How to Convert Your Prospects Into Downlines in Your MLM Business

In order to succeed in network marketing, you need to build an ever growing database of subscribers through email techniques.

Here are four methods for building your lists through direct and online methods:

Build an email list – Using email marketing is the best way to increase your lead database for your network marketing opportunity. It is important to know that you need to have a list of leads before you can generate an excellent cash flow. A lot of the top leaders in the industry are not simply working on building a downline. They are creating giant lists of email subscribers from which their downline comes out of. A good autoresponder will allow you to communicate with your list and increase the rate of opt-in subscribers.

Marketing through direct response – You need to build a strong relationship with your prospect in order to connect with them. You need to have mutual trust, and you need to promote the right offer that fits their needs. This is the only way that people will purchase affiliate offers from you. If your list is aimed to those interested in going into business, then promote business building news and techniques.

Teleseminar lists – Getting your prospects to log into a Teleseminar and listen live or recorded conversation is a great way to turn your customers into your downline. It’s a common technique used by network marketing leaders across the nation. These teleseminars teach subjects like phone prospecting skill sets, network marketing techniques and even round table discussion seminars. Teleseminars are great because they allow your prospects do listen in from home.

Promoting seminars and workshops – When you are perceived as a leader in this field, your credibility skyrockets. Consider starting your own line of seminars and training workshops. You don’t need thousands of people to attend one of your meetings. A small group of fifteen to twenty will work. Once you have a small group attending on a regular basis, you will be able to build your downline quite quickly. Your attendees will interact with each other, sharing advice and stories that will help their businesses, benefiting everyone who attends.

Keep in mind that you need to make sure that you and your downline are equipped with the training they need to succeed in their network marketing business. Relationship building is key because it keeps the business strong and it lowers your attrition rate. Work together to increase your revenue!

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