they are going, not so? Would you fly with an airline if you knew that the pilots had no clue how to get to your destination? No you would not!

The same Planning applies to our Business Pursuits and our Personal lives. If we Fail To Plan, We certainly Plan to Fail! If you can’t manage yourself properly, you won’t be able to manage all of the necessarily planning and management tasks that we need to do to be successful on a daily basis. Nothing of the above is possible and you will certainly fail if one of the Main Ingredients I. e.: Motivation and the Want to Succeed is not within you!

I have come to the conclusion that the Success Formula for Dynamic Living is: “A Life Filled with Joy, Happiness, Free of Fear, Worry and Directed Positively at Setting Goals and Planning Effectively”.

The Success Formula for Dynamic Living is the following:


Dynamic Living = God Given Equipment + Principle of Self x Proper Self Image.

Let’s break each component down and analyze them further:

God Given Equipment:

-It’s a known and medical fact that we only use approx 5% of our potential.

– We are all geniuses! Yes we are! Believe in Yourself!

– By using the art of Positive Programming we can achieve the unimaginable – If we program with Garbage In – We get Garbage Out! If we Program with Positivity In – We get Positivity Out!

– The experts say that it takes approx 28 days to change a bad habit and replace it with a good positive habit. Believe me, this is not difficult to implement and make a drastic change for the positive in your life.

– We all have tremendous natural ability! We just need to use it!

– Well, what are you waiting for!

Principle of Self:

– The Principle of Self – is the art of looking inside oneself and have the courage and will to change and better oneself.

– Principle of Praise – Don’t criticize yourself and everyone around you on a daily basis. Look for the good in everything in your daily life. Positively compliment people and events. You will feel and become a better person by following this advice.

– Principal of Vacuum – Get rid of that vacuum in your head for what you don’t want to make room for what you do want. Get rid of the excess baggage and negativity and replace it with positivity. Talk to yourself, motivate yourself. It is OK to do this, nobody will think your are stupid or crazy. If you constantly reaffirm you can, you will. If you constantly reaffirm you can’t, you won’t. The choice is yours!

– Principal of Creation – Define it, Write down your goals, and Plan your journey. Focus on the Present and the Future. By dwelling in the Past, we are all courting danger and unhappiness.

– Principal of Faith – Believe in Yourself and what you do. Believe in the Higher Hand of our Creator. Trust yourself and your ability. Nothing is impossible to achieve.

Proper Self Image:

– Look at yourself positively.

– Eliminate the inferior complexes.

– It’s about how you view yourself.

– Don’t worry about other people’s perceptions – Focus on your own!

In closing:

Now that you have read the Successful Formula for Dynamic Living, I would like you to do the following:

– Write down on a piece of paper what you dislike, what troubles you have or are faced with, all your worries, all your heart sore and every little thing that bothers you!

– Once you have written them down, read it out loud to yourself or to an audience.

– Take the piece of paper you have written on and make a paper airplane out of it.

– Hold the paper aero plane in your hand, blow with your mouth all the positives into the engine ( back ) of the paper aeroplane, throw and release the paper aero plane and let it keep flying higher and further releasing your troubles and letting your positivity and success soar higher and higher!


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