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They can develop tremendous applications that attract the viewer most. As it has been launched by Apple, the brand name itself shows the popularity and demand in this technological market. iPad app programmer has perfect knowledge of Apple SDK and that allow them to produce dynamic and magnetic applications for their clients.

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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application: 10 Easy Steps

Learning how to write a winning cover letter is easy and so important! We have 10 simple steps to show you how to write an awesome cover letter so that you stand out when applying for your next job. Apply for you next job with confidence.

  1. Provide your contact details at the top of the Cover Letter – make it easy for an Employer to contact you! These should not take up half the page either. Just list them in a couple of lines. Be sure to include your first and last name, don’t worry about your middle name, a contact phone number (don’t provide multiple numbers, just one will do), and your address.
  2. Personalise the Cover Letter by using the Company name AND the name of the person in the company if possible. Take the time to address the letter to the person who will be reading it. This shows that you are prepared to pay attention to detail. Many people do not do this, so by making sure that you do, you are already showing that you are better than your competition!
  3. State the job title and reference number of the job. The company may be filling more than one role. This is usually stated in the job ad. Look for it and use it. Again this shows excellent attention to detail and will suggest that you will be an efficient employee!
  4. Customer your Letter and make sure you match the skills and experiences in the job ad. If the job ad asks for someone to be enthusiastic, make sure you tell them that you are enthusiastic. If it asks for someone with good people skills, make sure you state that you have good people skills. Use the same words that they have used. This is a sure-fire way to ensure that you tick the boxes and get short-listed.
  5. ALWAYS state your key qualifications such as degrees, diplomas and certificates. If you have them you must boast about them! Sure they are in your Resume, but you MUST mention them in your cover letter too. Don’t leave them guessing, tell them your strong points.
  6. ALWAYS state how many years of experience you have in a similar role. Don’t wait for them to figure it out from your Resume, tell them how many years you have. The more the better. You do not need to be exact, you can say things like over 5 years, or almost 3 years.
  7. Describe your current job and the main duties you perform. Again try to match the duties to the duties that they have listed in their job ad where possible.
  8. Sell Yourself! Include some compelling reasons why you are perfect for the job. Are you highly productive, a great communicator, highly experienced with skills that match the job perfectly?
  9. In your closing sentence, you need to have a Call To Action – request an interview or a time to meet.
  10. Finally, check your Cover Letter length. It should not be longer than 1 page.

Job Application Cover Letter Tips to Help Get More Interviews

Whether it’s a job application cover letter, or resume – one thing to remember is that there is only one “job” that your actual submission materials have. And that “job” is: Getting Job Interviews.

Once you get more interviews, we’ll talk about job interview techniques in other articles, OK?

So, if the entire purpose behind cover letter writing is getting job interviews, then it stands to reason that writing a good cover letter ought to be at the top of your “to do” list when you are looking for a job. Right?

Welcome to “Cover Letter Writing 101” where I hope the next few paragraphs and points and a personal experience will bring you up to date with the basics of how today’s successful job seekers get more interviews.

Point #1: You must be subtle about tooting your own horn while still letting employers know that YOU are the best candidate for the job. In other words, everything you write must be “about them” – about THEIR needs, about how THEY will benefit from bringing you in for an interview. And, you must put all this focus on THEM while still talking yourself up!

Point #2: You must be able to speak knowledgably not only about the position, but also about the company. You must know what the company’s needs are to begin with if you are to address them convincingly in your job application cover letter. Besides, if you don’t know exactly what their needs are, how will you know for sure if you are the right one for the job? Hopefully this makes sense to you! If it does, then writing a good cover letter and getting job interviews just got a whole lot easier for you!

Let’s try the following practice exercise to work on this little cover letter writing gem.

Practice Exercise: Take a job or position that you are interested in, and list the skills and qualifications that you believe will be most important to the company.

If you cannot think of a specific job or company off the top of your head, here is an example: Pretend you are going for the job of cashier at a local supermarket, “The Local Family Grocer.” This is where it gets personal – so the information is very real!

Now, “The Local Family Grocer” has stated that they need a cashier, and they pay $10/hour. The cashier needs to be available on weekends and weeknights. That’s about all you know about the position. For now!

As you collect your thoughts prior to writing your job application cover letter, sit down with a pencil and paper and ask yourself:

What do the cashiers actually do over at The Local Family Grocer? You can brainstorm your answers. The most obvious ones that will come to mind will probably be,

  • “scan items through check out,”
  • “bag groceries,”
  • “take the payment,”
  • “give receipts,”
  • “run price checks,” and things of that nature.

But now, I need you to dig deeper.

I need you to come to the store with me.

When you are about to get in line at the store, do you go to any old checkout line? Or are there any cashiers you seek out? Are there any you avoid? As you answer these questions, ask “why?”

I can tell you, as we walk through the store together on our cover letter writing exercise, that there are several cashiers I just adore. Again. Why?

For me, it’s the customer service and the big smile I get from them.

For example, “Mr. Richard” always makes me feel welcome. He comments on my smile, and says things like, “It’s always so good to see you! You always seem to be smiling!” and in response, after thinking about it, I have to say, “Why, I believe it’s because YOU are smiling and seem so glad to see ME! Thank you! You’ve made my day.”

And, now, you and I will stroll over to the manager and comment about what a terrific employee “Mr. Richard” is.

Conversely, why do I avoid certain cashiers in the same way I avoid eggplant? (My apologies to those of you who like eggplant. It’s nothing personal!)

Perhaps you saw the cashier whose line wasn’t quite as long as “Mr. Richard’s” was. Why, you may ask, didn’t I go for “Ms. Whoever’s” line? (Of course, you’re taking careful notes, because you are learning a lot more than just good cover letter writing strategies.)

For me – especially as someone who has done a lot of career coaching – I notice things like sullen attitudes, cashiers looking at their watches, etc. When I ask “Ms. Whoever,” “So, how are you today?” and hear, “Oh, I’ll be a whole lot better in a half hour when my shift ends,” it makes my skin crawl. Seriously!

I don’t like feeling my skin crawl when I’m in a grocery store. There’s something just not right about that…

I’ve also been known to avoid cashiers who chit-chat with other employees while they are waiting on me. What really rolls my eyes is when they begin talking about a member of the community behind his or her back.

I have been tempted (notice I say “tempted” – because I have held my tongue!) to look right at the cashier and say something like, “Oh, I wasn’t aware you knew my brother/sister/aunt/uncle/mother/father/cousin so well!”

Ahh… The things we’d like to see. Maybe in a movie one day.

But I digress.

So, as we get back to writing a good cover letter, it now becomes evident that the job of the cashier goes even deeper. The Local Family Grocer needs people who make customers feel welcome. People who are cheerful. People who act as though they enjoy their jobs.

So, as we leave the store, you take out your pencil and paper, and write a few sentences about the cashier job.

You have now become inspired to write a good job application cover letter directly to “Ms. Jones” (who you happen to know is the person who will be reviewing the job application, because we just found out about it while we were complimenting “Mr. Richard.”)

Armed with all this information, imagine this cover letter:

“Dear Ms. Jones,

I was so pleased to meet you earlier today when my friend and I were telling you what a great job we feel Mr. Richard does for The Local Family Grocer.

In fact, Ms. Jones – I am so glad that I visited and experienced that customer service, because I had to rush right home and let you know that not only I am not applying to be your next cashier, Ican prove to you that if you are looking for another cashier with that same positive energy and excellent work ethic, I am that person! Here’s why.”

And you can go on. Now, this is just one simple example of how this works. We have more to share on this and related topics, so please watch for more articles!

Application Cover Letter

Application Cover Letters are Written in Response to a Known Vacancy

These are 1) A letter in response to a known job vacancy, 2) a letter inquiring about possible vacancies and 3) a networking letter which asks for assistance with the job search. A letter of application is sent along with the resume which will provide additional information on the applicant’s skills and qualifications which are relevant to the applied job. The application letter provides the prospective employer a chance to take note of the specific skills, experience and achievements of the applicant. If well written this type of a letter can prompt the employer to form a good opinion of the applicant. It is a misconception of most applicants that cover letter of the application is not as important as the resume. This is incorrect and CL is in fact the first piece of writing from the applicant which the prospective employer will read.

The Application Cover Letter is as important as the resume itself. Since it lends to the first impression on the applicant, it is imperative that you write an effective application letter to make a good impression. This can be achieved by highlighting how your skills are equal to the desired skills which are needed to do the job. All cover letters have one goal in common, and that is to grab the reader’s attention and make the reviewer call the applicant in for an interview. How does one achieve this goal? There are few basic rules when it comes to writing a proper cover letter.

1. The resume has to be impressive as the CL claims it to be. This is important as the content e cover letter has to be matched by an excellent resume.

2. The format used for the cover letter will depend on the type of job applied for.

3. A good Application Cover Letter should not only address the applicant’s capabilities but should also align these with the job requirements mentioned in the advertisements.

4. Make your application letter unique. Most applicants will go online and download a sample of a cover letter and will not change any items in order to make it more personal. A cover letter which is not customized will not be an effective one.

5. The opening statement should be a strong one. Instead of putting the identifying position on the left hand corner of the letter you can centre and state it clearly.

6. The letter should convey to the reader that applicant is competent, courteous and confident.

7. Keep it short. The letter should not be more than four paragraphs. It should explain why you are interested in the job and why you think you are the person that is best suited for the job. Be positive and convey your enthusiasm for the job, and finally give information as to how you can be contacted for an interview.

In order to make the Application Cover Letter an effective one use positive and professional language. Avoid the use of clichés and slang words but do not be too formal. Do not try to impress your employer by using unnecessary long words. Do not use the word “I” more than three or four times. Knowing information about the company or organization you are applying to will help to relay your skills and qualifications better. Proofread the letter to make sure there is no grammar or spelling errors.

Application Letter Sample Warning

So, you finally finished your resume and now it’s time to write your application letter. You know in order to get noticed you need your application letter to really stand out to the employer. You want that interview, but you don’t know the first thing about writing an application letter. You understand all the key points, but you’re no good at organizing your thoughts on paper. So you turn to your computer, log on to the internet and Google “free application letters”.

Hundreds of websites pop up offering tons of free application letter samples. You can’t believe your luck. You click through a few sites and find a letter you like. Your are positive that this one that will knock the socks off the hiring manager. You feel confident, as you copy and paste it onto a word document, that this letter will pretty much guarantee you an interview. Let’s face it you found it online and it claims to be written by a professional, therefore you can’t go wrong. You change a few words around, sign your name and off it goes. Now all you have to do is wait for that phone to start ringing.

Let me tell you, you are going to be waiting a long, long time for that call. Take heed of this application letter sample warning. While these sample letters can help guide you in how to write an application letter, they should never be used as a substitution for your real work. Most employers review a countless amount of application letters and resumes daily. Do you really think that the free online application letter sample you “borrowed” is going to grab their attention? Chances are no. Is your application letter sample going to be original? Probably not. Is the application letter going to be written to show how you meet the employer’s needs? Again, probably not.

Do you think you are the first person to go looking on the internet for free cover letter samples? In this day and age of the internet where you can find anything you need, chances are you are not the first person to use a free application letter sample. In fact it probably happens more often than you imagine. These employers received countless amounts of resumes and cover letters. They are so seasoned at reading application letters they will be able to tell yours is not your own after the first paragraph. This is why your application would really need to stand out to the employer. It’s doubtful that the application letter you found online is going to do that for you.

A good application letter consists of a few key elements. Essentially it’s what you can do for the employer. The letter should show why the employer would be making a mistake not calling you for at least a interview. Your application letter needs to highlight some key points in your resume, specifically those points that qualify you for the job you are applying for. How is a letter that you found online going to do that? In order for your letter to get notice it needs to be original, and show your passion for your work. Can an application letter you get online be original? That is highly doubtful. Your letter also needs to ask for the opportunity to be interviewed and needs to give the employer options to make that happen. Again, would your sample application letter provide that? If I was a gambler, I would bet the house that the answer would be no.

Instead of using the internet to find a free application sample letter to pass off as your own, use the internet to research how to write a effective application letter. Anything that has the word sample in it, is meant to be just that. A sample. Something to sort of push you in the right direction. The most important things to remember is that applications letters should be original and they should represent you. The only person, who can represent you, is you. Why would you want to take an application letter written by someone who does not even know you? Only you know why you would be perfect for that one job. Why trust a generic letter to get that point across to the employer?

Writing a Job Application Letter Impressively

Through your application letter, employers get their first impression about you. Therefore, you should be really careful in writing this very important letter. Make it as professional as possible so employers will have good impression about you. Use proper and effective language and do not beat around the bush. You can use these following guidelines in writing your job application letter properly and impressively.

Preparing to write the introduction is the first thing to do. In this paragraph, you need to state your reason in writing the letter. You should also state certain job position that you are interested in, so the employer will easily notice the position that you are going to apply. Besides, you also have to state that you have enclosed your resume with you application letter.

In this resume, you can also highlight your education. Any work experience corresponded to your applied position could also be mentioned. Then, if you are encouraged by someone in the company to apply there, you can also put this information in this paragraph. However, you should make sure that you have the permission of that person before putting his or her name in your letter.

The second step will be preparing body of the letter. You can use active voice and also action verbs in order to keep this paragraph energetic and concise. Here, you can explain your skills and experience that related with the job position you are applying for. Explain it briefly and clearly since the employers will get the detail of it in your resume. State your work qualifications as well. Use any persuasive sentences to explain that you are the most appropriate person to be in that position. However, keep in mind to avoid flowery language. You are now writing application letter for a certain job and are not writing a short story or poem.

The last writing preparation will be the conclusion. This is the last chance to impress the employers so they will give you a chance for interview. You can request them a chance for interview in this last paragraph, and make sure that you are stating your interest on that certain position once again. Put any information that allows them to contact you easily.

Try to follow those guidelines in writing job application letter. When the employers respond your application letter by calling you for an interview, you need to show them your readiness to relocate.

Get Your Job Application Noticed

There is no way for you to know how many other people are applying for a given job. Rather than focusing on that, pay attention to ways to get your job application noticed. You can take a wonderful example of a cover letter and modify it to fit your qualifications, your passions, and the job description. You want the person reading it to be excited to schedule an interview!

As you look through various examples, you can get a feel for the right way to format and to create your own product. You need it to talk about your objectives and your preferences. The style should be one that covers your personality as well as your integrity. Don’t just copy what someone else has written as it won’t help you in the interview part of the job hunt.

Always Include One

Many job announcements don’t ask for one, but you should always include it. This makes your application look professional. It also shows you took the time to complete documents because you are interested in that job. However, you need to make sure it flows well and it represents you successfully. You can take a part from an example of a cover letter and make it unique.

Keep it to One Page

A common problem is one that is far too long. You aren’t writing a report, you are writing a summary! Look for an example of a cover letter that covers all the main objectives but doesn’t exceed just one page. It may be hard at first to condense the details you wish to share. Keep in mind your resume and your actual job application also give you the opportunity to share details.


A powerful introduction is very important. You only have a few seconds of time to capture the attention of the reader. What are you going to say to entice them to keep reading it rather than putting it aside? Take a look at many of them so you get a solid example of a cover letter introduction and how it should grab them.

Pick your Key Points

Next, you need to focus on a few key points. Each one should be a paragraph long. Make sure they flow well and they can lead into each other. Otherwise, your materials will be choppy and hard to follow. Look for an example of a cover letter that has the key points clearly shared and documented.

Wrap it Up

Don’t let the information just drop off and end, that is a common problem. Instead, you need to wrap it up completely. You want to tie it into the introduction so all of the pieces of the puzzle fit well with each other. Don’t leave any question in their mind that you are a prime candidate for the job they have available.

Call to Action

You may feel pushy by asking for an interview at the end, but you must do so. It can be done firmly but also respectfully. Don’t assume that is the natural next step for them to take. Instead, you need to give them that push to call you and schedule that interview! Find the right example of a cover letter that does this so you can customize it to find your needs.

Employers like people to take the initiative and ask for what they want. They realize such individuals bring valuable skills to their business. They tend to be motivated, detail oriented, and they strive to find solutions. These are all traits that benefit any business that individual works within.

How to Write an Application Cover Letter

If you are considering going looking for a job, one of the most daunting tasks you will be facing on your job-search endeavor is probably the task of writing an application cover letter.

Your application cover letter is, after all, the first thing about you that an employer sees; and depending on how you present yourself on the cover letter, the employer could decide to call you for an interview straight away (without even looking at your curriculum vitae) or decide to put your whole document into the ‘trash bin’ straight away, without even looking at the rest of your presentation, having decided that from the look of your application cover, ‘there is simply no business they can do with you.’

Before even starting to consider how to write an application cover letter then, it is important to consider what the aim for writing such a letter is, and keep that aim in mind all through as you go about writing the application letter. The people who write ineffective application cover letters, the types of application cover letters that end up in the trash bin straight away, tend to be those who approach the whole task assuming that it is a ‘formality’ to get done away with as soon as possible – and proceed with the rest of the job searching endeavor.

The truth of the matter, however, is that writing an application cover letter is not just a formality. Writing an application cover letter is in fact, as mentioned earlier, one of the things that could end up making or breaking your job search endeavor.

So the first step in writing an application cover letter should be deciding – and keeping in mind – why it is that you are writing it, which by default should be to attract the employer enough to look through the rest of your job-search document (resume, CV and so on), and get them to invite you for an interview at the end of it all.

The second step in writing an application cover letter is choosing a format for it. Ideally, you should opt for a format that presents you in the best light, in view of the job you are considering applying for. If you are applying for a job where formality and conformity are the basic desired attributes, the basic format application letter format might be ideal for you, whereas if you are applying for a position where independence and creativity are the most desirable attributes, the more detailed essay-like application letter formats are more ideal.

An ideal introductory line for your application cover letter is where you start with a reference to the advertisement or whatever it is that is making you seek employment in question (if its due to a newspaper or online advert) for instance, and the date when the same appeared.

You need to go on, briefly though, showing why you are the ideal candidate for the job – according to the specifications the employer stated – keeping in mind that our application letter will probably be in competition with tons of other similar documents.

You application letter must not go on just repeating the information in the resume or CV, even for the essay-like application cover letter formats, but rather to add some value to that CV information.

At the end of it all, remember to make a reference on your cover letter to the documents it is supposed to cover (attached CV or credentials) so that there is continuity in the whole document.

In case you are using online application medium, like where you are applying through e-mail, and unless explicitly stated otherwise, it is best to have your application letter as the email’s main body, with the rest of the documents in the series send as attachments to it.

Know The Type Of Job Application Letter And To Stand Out From The Crowd

We try to stand out from the crowd by producing an effective job application letter that no one else would produce. Before producing an effective job application letter, we need to understand which type of application to target.

All letters or applications may be divided into two categories namely:-

(1) Solicited and

(2) Unsolicited

An applicant seeking for a job may use one of both of them.

1. Solicited Application

A solicited letter of an application is one which is generally written to apply for a position that is advertised in any form of media by a prospective employer.

Following are a few examples of advertisements from the employers:

“Accounts Officer, knowledge of EDP and Income-tax an asset, Chartered Accountant preferred. Apply Victor Garments Manufacturing Company, Macalister Road, Singapore.

“Wanted an experienced part-time stenographer” any time between 10a.m. and 5p.m. for two hours. Apply with full particulars, copies of testimonials and minimum salary expected to Box 1688, Orchard Point P.O.Box 168, Singapore.

“Wanted a Japanese-speaking accounts assistant”, preferably a LCCI, with at least five years’ experience. Apply with copies of testimonials, stating minimum expected salary to Box 168, Orchard Point P.O.Box 188, Singapore.

“Large Foreign Shipping Corporation required shipping assistant”. Please apply in confidence giving full details, salary requirements, etc. to Box 1688,’The Free Press Journal’ Hong Kong.

“Wanted Experienced Sales Representatives” to book orders for consumer products. Please apply to Post Box 1800, Bangkok – Thailand.

“Want urgently” for a reputed secondary school part-time/full-time mathematics/science teachers for higher classes. School hours 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Higher pay according to experience. Phone 16878881. Apply to Box 1788, The Straits Times, Singapore.

The major advantage of a solicited application is that it is confirmed that there is a vacancy available with the hiring company. Besides, the prospective employer normally listed the qualifications, experience, education, job description of the vacancy, such, the applicant can apply for the jobs that close match his/her profile.

There is, however one main disadvantage of such an application and that is that since the vacancy is advertised, there is always a rush of applications with the employers and hence the application of any applicant would be one of many such applications, written in response to the advertisement. The applicant should, therefore, try to present his application in a manner that is better than an average application – rather he should try to make it one of the best applications received by the employer.

2. Unsolicited Application

An unsolicited letter of application refers to a job which has not been announced and published by the prospective employer in any form of media.

This type of application has definitely one big advantage – the application does not stand to that big competition to which an advertised job’s application is open. Besides, the applicant can send parallel applications to a few prospective employers concurrently.

There are, however, two disadvantages also:- (1) It is possible that there may be no post existing with the employer at all; and (2) the applicant must figure out himself the requirement and criteria of the candidate in which the employer will be mostly hiring.

The Importance of An Application Letter

A well organize application letter will trigger for you to be hired in the job you are applying. The application letter most of the time is also called as cover letter, serving as the front page of your resume. This letter, since it is being passed to the HR (Human Resource Department) or Personnel Officer of a company it is also one of the types of business letter.

We write an application letter because we wanted to know that the person the company searching for the job is the best and perfect for the position. Therefore, it is inevitable to write an application letter in applying for a job. But what is really the importance of an application letter?

In writing an application letter, it should be done with an extra-ordinary attention because this letter is not an ordinary one. It looks like you are selling yourself to the company because they will be paying you amount if you will get hired. This is why you should take considerable time in formulating your application letter for you to be bought by the buyer. That your intellectual know how is almost or exactly fitted on the vacant or available position.

In selling a product, the presentation of advertisement and other resource information about the product should be convincing and reliable so as to be bought by buyers in the market. The same with the application letter, since you are selling your self to the company and the application letter serves as the advertisement and reliable information about yourself, it should be convincing for the HR or the Personnel officer to go over your resume for further evaluation.

In addition, since this is a letter, you should be careful on your sentence structure. The simple subject and verb agreement should be followed accordingly not to mention other grammatical sentences boosting your knowledge and skills you are offering. The organization and structure should also be given attention.

Though every part of this letter is important, the employer is eying on the part where you are stating some of your experiences relevant to the company’s needs in the operation of their businesses. You should be careful in structuring this part because in here lies if they will go over your resume for further evaluation.

Before you create your own application letter, have sometime to ask some of your friends or you can surf over the internet. In here lies more information on how to make an application that could stimulate your reader and be hired for the desired position you are applying.

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