Arbonne Bankruptcy Business Review – Is it Really True?

The news is swimming with information about the MLM company Arbonne. Arbonne is a skin care and cosmetics company, and they filed for bankruptcy a few days ago. According to the company was more than $800 million in debt, and distributors were still telling prospects that the company was debt free! Also according to the company plans to borrow up to $20 million to fund operations during its bankruptcy, known as a debtor-in-possession loan. Now as we know there are many MLM companies out there that are in my opinion not doing so well because the down line is not able to duplicate there up line. This causes a disaster. The MLM business structure used to be a good one but in my opinion after the Arbonne bankruptcy, and other stories I have read about. The MLM structure is not the way to go anymore for many people. If you are serious about finding another company that is not MLM or Network Marketing then here are 3 tips to help you in your search.

Some Tips Tactics and Strategies to Get out Of the Arbonne Bankruptcy mess.

  1. Look for MLM free companies – Another words look for companies that aren’t MLM. Companies that really teach you the different ways to go on the internet, and bring traffic to your website.
  2. Look for companies that are truly debt free – You can find this out by doing some searching around on Google using the name of the company you’re looking at.
  3. And make sure the company is not going anywhere – Research and make sure you are picking a company that isn’t going to be gone tomorrow. A good tip is to call a few people who are already involved with the company you looking at, and asks them there opinion.

For Further review on different opportunities

You can check us out on our website which is listed below for more information, but in my opinion the Arbonne bankruptcy is a tragic ordeal for there company, as it would be for any company. And is even worse now that it’s all over the net, but for those of you who have been with the Arbonne company for a long time now. I really wish you much success in the future.

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