How Will iPhone Applications Help You to Grow Your Business

Possessing the renowned Apple iPhone is perhaps the dream of every consumer but only people with high income could afford to buy this device. At present, iOS applications have become a favorite of the entrepreneurs because these are exceptionally beneficial and allow seamless functioning of the varied business strategies. With utmost security, enhancement of ROIs, easy testing; a business owner can consider hiring an iPhone app developer because these applications have the potential to let organizations reach new heights of success.

Most of the people are now using the smartphones, especially of the Apple phones. The I Phone apps are growing in importance and it is estimated that the rate of downloading has increased tremendously in the last few months.
How iOS applications or iPhone apps could benefit your Business to develop globally?

Apple managed to earn widespread recognition and became a prominent leader in providing optimal devices starting from smartphones to laptops, tablets, and desktops. Thus, we can understand the craze among business entrepreneurs to use iOS apps. The applications offer some unmatchable advantages like supreme brand exposure, impeccable software system, sophisticated security and exceptional customer support. Almost all these apps work amazingly and provide the best user experience. So, there are various by which the apps of Apple be beneficial for your business.

Business owners must invest in hiring a proficient iPhone application development company because the iOS apps could increase sales and let a company achieve new horizons both in domestic as well as international markets. The iPhone is specifically designed for the tech-savvy consumers, who use advanced technology and related solutions to accomplish the targeted goals. Thus, this device delivers audiences with optimal products and services and that too in an innovative manner. The importance of iPhone apps is increasing globally.

iOS platform is noted for providing users with high-end security, which is perhaps the best thing about the applications. The users are thus, kept protected from all sorts of external threats such as viruses and hackers. Maximum safety is one of the chief reasons for which businesses have decided to use iOS applications.

The ready availability of iPhones in the market and wider base of clientele treasured by Apple allowed this brand to achieve much prosperity. Business enterprises could hire a dedicate iPhone developer for iOS applications that would let their organization to flourish in the market.

It proves that the iPhone application plays an important role to expand the business.

Web Development And Facebook Applications

These days, it is not uncommon to walk through your office and see a few people quickly minimize Facebook windows that they were surreptitiously viewing during work hours, or to get onto a train and see commuters updating their statuses from their smart phones or iPads. With the ever-growing popularity of Facebook has come the rise in requests for web developers to create Facebook applications (or apps), but what does this actually mean?

For one thing, web development for Facebook apps is very different to web development for general websites or even for mobile devices. There is a whole new language that developers must learn (known as Facebook Markup Language), as well as learning how to use the various platform components that are required for the app to work:

  • The ‘Graph API’ is the foundation of the Facebook platform – it enables developers to read and write data into Facebook itself.
  • The authentication component is designed to let the apps interact smoothly with the Graph API and to protect users.
  • The social plugins (such as the ‘Like’ button) create shortcuts for developers to make their apps more social.
  • The iframe component allows developers to create applications that run separately to Facebook, but are able to accessed through a user’s Facebook profile.
  • The mobile platform is important for developers to understand if they want their apps to be compatible with Facebook for mobile devices.

If you are looking for a web development company to create a Facebook app for your business or personal use, remember that not all companies are going to be able to do this. A web development company that is able to create a Facebook app for you should:

  • have at least a basic understanding of marketing principles. A developer may be able to create an app, but can they effectively promote it for you too?
  • have some form of experience in creating Facebook apps. Find out how long they have been in the web development business AND how long they have been creating apps; ask for examples of past work if possible.
  • have a good history of success with past apps going viral. In the online world, viral generally equals money.

It is important to keep in mind that web development for Facebook apps is very different to development for other more common applications. As a developer, there is added bounty of components that you will need to learn on top of all your other skills, and it is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How Are Mobile Applications Helping Businesses Get An Edge?

The industries are going mobile to reinforce the position in the market with improved brand awareness, heighten the bottom line.

The high earning is turning more businesses towards mobility as with low investment in mobile applications helping them trade better, deliver winning outcomes and drive revenue. This race of mobile app development has led the businesses to build the dedicated business apps which aid in promoting the services they offer and engaging the customers globally.

According to the Gartner research, “In 2017, the mobile app development demand would outpace the capacity of IT sector’s mobile app developers to build the app.”

Take a look at how the five industries are reaping great advantages embracing mobile applications:

(1) Healthcare

M-health app adoption possibilities are high in the healthcare industry to make the services faster and cheaper than ever.

It’s making hospital and pharmaceutical outlets’ inventory management a breeze; providing omnichannel access to the patient’s data that’s making the treatment easier; supercharging the patients with remote testing, e-prescriptions, and telemedicine services; management of health records becomes easier with digitization; clinical communication is made faster with instant messages or in-app calling; healthcare education and training become mobile and can be given anywhere.

With this, the patient safety and engagement can be taken to the new level with improved access to care and reduced medicare fraud.

(2) Travel and tourism

Gone are the days when wanderlusts use maps, compasses, guidebooks or bizarre printed stuff, and hire agents to better plan and take a trip to the place. The mobile applications have changed the scenario completely.

85% of the people leverage mobile apps to plan their travel in the leisure hours.

With the advent of mobile apps, the travelers no need to dig deep through the different leaflets, brochures or guidebooks or end the hassle of standing in long queues with online ticket booking, hotel booking, knowing local attractions, destination details, and food outlets. Easily locating the travel destination with mobile GPS services and online payment enhance the users’ travel experience and enrich the engagement.

Moreover, it’s a powerful weapon for travel agencies to allure customers, better sell the travel packages and launch the marketing campaigns to improve the visibility in the market.

(3) Banking and finance

The mobile apps have become a dominant interface of the banking and finance industry future. The mobile-first strategy has become another way to upsurge customer engagement, improve customer acquisition and enhance retention.

According to a research, the 2 billion people will be using mobile banking by 2019.

It signals investing has changed and more customers banking on mobile apps to track, trade and spend through a user-friendly and secure interface, which means half of the bank and finance customers would increasingly prefer the digital services.

Almost every financial institution favor building mobile apps to increase the customer outreach, garner customer insights through data visualization, uplift competency, and speed up the work.

(4) Fashion

The fashion industry has taken a U-turn by providing convenient access to the fashion apparel, accessories, boutique items and other things to the customers through ubiquitous mobile applications. The mobile phones right in the hand of customers alleviate the need to move to the fashion outlets or try the outfits with advanced technology innovations.

The customers get updated about the new arrivals, browse the inventory offline, view the detailed description of the products anytime, and checkout speedily. The M-commerce channels also enable the customers to easily locate the fashion outlets and get directions to the store.

Moreover, the store management becomes plain-sailing. The shop can check the stock availability on hand without wasting time in searching the item on the shelves. Also, the earlier reminders about the products that are low in inventory alert the owner about the items low in the stock and don’t let the item run out-of-the-stock.

(5) Media

The layer of interaction is added to print and media advertising to revive the way customers explore the business, read the content and gain the information.

With mobile apps, the customers who are not interested in reading the marketing collateral would listen what businesses are offering through engaging audio, video or multimedia content. Besides, knowing the customer’s response to the business advertisements becomes easy to track and manage as opposed to traditional print and media advertising, in turn, aids in taking the data-driven merchandising decision.


The mobile DNA has weaved deeply across all types of the businesses no matter what industry the businesses belong to. In an urge of building the brand, adding value to the customers, better connect with the customers and fuel up the profits, the businesses are hopping on the mobile bandwagon. Does your business have a mobile app? If not, get teamed up with the award-winning mobile application development company to craft the app that best fit your business needs and create unmatched impact.

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