5 Reasons to Create a Mobile App For Your Business

The times when people were busy reading their newspapers on the bus or in the park are over. Today everybody is stuck in their mobile devices. In most countries with advanced economy the number of smartphone users varies from 60% to more than 80%. Hundreds of new applications are downloaded every day, and it seems that developing a mobile app is a great option to promote your business in today’s digital era.

The mobile products market is continuing to grow, and as a result not only big companies think of having their own mobile apps these days. Small businesses refuse to lag behind as well. Everybody wants to keep up with the times and it’s no longer a surprise when a small book shop offers its services by the means of a mobile app.

Still have doubts that your business needs a mobile solution? Here are some more reasons to convince you:

1) Attract new customers and encourage the regular ones to buy more. Launch a loyalty program within your app, so that your customers could earn points and later spend them on the goods they want. Besides, information about helpful loyalty programs and outstanding mobile products spreads very quickly among the smartphone users, which means getting more new customers.

2) Raise the awareness of your brand. Your logo that acts as an app icon has a good chance to become a successful advertisement. People scroll hundreds of applications every day and tend to remember the most outstanding icons even if they don’t install the application itself. Furthermore, a proper mobile app shows your brand’s philosophy and values much better than postcards, magnets, key holders and etc.

3) Launching a mobile app is the easiest way to collect feedback from your customers. People keep in touch with their friends through social networks and often find themselves thinking: “I’d rather text than call”. Today more and more people admit that they prefer writing their reviews online rather than expressing their opinion in person. On the other hand, a written review is usually more complex, because the reviewer has enough time to remember all the details. So if you want to receive an honest and proper feedback provide your customers with a mobile solution.

4) Leaving your business rivals behind. A mobile app can be regarded as part your service and image. People utilizing a user-friendly and well-designed application with lots of useful features feel that they are treated well and become the most loyal customers you’ve ever dreamt of. Do your competitors already have their own mobile products? Be far ahead – offer more than a good service.

5) Provide your customers with all the information through one channel. Reaching your clients has never been so easy. With the help of a mobile app customers get informed about new goods, discounts, promotions and events at first hand and in one click. You can even offer special discounts to the users of your mobile app that they will surely appreciate.

And finally, if you still aren’t sure that creating a mobile app is a worthy thing for your business, have a look at one famous company’s experience. Domino’s pizza made a mobile app for ordering their food and in half a year their profit increased by 28 % in the UK only. At present ordering via mobile devices is making more than 50% of all their online orders.

Considering all this, creating a mobile application is not a waste of money. It won’t save your business but will definitely put it on a new level.

How To Create A Perfect App For Hotel Business

If you run a hospitality business, no one knows about convenience better than you. A mobile app is the next level of convenience, a popular solution for staying unconstrained in communication. It is valued by people who travel and stay at hotels. They value comfort and relaxation. They need to know that any service is instantly accessible. And they get it all while staying at your hotel.

Mobility and quality belong to the key elements of service. You have the latter. A dedicated app brings the former. It can become a part of your hotel’s image. It doesn’t quite matter how large your hotel is and how many suites there are. Every client deserves the mobile convenience in booking and getting the latest information, given by such an app. You own a mobile solution that widens the reach of your brand and brings client loyalty. If the application is equipped with all these features as well as your hotel is with services, it’s a good way to go.

Clients receive a free-downloaded mobile application that will facilitate their choice, manage booking, inform them of anything they might need, and help them communicate with the hotel staff. Let’s take a closer look at the features of a perfect app for your hotel.

– Direct online booking – the function that must be put above everything else. The more simplified for users it is, the better. Provide them with a list of available suites with photos, prices and descriptions. Real-time updates are vital to keep track of suite availability. Essentially include means of online payment/prepayment and direct communication, such as click-to-call.

– Your application should utilize geolocation to provide users with directions to your hotel.

– A good option is a choice of languages in the app. English is spread worldwide, but your foreign visitors would be delighted to choose a language they might know better. These could be German, Spanish, French, Russian – the languages spoken in numerous countries around the world.

That was all about booking and choosing. But the application is still of use after the client’s arrival, and will be throughout the stay. Here are the things that are by no means less important for clients:

– Details on hotel facilities, services and amenities: swimming pools, childcare, fitness centers – any range of activities you offer. There might be information about the nearby activities, attractions, restaurants, shopping centers etc. This information will be appreciated.

– Information about the forthcoming hotel activities and special events can be delivered in a number of ways, such as Push-notifications. Let the clients decide, what kinds of activities they want to be informed of.

– You may include direct communication with the hotel staff. Thus your clients are able to leave requests

– Finally, you may choose to include social network sharing. Your loyal clients would be glad to recommend your brand and services across Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Such is a well-packed perfect app for hotel business. Choose which of these options you would like to implement in your own application. Or perhaps you can come up with a new idea for a feature. After all, it’s up to you to make right decisions. A branded application is a worthy investment that increases clients’ satisfaction, and as a result, brings returns.

Let’s look through some features of the apps designed for the world’s most famous examples of hospitality industry companies.

Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts has an app with a fine user interface, colored in white and gold. The overall looks are quite pleasant, and the most necessary options – ‘Find A Hotel’, ‘Book A Room’ and ‘Offers’ – are at hand. The Android app covers a variety of its versions, ranging from 2.3.4 to 4.1.1.

Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts is one of the top players in the industry. Its iOS application features rich photo galleries. That is where images are important as ever – your clients have everything they need to make a choice.

The Android app for The Ritz-Carlton Hotels includes the reservations menu, means of direct communication and a QR code reader.

Along with online booking, an iOS app for Hilton allows to leave requests and orders on personalizing the suite to match the preferences of the client. Everything is ready upon the arrival.

Create Your Own Top Home Based Business – Own the Home Based Internet Business You Dream About

Building a Top Home Based Business has never been easier! If you’re honestly looking to become a successful online business entrepreneur, take heed to my opening statement. There’s no hype, no half-truths, no lies, no misleading anything in that statement–simply fact! The Internet has become the place where people come for the majority of their daily needs, such as:

  • research projects
  • general directions and mapping
  • cooking recipes
  • investment advise
  • social interactions and networking
  • online shopping

And that list could go on and on and on…you know what I’m getting at right? That’s the point I’m trying to make, the Internet has become the global meeting place of the world.

Gettin’ Back to Building Your Online Business

Let’s get one thing clear so there are no gray areas–if I’m going out on a limb to say something is the top home based business it’s not going to be working for someone else doing menial computing tasks. No way! It’s going to be all about starting Your own successful home based Internet business and making Your business dreams come true. Your days of making someone else rich from the hard work you perform could be over starting today.

Building a top home based business is not easy and it’s certainly not for everybody. Nor is it a get-rich-quick solution by any means. It’s a real home based business that you own and operate. It’s all about you, your dreams and ambitions, and your commitment to building a top home business and succeeding as an online Internet business owner.

Do You Think You have What it Takes?

This business offering I’m speaking about has some of the most totally outrageous claims about business successes from all kinds of people from all over the world!

Guess what?

All the claims are made by the business owner’s themselves currently succeeding in their own top home based business. They’re proud of their accomplishments and happy to share their success stories for the inspiration of others. You can see and hear the pride in each of them as they discuss their online business success and how they were able to do it.

An All-in-One Home Based Business Package

They’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to. All you have to do is concentrate on doing what it is you love. All the complicated tools, technologies, processes, hosting services, storage requirements, email campaign generators, research tools, are all included and made as simple as worldly possible.

I mean they’ve even got ways for your future visitors and customers to create content to build your online business stronger and more successful with minimal effort from you. There’s no better way to go from Internet novice to successful online business entrepreneur in one incredible offering.

How to Create Your Online Business – 5 Fundamental Steps

If you are eager to set your online business and establish a great presence on the net, start from the ground level and have your checklist ready. You want to create a successful business, so in order to make money online you need to put your eye for the detail at work and plan all the steps carefully. It is worth to spend time planning properly so you can launch a great site for your customers. Happy customers mean loyal visitors which will definitely buy again over time from you and this is what you want.

You will find bellow a succinct information about some of the essential steps you should take to ensure that you offer a great site to the world.

1.) Buy a domain name.

Try to choose a name that easily suggests people the type of your business. You can even use hyphens in the name if you want, the search engines will not penalize you for doing that. Say you want to offer supplements for pets for sale on your site. Your first choice would be petsupplements.com, but the registrar tells you that this name is already taken. Therefore you can try to register pet-supplements.com and find it available. Some people find hyphens very useful because the name becomes easily read. I recommend you to check out a good domain registrar with affordable prices and who offers coupons that you can redeem to get discounts when you buy a new domain name from them.

2.) Find a reliable web host.

Many offer web hosting, but I found out that many times they tend to be overpriced. Even the registrar of your domain name can offer packages including web hosting, but don’t sign up until you had searched all the available options. Find a great web hosting company which offers the best price for what you get and start by buying the cheapest package; if your business expands and you reach your traffic quota, simply upgrade to the next package offered by the web hosting company. Do not forget to check for coupons and use them when you purchase the package that suits your needs.

3.) Design a great website yourself or with the help of professionals.

The first impression your customers get is the most powerful and may decide their coming back to your site or not. Do not stuff it up from the beginning.

4.) Who represents your business?

People like to do business with people. If you personalize your website by adding your photo to the contact page, it will not hurt anybody, on the contrary, you give a face to your business and this will give more confidence to the visitors to deal with you.

5.) Create good About Us, Contact Us and Terms of Service pages.

These kind of pages are very important for your business. Take the time to create easy to understand content for them and display the contact options for your customers, such as your phone number, a fax number, email or ticket system, you name it. Such information should give you enough reasons to feel confident in your ability of creating a good website without having to spend a fortune. If your business idea or product is great and you present it to the world from a tidy website, your endeavors will be re-paid with the money that you deserve.

How to Create Big Impact Trade Show Display Booths to Get the Big Money

Having a trade show display with the WOW factor can make a huge difference to the profitability of your trade show expo, especially if you’re new to the circuit and want to make a big splash.

It takes preparation and research to achieve this. You need to clearly outline the image you want for your business, how it is to be communicated, what impact you want for your customers and industry colleagues.

Starting from a well planned out and designed position you’ll look like an established business. With a carefully and professionally design trade show display booth you’ll be also able to scoop the show’s display awards and be able to use this for your marketing campaigns too.

So when you’re starting out you need to carefully select the business name so it fits with the marketing strategy and works for you in all aspects of the campaign. The business name also needs to be able to work online for you and be available so your internet marketing strategy supports your overall marketing strategy.

Usually there’s about a 12 – 18 month planning phase before the big trade show launch so product, design, branding and marketing is in place to allow a comprehensive and complete image at the expo.

Another key point to work on is the trade show promotions – the take away post cards, business cards, catalogues and bags. Make sure there’s space to write notes on all cards, flyers and brochures for customers as many do a walking lap on their first day, gather ideas and take notes about ideas on promotional material. If the card stock is glossy or black then it is next to impossible for your potential customers to write their notes and this frustrates them – something you don’t need to do.

The website needs to carry through the same branding image and message as the trade show display booth and promotional materials with the look and feel.

Getting advice from professionals can make all the difference for cutting down the time lost through learning tough lessons on your own. Having a stand builder to design the trade show display from a carefully considered design specification for a custom built stand can instantly create the impact of an established business.

To achieve all this you do need to be well capitalised and funded as it does take 18 months- 2 years before you start getting a positive cashflow. So careful financial planning is mandatory for success because many very good businesses are lost and fail each year because of a lack of cashflow and being under capitalised. So be sensible with your financial planning.

The value of putting a lot of effort into your trade show display stand is more people stop to look, increasing the visibility and orders placed, to promote the brand through a consistent image and many trade show businesses reward winning exhibitors with a big discount on their next trade show booth rental.

A well designed portable trade show booth needs to be designed so it can fit in different configurations and layouts. This lets you have more choice and flexibility for stand location within an expo hall. This is vital for the design of the booth so you can get as much use out of it as possible so it pays for itself quickly.

This method of trade show marketing can be done for well financed new businesses or to reinvent and reinvigorate an established business that needs a breath of fresh air to prosper.

The key to success is careful, creative and intelligent planning for marketing and financials. Do your research and understand your business. Make sure you have the financial buffers for lessons learned the hard way and take advice from professionals you know what their motivations are.

Online Business Jobs – Create Top Online Business Jobs With Online Affiliate Marketing

How can you create top online business jobs with online affiliate marketing? First, let me tell you what this unique and exciting field is all about and how it can create outstanding stay at home online jobs and online jobs for stay at home moms, where you set your own schedule, make your own decisions and be your own boss. As has been stated, there are countless numbers of people just like you, who have created their own jobs and careers in this professionally and financially rewarding field and are making outstanding incomes from home on their home computer.

In order to create top online business jobs as an online affiliate marketer you will write short articles, generally between 250 to 450 words, on subjects that are of interest to you or to others. Your articles are placed on The Google Search Engine free of charge under the keywords that you choose. There are literally thousands of online merchants that sell just about any product or service imaginable who are always seeking affiliate marketers to join their affiliate programs at no cost to you. You can choose from the one or ones that sell the products or services that your article is about. In your article you place a forwarding link to your affiliate merchant.

When your article reader clicks on the forwarding link to your online merchant, they are forwarded to your merchant’s website. When a sale is made on the merchant’s website you are paid a generous commission. You are not involved in the order taking, shipping, billing or anything else concerning the sale except to deposit or cash your monthly commission check and you can represent as many online merchants as you would like and write as many articles as you like on any subject you wish.

Again, there are many, many people, just like you, who have learned this exciting business and have created their own online business jobs and jobs for stay at home moms. Affiliate marketing is one of the nicest ways to create top stay at home jobs. You owe it to yourself to check out this unique and exciting online sales and marketing field.

Ideas to Create Own Work At Home Online Business Product

The voice you heard by the majority of people in the Net is true, the real true money generating machine is to offer your own product or service where you can keep 100% of the profits.

Before you even start creating or introduce your own product or service, you should do some research to check the target market size, competitors and the available pricing methods available for the type of product or service that you intend to offer.

The most common product that people develop are ebook or what is commonly known as info product. It is based on the experience that you have accumulated over the years either through your jobs or hobbies and convert them into writings.

Everyone of us have a special skills and things that we do better than the rest. You can further expand your knowledge database via further education or self-education in order to create the business.

Many new business are created not by developing new products or services but by improving something that already exists. The initial innovators of products might received lots of recognition for their innovation might not know how to make the product appeal to the mass consumers and sell like hot cakes. Subsequent bright businessmen or women succeeded in relaunching the same product after some improvement as they are able to saw the mistakes that have been made and was able to capitalized on it.

The movies industry is the best example, many movies are just about repackaging to appeal to the movies consumers. Why develop new super heroes when you can make good money from old familiar heroes like Spiderman. Many movies goers grows up watching Spiderman cartoon and although they maybe adults now,

they still enjoy it like when they was young. It is so familiar with them.

Therefore, time spend trying to find brand new idea should instead be spend on improving existing idea. The most important criteria is to try and find a NEED which you can filled.

For improving your business success rate, try not to go into a hot industries that are already overcrowded with suppliers unless you can offer something cheaper and better than them and still make a profit. Finding a niche market is a better strategy as an unique product or service will increase your chances of success.

Starting a Work At Home Online Business means that you should look for product or service that can be sold online and delivered to people living around the world. It should be cheaper or more convenience to order online rather than offline.

The most famous successful niche finder is Amazon.com. The books they sold already exist offline and by bringing it online and pricing its books competitively, they slowly build up their niche market and have now become the world largest online books sellers.

Therefore, open your eyes wide and start looking at things around you and think of ways to improve them.

How to Create a Profitable Online Business Idea?

Creating a profitable online business Idea! This is the very first thing any internet entrepreneur should focus on to successfully make money online.

This is the make it or break it factor to be successful online or offline. You may spend a lot of time, effort and money chasing the wrong idea. This step is the most important step. Frankly there is no right or wrong way to brainstorm ideas, there are only best practices, common sense and of course some luck. Below I will present the best practises on how to develop profitable business ideas based on my own experience and the world best entrepreneurs. Now fast forward to the good stuff.

Create a profitable online business idea by inventing something new

This is rarest and the hardest of them all. Like Thomas Edison who developed many devices that greatly influenced our lives. From the motion picture camera to the long lasting electric light bulb.

If you can picture a certain product or service that would make people lives’ easier, then you are on business.

• Tim Ferris Did this. The Author of the world phenomenon “The Four Hour Work Week” Where he preached to live an awesome lifestyle while putting your business on autopilot! He is a master hacker and he managed to outsource his life and his business very cheaply. He has built a huge passionate follow who are ready to help him sell or promote his products and he gives them his mind, body and soul. He gives presents, free info and help as much as he can. His blog went to rank around 6000 most visited website -among millions- in SIX MONTHS!! If you have something special, unique and awesome please do it.

Create a profitable online business idea by fulfilling a personal need

If you needs a product or a service, be certain that there are other people who are searching for a solution for that exact same problem.

Personally when I was a project manager at one of the biggest engineering firms. I had to self-study every single day and night to be able to compete and sustain my edge at that level and to deliver projects on time, under budget and at the highest quality standards. Self-learning was not easy and taking courses and workshops were both time and money consuming.

• My first online business was an E-learning hub for professionals. filled with articles, audio and video training and discussion boards. I added more value by giving them assignments and research work to further solidify the learning experience and make it as practical and as close to real life as possible. I developed it further and created a membership area for different niches like: Project Management Professionals and Marketing professionals… etc. Professionals would post their most urgent questions and problems and collaborate with other on how to solve them. They would share their experience in their current projects pointing positives and well as negatives. And exploring alternative ways and solutions to try at their next project.

As you can see I took a simple E-learning portal and turned it into a thriving community filled with passionate professionals who are sharing their ideas, experiences and recommendation. They sat goals and worked hard to achieve them. And we congratulated each other for the completion of our goals.

We were such a beautiful little community.

Do you have a current need? Write it down. It maybe your next big thing.

Create a profitable online business idea by making people lives EASIER

We are in love with the easy way. We go to Google to find a quick answer and we ask a friend for a recommendation.

We want the easiest and the shortest route to our goals.

If you can develop an idea to make people lives easier! They will love you for that.

• Google made our lives easier and now we can find exactly what we need in a blink of an eye. And they are going that extra mile every single day from local search, blog search, Scholar search, image search, movie search, news search and every other kind of search you can think of.

• Mint Made our lives easier in terms of managing our personal finances. They develop free and premium software to help people control and manage their budgets more efficiently. They were one of the fastest growing companies in the world and they were featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Money magazine as the best tool to manage your personal finances.

• Aweber when CEO and Founder Tom Kulzer was a sales leader for a computer hardware firm in mid 90′s he noticed that leads were falling due to lack of proper follow up from the sales agents. He went on his way and started Aweber the best email marketing solution I have ever used and the number one in the scene right now.

Create a profitable online business idea by upgrading a current idea and make it better

Not everyone has the vision to spot a growing trend or a specific need. So it’s easier to develop and upgrade a current business idea and make it better than the original one.

• Google did this. When they witnessed that search engines were merely displaying search with no clear standards. They developed a search engine that displays results based on user preferences and history by exploiting cookies. Try to search for any term and make your a friend search for the exact same term with different computer and you would find different results as Google scans your history and browsing behaviour by a very complex Algorithm and displays the most relevant results for you. They grew and became the number one search engine and the number one website on the internet today.

• Tumblr did this. When 21 years old David Karp saw the growing interest in Twitter and Blogs. He combined the best of both worlds. Many people loved to share on Twitter but the 140 characters and the limitations were an issue for some. Others wanted a platform to express themselves freely but Blogs were too technical or too serious for them. The young genius made it and established Tumblr where you can share easily like Twitter but with the powerful features that Blogs only have. Tumblr now is the 35 most visited website on the internet today. And the future looks awesome.

Create a profitable online business idea by offering unbelievable service

Sometimes we can’t figure out a new business idea or an upgrade to a current business model. Well the best thing to do is to choose a business model you like. Study it and differentiate yourself not by lowering prices -I am totally against this strategy btw- But by offering unbelievably good service.

• Zappos Did it. They started by offering great shoes for sales on their website like the hundreds of thousands of other websites. But they took the customer service to limits never seen before. They would occasionally send you flowers or a present or a voucher at your birthday. They may send your products by speed delivery at no additional costs to you and you would be happily surprised. Their customer service would speak with you on the phone as long as you need explaining every detail over and over. Actually there is a documented phone call that lasted for 8 hours! This is how far they took it. The Result? Now they are making over a billion dollar in sales each year! They are the biggest shoes retailer! And their huge customer base do all the promotion and advertising work for them because they were happy and impressed.

Create a profitable online business idea by entering a very specific niche

A niche is a group of people sharing a specific interest, hobby or career. You can take a large business idea and break it down to it’s niche components, study each one and build a business around one niche.

• LinkedIn Is the largest professional social network in the world. They took the Facebook concept and simplified things. They didn’t need millions of teens, housewives and TV stars. They chose professionals and entrepreneurs and they built a website specifically designed to serve them.

• Pat Flynn who is one of my favourite bloggers of all time did this when he first started with his LEED exam training website -It’s a certificate in the Architecture world- He targeted Architectures who want to take the exam and built the best study guides to help them understand the materials and pass the exam. He passed the exam himself first so he knew what does it take to pass it. Result was over 200.000 USD in gross sales in his first year and he is doing much better since then with his awesome SPI blog.

You can do this. Analysis the big businesses and break them down. Find what would be an interest for you and build a website around it. As an example I may consider analysing LinkedIn itself and see the small components inside. Well you may start a “young professional social network” or an “Executive level social network” or “project managers social network” Decide first. Brainstorm how can you provide an awesome fulfilling experience for your audience and then build a website to do this and more.

Create a profitable online business idea based on your passions and fears

Same concept here. If you are passionate about something. There is a good chance that others are in love with it too. If you are totally scared about something you may research and learn to figure a solution and build a website offering that solution. Or simply a website that offers some sort of support group for whoever suffering from that fear. Trust me it works.

Write down your passions, what you love to read about, listen to, or watch. Your dreams maybe? Or maybe your fears! Write them down. Then rewrite them again. Pin them and look at them everyday. Add or delete. I assure you would find something interesting.

Example: I love racing games! I may go and build a need for speed fans website offering latest news and game hacks. I may then offer a simple eBook selling my very best tricks to beat the boss in the game! Figure yours it maybe as simple as that.

I hate bugs! I completely hate it specially ants. I may build a website and post my latest solutions to get rid of them! Organic solutions maybe! Then present them in an ebook.

I love working out! I am a 14 years athlete and I practised everything. I DID start a website based on how to lose weight for the business professionals. I offered straight forward advice for people who can’t afford sever dieting or hours of training. And it worked out NICELY!

Create a profitable online business idea by being weird!

Yes this is not a typo. Although this is not my thing but some people are flooding their bank account with this

• Tucker Max Ps: Please note that his stories are NOT for everyone. They are uncomfortable for many. Please don’t read on his blog if you are easily offended. He is a playa and he wanted to document his adventures in a book. Well every publishing house refused to publish it. He didn’t give up and he built a website and published his stories for free so everyone can sees them. Within few months and with smart marketing his traffic went over the roof This captured the publishers attention and they contacted him offering generous contracts to publish what it seems to be unrealistically popular stories. He did it.

• Million Dollar Homepage If you have ever asked me if setting a website and inviting people to give you money just for putting their logo in a homepage! I would say this will never work! Where is the added value? Well I am wrong this home page collected payments to put brands on the home page “to own a piece of the internet”

Other ways to create a profitable online business idea

If your creativity let you down. Here are some other ways to earn an income by starting an online business.

• Website flipping: Similar to real estate. You build a website. Add content. Attract visitors and offer it for sale on website like Flippa.

• Web hosting reseller: With a fixed monthly fee you can start selling web hosting service. This can be a profitable business model If you can attract lot of traffic. Will cover this in future articles

• Review website: Review anything that you are interested in. And offer some Affiliate links. You earn commissions on sales made by your links. Will cover how to be a super affiliate in a future article.

• Content writing: If you are a good writer, set up a website and offer your services. You may join Elance or Odesk People are in a constant need for good writers

This is the only article you would need to find about your big idea! There is not right or wrong way. As you saw some unrealistic businesses made money. You will never know unless you try. Please stop reading about how to generate profitable ideas for your internet business and start doing what I have told you above.

Just grape a pen and a paper -No laptop please- and go through each method described above from inventing something to upgrading a current business idea to embrace your passions and fears or targeting a very specific niche.

Go through each one, brainstorm each one. Write it down. Pin it. Visualise it and you would find your answer. Sooner or later and this is my promise to you.

Some people would argue that they need to test the idea profitability before they start. Well some people agree and some disagree. I disagree personally. Simply because if you as a person needed something or facing a problem or a certain fear. Be certain that others feel that same way too.

If you are inventing something never done before this testing would do you little good. Ordinary people can’t visualize your idea, so their replies would never give you an accurate answer. Example is when they invented the phone. People never imagined this would be possible and thought their lives are perfect. They invested the mobile phones and now people can’t imagine how they lived without them and now they lives are perfect, now they can talk in the street! They invented the smart phones and now you are connected to your social network, your business and to everything.

Idea here is that people can’t imagine things. You educate them to accept the new technology. As long as it makes their lives easier they would be more than happy to listen.

I heard that the late Steve Jobs, the legendary founder of Apple, didn’t believe in market research. With his revolutionary ideas that redefined what technology is capable of. People were unable to keep up and give a clear thoughts about it.

YOU are the creator, Create and educate.

Hope that you enjoyed this article

Mohamed Anan

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