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Expert Federal Resume Writing Help – Certified Professional Federal Resume Writing Service

The federal resume is one of the hardest documents you will ever prepare. It is a time-intensive, labor of love that requires dedication, advanced grammar and editing skills, and the ability to draft a 2-4 page document about yourself. That doesn’t sound hard to you? Okay, try sitting down and describing your current life in a paragraph. Now, do that 2- 8 times over with respect to each job position and life experience you have had and then maybe you will see my point.

Unfortunately, even though the Obama administration got rid of the KSAs, the federal resume still looms. And, don’t be fooled by the fact that the government has done away with KSAs – that is not the case. Rather, the only difference is that now many of the agencies require that the KSAs be integrated into your current resume. How’s that for difficult – Basically the KSA is still a requirement for almost every government agency, only they are requiring that it be included in your resume, as opposed to submitted in a separate document.

What can you do to try to ease the pain of creating a federal resume – here are a few tips from a 10th year nationally certified resume writer who has served as a federal resume writer to several of the web’s top resume writing companies.

1. Brainstorm: When you apply for Federal and Government positions, they are sticklers for accuracy. Saying you started a position in 2010 is not enough – they want dates, including months and years. And, once you are on the interview and request that you complete a job application, they will require even more specific dates such as the exact date you started and ended the position. Therefore, take some time and think of each position you’ve had, the title, the supervisor, the months/years, and whether you will agree to let the potential employer contact your old employer.

2. Outline: Just as if you were back in high school or college, the key to any great essay is the ability to gather, organize, and execute your thoughts. Therefore, the first step in actually drafting the resume is for you to outline a job description that adequately describes each position you have had for the last 15-years.

3. Fine Tune the Outline: The next step should be taking the information and turning it into a story. Unlike a civilian resume, which is the equivalent of telling a story, a federal resume is the equivalent of writing a really, really boring story. It is important that you detail everything you did, but not overstate it. This is because with federal jobs, they WILL check your references, and WILL check you confirm that you actually completed what you said you did. (Not that you should ever lie in a civilian resume).

4. Give up and Hire a Resume Writer: Make SURE you have an EFFECTIVE FEDERAL RESUME: Government resumes generally will require the help of a professional resume writer. This is because the format is entirely different, the verbiage is more straightforward without being repetitive, and the content is much more dense. In addition, the job descriptions are much more detailed and in paragraph form. For the best results, do yourself a favor and hire Certified Professional Resume Writer with a strong background in creating Federal Resumes.


Motherhood and Virtual Assistance

Being a Mom is not an easy task. You must be available in 24/7 for your family. And while you are staying at home, you think about the future or how you can help your husband financially. There are many reasons why moms become a virtual assistant. Kathryn Alexander of and I shared some common reasons:

7 Reasons to Become A Virtual Assistant Mom


Childhood goes by so fast. If you have to work out of the house you may miss some things. We all know that providing for the family is the most important and comes before everything. But with a virtual assistant business, you can give for the family and be with the kids at the same time. This is the number 1 highest ranking reason that moms start a home business.


This, unfortunately, is a real problem in some businesses. You are either too young or too old to work. In some businesses, there is a legal age need to work there if they serve alcohol or smokes. When you become a virtual assistant you are the boss and if you can do the work then your clients won’t care what your age is.


Do you tend to click with certain types of people more than others? With a VA business, you can decide who you want your clients to be. Authors, salespeople, consultants, coaches, executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners are just a few of the types of people you could work with. You have the freedom to choose who you want as a client. This benefits both you and the client making you both more productive.

You can also put in your contract, that either party can end the contract immediately for any reason, especially if the client and assistant work becomes stressful, not paying on time, rude or abusive language or behavior, etc. you can stick anything in your contract because you are the boss of your business and get to decide who you work with.


When you become a virtual assistant you can work your own hours when the kids are asleep or napping, and you can work when they are in school and be available for them before and after. The flexibility is amazing. You can also choose if you want to work part-time or full-time.


If you live in a big city, or even a little city, travel to and from work is time-consuming and costly if you drive or have to pay for a bus pass monthly.

When you become a virtual assistant at home, it means no more strangers rubbing against you on the bus, or filling your gas tank every couple days to drive across town and spend hours commuting to a job you don’t really love anyway.


In this business, you can charge whatever you want because you are the boss, within reason. Most people stay in the general area of $10-$40 an hour for different VA skills. For more advanced jobs you can charge more, and the more experienced VA’s charge higher.

When you are just starting out you can learn as you earn money. If you announce you are just starting your business and list what tasks you can do, and also announce you want to learn new skills you will find work. You will need to charge so, as you are learning as you go. Probably $5-10 an hour to start out if you don’t know anything. But after just a couple months of experience, you can start earning $15-$25 depending on what you are doing.


When you become a virtual assistant you constantly have the opportunity to learn systems, programs, skills, and services if you want to. All you have to do is sign up for a system that most people use but you have never used it, go to the support or help files and read it and learn what you can. There is also the trusted YouTube to learn pretty much anything or you can enroll on tutorial classes to niche your skills.

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