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Expert Federal Resume Writing Help – Certified Professional Federal Resume Writing Service

The federal resume is one of the hardest documents you will ever prepare. It is a time-intensive, labor of love that requires dedication, advanced grammar and editing skills, and the ability to draft a 2-4 page document about yourself. That doesn’t sound hard to you? Okay, try sitting down and describing your current life in a paragraph. Now, do that 2- 8 times over with respect to each job position and life experience you have had and then maybe you will see my point.

Unfortunately, even though the Obama administration got rid of the KSAs, the federal resume still looms. And, don’t be fooled by the fact that the government has done away with KSAs – that is not the case. Rather, the only difference is that now many of the agencies require that the KSAs be integrated into your current resume. How’s that for difficult – Basically the KSA is still a requirement for almost every government agency, only they are requiring that it be included in your resume, as opposed to submitted in a separate document.

What can you do to try to ease the pain of creating a federal resume – here are a few tips from a 10th year nationally certified resume writer who has served as a federal resume writer to several of the web’s top resume writing companies.

1. Brainstorm: When you apply for Federal and Government positions, they are sticklers for accuracy. Saying you started a position in 2010 is not enough – they want dates, including months and years. And, once you are on the interview and request that you complete a job application, they will require even more specific dates such as the exact date you started and ended the position. Therefore, take some time and think of each position you’ve had, the title, the supervisor, the months/years, and whether you will agree to let the potential employer contact your old employer.

2. Outline: Just as if you were back in high school or college, the key to any great essay is the ability to gather, organize, and execute your thoughts. Therefore, the first step in actually drafting the resume is for you to outline a job description that adequately describes each position you have had for the last 15-years.

3. Fine Tune the Outline: The next step should be taking the information and turning it into a story. Unlike a civilian resume, which is the equivalent of telling a story, a federal resume is the equivalent of writing a really, really boring story. It is important that you detail everything you did, but not overstate it. This is because with federal jobs, they WILL check your references, and WILL check you confirm that you actually completed what you said you did. (Not that you should ever lie in a civilian resume).

4. Give up and Hire a Resume Writer: Make SURE you have an EFFECTIVE FEDERAL RESUME: Government resumes generally will require the help of a professional resume writer. This is because the format is entirely different, the verbiage is more straightforward without being repetitive, and the content is much more dense. In addition, the job descriptions are much more detailed and in paragraph form. For the best results, do yourself a favor and hire Certified Professional Resume Writer with a strong background in creating Federal Resumes.


What Are the Best Tips to Get Certified on "CCT Routing and Switching?"

The “CCT Routing and Switching” qualification is a way of confirming your skills with Cisco networking equipment. This type of equipment is widely used in industry and business. Cisco Certified Technicians have the basic skills to diagnose, repair, restore, and replace Cisco networking and system devices at customer sites. Technicians work with the Cisco Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) to resolve support incidents. Cisco authorized training is available online and can be completed in multiple short sessions, enabling Technicians to stay productive whilst working in the field. Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) certification is available in several technology tracks, so that Cisco Support Technicians can expand their area of expertise across various technologies, such as Data Centres and TelePresence. The first certification to start with is Cisco Certified Technician Routing and Switching (CCT-RS).

The CCT-RS certification (through the 640-692 RSTECH exam) focuses on the skills required for onsite support and maintenance of Cisco routers, switches, and operating environments. Technicians in this area must be able to: identify Cisco router and switch models, accessories, cabling, and interfaces; understand the Cisco IOS software operating modes and identify commonly found software; and be able to use the Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI) to connect and service products. Achieving CCT Routing and Switching certification is considered the best foundation for supporting other Cisco devices and systems, and for going on to qualify for other advanced Cisco certifications.

The first tip is to buy this book:

“CCT Routing and Switching (CCT-RS) Secrets To Acing The Exam and Successful (sic) Finding And Landing Your Next CCT Routing and Switching (CCT-RS) Certified Job” (ISBN 148615980X 9781486159802).

This book costs US$33.82 on Amazon. To prepare for the exam, this book tells you:

• What you need to know about the CCT Routing and Switching (CCT-RS) Certification and exam

• Preparation tips for passing the CCT-RS certification exam, and exams in general

• Taking tests

The book contains several suggestions on how to prepare for an interview. It covers non-technical aspects – how to find a job, write a resume, behaviour in job interviews, etc.

To land the job, it gives you insights on:

• Typical CCT-RS careers

• Finding opportunities – the best places to find them

• Writing unbeatable resumes and cover letters

• Acing the interview

• What to expect from recruiters

Secondly, you should absorb self-study materials available on the Cisco Learning Network:

Cisco has officially available self-study on-line courses that you study in your own time. The CCT-RS one is called “Cisco Certified Technician Supporting Cisco Routing and Switching Network Devices (RSTECH)”. It costs US$299. This buys you a year’s subscription and during the year you can review the six-hour course as often as you want.

These are some Cisco-recommended study supplements. They are not designed to serve as a complete self-study program. You can find “640-692 RSTECH Exam Topics” on the Cisco website:

Look for these in particular:

• Identify Cisco Equipment and Related Hardware

• Describe Cisco IOS Software Operation

• General Networking Knowledge

• Service-related Knowledge

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