How To Predict A Call From the Media – The Could It Happen Here Story

Wouldn’t it be great to know ahead of time when and why your company or organization would be getting a telephone call from the media? Believe it or not, you already have that ability right at your fingertips. Sure, there are instances where you could pretty well guess that a phone call is coming such as in the case of a strike, a product recall, an environmental disaster or a workplace fatality. But what about those times when a call comes in that you were not expecting? While half of your brain listens to the voice on the other end of the line, the other half is frantically asking, “Why are they calling? What did we do? What has happened that I don’t know about?”

What’s happening here is what is known in the news business as the Could It Happen Here Story. Whenever there is a story gaining national attention, local news media outlets will always try to localize the event. When Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995 which resulted in the deaths of 168 people, news outlets across the country went into Could It Happen Here mode. Officials were questioned about security at local federal buildings and federal workers were asked if they felt safe in the workplace in light of the Oklahoma City incident. When tornadoes strike a portion of the nation, local media outlets air stories about local preparedness for such a disaster. When several children were sickened after playing on a lawn newly treated with chemicals, landscaping companies across the nation were forced to defend their own practices.

The bottom line is that if there is a story that is making national news and if the story is in any way connected to your business, there is a possibility you could be on the receiving end of a Could It Happen Here call. Your job is to simply be aware of the possibility. As you read the morning newspaper, listen to morning radio news or watch morning television news, keep a careful eye and ear out for stories that relate to your business. If you find one, rehearse mentally what you would do and say if you got to the office and the media called. That way, when the call comes in, you’re prepared to confidently tell the media that because of your company’s standards, policies and professionalism, it Couldn’t Happen Here!

Need to Make Money on the Internet – Call for Caution!

Before anyone could achieve in this life, one will need to pass through the process of learning. This learning process can turn out to be either smooth or rough. I want to use this medium to tell people of my experience on the need to make money on-line.

My paid job is nothing to write home about because I hardly pay my house rent and settle the utility bills. We cannot feed well in the house not to talk of my children school fees which is begging to be paid.

I was totally dejected and frustrated! My wife had just recovered from a major surgical operation not long ago and this happening to me. I was just thinking of relocating to the suburb when I noticed a tiny advert in a local newspaper with title “Learn How to Make Money on the Internet”.

I sold the Pentium II computer which my children are using with some other items that I can sell and went to subscribe for the e-book. After reading the e-book, I discovered a lot of ways one can make money on the web. Some of the ways are:

Affiliate Marketing

Paid surveys

Pay per click ads

Selling goods and services and many others

I opted for pay per click ads and paid surveys because I felt they require little startup capital. I went to open a domiciliary account, get on-line connection, open Liberty Reserve account and also sign up with three survey sites as well as three pay per click sites. I started doing work on-line and my morale is so high and with one goal in mind, to make money on-line fast.

The pay per click sites I sign up for offered fantastic rewards which ranged from $0.01 to $5 per click but I was limited to get to a certain level before I can redeem my money except I upgrade! The paid survey sites either did not help matter as I also need to upgrade as well.

After much thought, I decided to forgo the paid survey and concentrate on the pay per click sites on which I thought I have generate about $2,678 with $139 to upgrade, €16,700 with €159 to upgrade and $16.79 with $45 to upgrade.

I decided to opt for the least which is $16.79 with $45 to upgrade due to the amount I have in my Liberty Reserve account so that I can reach the minimum payout point of $75 quickly and more clicks of about $25 per day. Then, I went to the upgrade page and selected Liberty Reserve as my upgrade method. I was directed to the checkout page on Liberty Reserve site and after filling in the required information and waiting to be up graded, a message came that the transaction was not successful. To my amazement, when I checked my Liberty Reserve account, my money has been wiped off. I have been scammed! All efforts to trace where my money went proved abortive. But at the end of it all, Liberty Reserve asked me to install a plug-in that will prevent future occurrence as the plug-in will indicate whether I am on a wrong site and that any time I want to transact with Liberty Reserve, I must not open any other website on the same browser.

Remember I told you my situation. I was completely down but I have to forge ahead because I am now more than desperate to make money on the web. This desperation lead me to being scammed again by another person I met at a public café who claimed he wanted to help me.

At the end of it all, I met a good and trustworthy person who put me through. Hurray! It has started to yield and I know very soon I will be a house hold name. We all have to start somewhere and somehow, it is rather unfortunate that many people learn the hard way what not to do on-line and as such give up early enough and never get to experience the joy of on-line success. I want to say here that you should not allow this to discourage you; making money on the web is quite interesting!

Virtual Call Center Jobs – Finally Exposed! Know The Truth!

Often a phone call to the customer service department of many companies, here in America, leads to a foreigner on the other end of the line. Fortune 500 companies and many marketers online are offering virtual call center jobs and other remote jobs to people outside the United States. This is called offshoring. Many Americans argue that this is taking away from the US economy, especially in times of economic crisis. Is this harming America’s economy?

That’s an argument that can be debated on both sides of the coin. Most companies and online marketers are outsourcing to India. Some companies claim that they have no choice. With the economy being in an uproar in the United States, some companies claim that they are forced to offer virtual call center jobs outside the United States. These jobs are also offered to Philippine workers. Many are college educated. They can speak good English too. Filipinos accept virtual call center jobs for as little as $1.25 an hour USD. This is the main reason why American companies hire offshore.

Internet marketers claim that foreign workers are more loyal workers than American workers. Is this true? Maybe, maybe not. So in essence, many employers whether online or offline state that foreign workers often stay with them for the long haul. Offering virtual call center jobs to foreigners is known to lower cost by 70% while increasing productivity. That is certainly a huge advantage for business owners. Many Americans are angry and will never get over the whole idea of offshoring. Remote jobs are so hard to find, especially when there is about one in every 25 remote jobs being legitimate. The other 24 are scams.

So many Americans, especially stay at home moms, the handicapped, etc are desperate to find jobs that allow them to work from home. Offshoring certainly does not help the situation at all, or does it? Is there a better way for struggling companies to avoid offshoring? Many angry Americans have a hard time answering this question. Several states are considering laws to restrict or prohibit offshoring. Unions are also lobbying Congress to end what they call, “madness.”

Despite the fact that offshoring can create a dip in the amount of jobs available To Americans, the truth of matter is, it can also benefit the American economy. Companies pass cost savings on to American consumers through lower prices. Also cost savings are passed on to investors through higher profits. Let’s talk about new sales. You see, companies also get new sales from Indian firms that boost imports from America. The U.S. economy also redeploys workers who lose their jobs from offshoring. And this is done in ways that boost growth as well. So therefore, offering virtual call center jobs and other remote jobs to foreigners can be looked at from “Both sides of the coin.”

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