5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Mobile App

Congratulations, you have decided to design your own mobile app! Yes, these are the times when an app is not just beneficial to businesses, but a powerful product in itself. However, it certainly does not involve a one-size-fits-all strategy. Here are 5 things to consider when designing your mobile application:

Target Audience:

Have a well-defined target audience. Be specific about your audience’s geographical location, demographic, preferences, tendencies, and requirements. For example- if you are a women’s apparel company, you need to choose heavily visual content with a feminine look and feel via colors, motifs etc.

Market Competition:

Every product needs a buyer. Does your product have enough demand to ensure that people download your app? For instance, if you are launching a messaging application, your competitors are Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WeChat and so on. In this case, your application needs to have a highly unique and advanced offering in order to become successful within this category of apps.

Type of App:

If your application aims to have features specifically for a mobile user, it is best you go for a native, designed for the platform you choose (Android or iOS). If you already have a successfully running website, one can go for a hybrid, which has the basic functionality of a native but has the internet browser within that application- which means it depends on the website to run, and cannot run offline. Hybrid Apps are also lighter in the pocket.

High degree of usability:

Whichever mobile application you design should appeal to the end user. Appealing graphics and images will prove to be skin deep if the app is not responsive. Clean display, a short loading time, bold navigation elements are a must. Touch friendly features like drag, pinch and swipe (think Tinder right swipe!) are also essential if you truly want users engaged on your application.

App Marketing:

Ha! You can’t skip this step. If you’re designing an app, make sure to build a marketing strategy simultaneously. This can range from in-app marketing to building a good landing page and promoting the app on social media channels. Even more importantly, you should spend time crafting a creative app description for the Apps Store (or Google Play). It is literally like the app’s resume or your bio on a matrimonial site!

Whether you are an App UI designer or a company looking to get an app made, we hope the above pointers have encouraged you to step into the app designing process with awareness. If you have a clear vision of the app’s purpose, give attention to refining wireframes and prototypes and market the app well, it will be sure to create an impact.

Website Designing, Web Development and SEO – Important Aspects to Promote Your Business Online

Today for the development of your business, a website is a very important factor. Every business should require a decent website which explains all the aspects of business and attracts the visitors’ attention. Your website design and content should be clear and informative so that visitor returns again and again. So to promote your business online web design, website development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the important aspects.

When a business mainly runs though online then aspects like website design, web development and promotion are very important. To give a decent look to your website you should need a qualified web designer or a web designer company which designs your website according to the current market trends and creates an eye-catching & efficient website to meet the specific needs and requirements. If your website is dynamic then you should also need a qualified web developer to meet your requirements.

A professional web design and web development company uses the most modern technologies and coding standards for designing and developing website with vital quality analysis process to create and maintained high quality website through the web design and development process.

These companies can also help you to provide an application with proper web interface and also offers various web development services such as e-commerce web sites, portals, custom web application etc.

After the design and development of your website, you have to make it online. After all these task are completed then you should promote your web site so that people can find your website easily on internet. For this it is necessary that you should promote your web site on all major search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc. so that your website comes at the top position in the search engine listing.

Search Engine optimization or SEO is a process of optimizing your website to get top position in search engines. SEO include optimization processes such as on page optimization, off page optimization etc. to promote your website. Within the few months of optimization process you can see that many visitors start coming on your website.

Companies who are offering various SEO Services can also guide you in improving your website by performing quality analysis and tell you about what additional things you can add to your website to improve it.

The Methodical Approach To Graphic Designing!

Creativity is not everyone’s cup of tea. A graphic designer’s job for example, is a highly creative one. Graphic designing is a vast field and has many applications. It can be used in designing flyers, brochures, handouts, book covers, letterheads, and business cards too. If you are of an inquisitive bent of mind, you might even have gone to the extent of scouring various websites for information regarding graphic design and you will surely have come away a little enlightened, but more confused.

This is because graphic design is a specialized field and a professional graphic designer goes through years of study and training to reach the level of expertise that can enable him/her to take on jobs such as these. Let’s take the case of an entrepreneur who is setting up a new business and needs his office stationery as well as some print material for his company. The few things that a good designer will do:

– Even before the actual designing process begins, the designer will always have several discussions with the client about the nature of the business, the company’s vision, the target market, and the aim of the marketing campaign.

– Checking preferences that the client may have. Though the graphic designer is the one who will eventually be giving you all the ideas, several clients do have an understanding of what they want their business print matter to look like. With designing, customization is the key!

– Choosing the right corporate colors and ensuring that the same color scheme is carried through all the print material adds to the sophistication and cohesion of the design.

– Choosing appropriate graphics and images is important. Though the flyers/brochures should look attractive and catchy, they need not necessarily be garish and loud.

– A good design will always be free from clutter.

– Typesetting includes formatting the font that is being used, and the size of the font, etc, which is very critical to the layout of the design. This holds true of stationery as well.

Designing marketing products, in this case, your business print material, involves a lot of trouble and time. The best way to take a wee bit of this burden off your back is to get all your print matter designed from a professional graphic designer. This can prove to be the fulcrum of your marketing campaign and will have a positive impact on the way in which your product or service is positioned.

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