Free Publicity – 5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business

As a Guerrilla Marketing Coach, I’m a strong believer in implementing free or low cost strategies to publicize your business. As a start-up, with cash flow being slow or non-existent, it’s imperative to find ways where you can gain visibility without spending a lot of money. These tips and tricks are just a sampling of some of the creative ideas you can use to generate publicity now! Try a few to find out which ones work best for you.

1. Publicize With a Press Release

Cultivate a habit around issuing press releases about newsworthy items related to your business. Use them to announce new additions to your staff, a new book you’ve published, an upcoming workshop or seminar, or the availability of an e-course. Don’t let this wonderful and free opportunity pass you by. In fact, you should make an effort to create some sort of consistent buzz around your business which you can share through a regular press release campaign.

2. Write and Publish Articles Online

Write articles and submit them to article submission sites. These websites, in turn, offer your articles, for free or fee, to other online newsletters or ezines. As a result, your articles are spread throughout the internet. You can include a captivating byline, complete with your contact information so any inquiries will be directed back to you. If you don’t like to write, hire a ghostwriter. Publishing articles online is a fast, quick, and free way to spread your name everywhere. Writing is a wonderful way to increase your visibility and credibility with your target market.

3. Craft a Captivating Email Signature

Each time you send an email, you have an opportunity to generate free publicity. Make sure your email signature includes the basics such as your name, company, telephone number, fax number, and email address. Consider adding other information to capture the attention of readers — like a catchy slogan, a link to your blog, or your Skype address. Better yet, if you have a new seminar to offer or you’ve written a book, an e-book or an article, include a line about each of those as well. You might want to experiment with different typestyles and colors, but don’t go overboard. Your primary concern should be readability and to provide useful information. Dress up your email signature and make every email count!

4. Write a Newspaper Article or a Column for Your Local Paper

No matter what your niche, you can always find something interesting to write about. Newspapers editors regularly look for filler for their papers, so if you have something interesting to share, consider presenting your idea to your local paper. It’s best to have several examples of your writing on hand as most of them will request writing samples. You may even consider offering a proposal to write a regular column. Again, check with the editor about the types of stories or ideas he or she is looking to promote. Most likely, you won’t be paid for your contributions, but you’ll probably be supplied with a byline that includes your name and contact information. This is a great way to receive free publicity in your local community. If you write a weekly or monthly column, there’s always a chance you may end up in syndication, with your articles being picked up by newspapers nationwide. Also, don’t hesitate to contact papers outside your local geography. Papers across the nation and the world are always looking for high-quality, well-written content.

5. Contact your Local Talk Radio Station

Local talk radio stations are always looking for interesting people to invite as guests. In order to receive an invitation, you must have something captivating to talk about. Think about how you can relate your product or service to health, wealth, happiness or relationships — four primary areas heavily promoted on talk radio. What’s unique about your product or service? What interesting way can you position yourself as a guest? Keep your eyes and ears open to current events, celebrities in the news, and upcoming holidays to see how you might relate your business to what’s happening in the world around you. If you can find the right angle, rest assured that radio hosts will be eager to speak with you! Radio is a wonderful medium to publicize your company to the masses.

Business From Home Internet Moms Start – 8 Steps to Start Your Free Home Internet Business

I am not in a situation to invest in my business from home internet mom’s start. I hear this from every newbie’s who are willing to earn money.

If you belong to this than you are under one of the below criteria:

1. You seriously don’t have money to invest in your business from home internet mom’s start. I was in the same criteria when I got started. Or

2. You are not willing to spend money or take risk in your internet business, this mean you want to see the money first then you will invest in this business.

90% of the people come under 2nd criteria; first they see money driving their way than they will think to invest money.

This article is for those who are serious enough to take action in starting their business from home internet moms start even though they don’t have money to invest.

Welcome abroad, I was in the same situation of no money to invest but keen to get started in my business from home internet mom’s start. I started my online business with my small petty cash which I use to get from my parents for college expenses, with this I purchased the domain name and hosting and got started.

Earlier days, ISP connection was very expensive, now as the technology grew, the prices came down extremely, where I now provide hosting services to my customers sitting at my home desk.

Hey! I am not here to tell you about my history, here are the steps which will help you to start your own business from home internet moms start within 7 days without spending a penny, and after you are confidence enough to make your living with the profit you earned will help you to invest in your internet business and keep growing gradually.

Apply these 2 steps now:

Steps 1 – Research your product

You make money by selling products. Join affiliate programs in your interested niche and make commission by promoting people’s products.

Choose the best affiliate programs which gives 50-75% commission for selling their products, you just need to register for free and start selling it, and the best affiliate programs are associate programs, click bank, commission junction.

Step 2 – Create small courses in the form of paper book which can be delivered through emails.

Provide small online courses of 7 to 10 days related to your niche for free for people to understand your products. Make them realize what your quality content can be able to help them and don’t forget to mention your affiliate links in the e course.

Step 3 – Design and develop your own simple mini-site,, and other thousand of free website templates choose anyone and develop your own mini-site, with quality content.

Some amazing mini-site software can make your life more comfortable like Instant site maker.

Step 4 – Setup your auto responder for follow-up

Free auto responder setup with, a Weber, to follow-up with your potential and regular customer and keep passing useful information related to your affiliate products in the form of e-courses to see success in your business from home internet mom’s start.

Step 5 – Open up your free online store

Without domain and hosting you cannot let people to come to visit your online store. You will get many free hosting service provide, what they want in return from you is display their ads on your website.,

Step 6 – Track your online visitors

Many hosting providers provide web statistic in their control panel and some you can get from which will let you track how many visitors coming to your website.

Step 7 – Bring targeted traffic to your website

1. Daily write your articles and submit to article directories.

2. Update your blogs regularly.

3. Participate in your niche forums

Step 8 – Upgrade your knowledge in your niche will help you to focus on your niche market with providing articles which will educate what your competitors are using to make more profits. And keep your knowledge awareness on new topics which will help you to boost your business.

These 8 steps you need to study and keep repeating till you are capable enough to invest in your ownproducts where others will sell your products and you enjoy the profit with the help of others effort.

Start a Business For Free?

Many would-be entrepreneurs want to know if it is possible to start a business for free. Technically, it’s possible as long as you don’t put any value on your time. However, your likelihood of success is almost nil. Your options for what you sell are very limited, your ability to reach your potential customers is severely restricted and the likelihood that you will know enough to manage the business correctly and make the right decisions is very low.

Here are the top five ways to start a business for free and why they don’t make any sense if you want to succeed.


1. Entity and Name Registration — There is no cost if you choose to run your startup as a sole proprietorship. However, you will also have no protection of your personal assets from business liabilities — somebody sues your business, they are suing you. And, your name will have to be the business name as well, because nearly every state requires you to file a DBA (doing business as) fictitious name registration to use a different business name (and there is a filing fee).

2. Type of Business — Your options are limited to selling something that costs you nothing, basically a purely service venture. Selling any type of tangible product or providing a service that requires tools of any type will require spending some money. You are basically limited to 1099 work (non-employee status work for an actual company), personal services, or “information services” (you write informational pieces to sell.


3. Online PresenceEvery business requires an online presence. There are scores of web host companies that allow you to post your website for free. Of course, you don’t get your own domain name — your site will be a sub-domain of the host site. And, your site serves as host for the company’s per-click advertising revenue. That is, the host company makes its money from advertisers, which will be shown on your homepage. You do not have any say in which ads are displayed. Free websites tend to be very basic — they are the tent cities of the internet. It is extremely difficult to develop a positive business image using free web hosting.

4. Marketing — Of course there are free opportunities in marketing a business, but gaining a critical mass of prospects through free marketing techniques will take forever and a day. Some of the best free marketing options can be very successful, in conjunction with other paid marketing efforts. Press releases are a great tool, but only if you have news to deliver. Building a customer base through online forums and social sites is effective, but it takes a while when you are reaching only a few people at a time. If you want to succeed in business, a strong marketing plan is key. At a minimum, you will need business cards, a website, and a stable of opportunities to reach your target market.

5. Startup Information — Currently there are hundreds of websites that offer free startup information. A few are pretty good; most are useless. Overall, you get what you pay for. Most of the free information barely scratches the surface — they tell you what to do but not how to do it. For example, every business plan outline tells you to create a sales forecast, but they don’t tell you how to come up with reasonable estimates. In fact, a shocking number of them tell you to just guess. Very few, if any, tell you how to calculate a resource-based and value-based forecast first. Which, when taken together with your market-based estimate, will help you estimate a reasonable sales projection. This is a critical step. Without a viable sales forecast, there is no way to know whether an idea can be profitable. And, the sales forecast is just one of over 200 steps required to sufficiently plan and launch a startup.


Every startup requires a combination of time and cash to get off the ground. Having less of one means you need more of the other. If you are looking to support yourself fully through a business you own, get creative about finding the cash you need to get started. Some amazing success stories have sprouted from just a couple thousand in seed money, but very few, if any, began with no money at all.

Importance of Free Domain Names

Internet marketing is approximately 25 years old. Since 1989, different marketing techniques have been used to maximize the business revenue through the internet. In this article, I am going to discuss some link-building techniques for your website. The Google algorithm was based on the calculation of links pointed to a website. Considering this, I have listed the 5 most important components of any digital business:

1. A good domain name

2. Exceptional copywriting

3. Attractive designs

4. SEO oriented sitemap

5. Quality outbound & inbound links

There are other elements as well, but, I have tried to keep the list short. Quality links are an important tool to enhance your online presence. Well, there are many link-building tools available, a free domain name is the oldest & most reliable way to attract quality links. Here are some reasons:

Free domain names have thousands of links pointing to the root domain.

You can easily create a free domain with minimum designing effort.

Free domain names have a high page rank and Alexa rank i.e. has an Alexa rank of 18.

It is an old marketing technique to use free domain names for link-building purposes. Lets suppose you have a website named as “” and you want to create quality backlinks for this website. You can easily create a free WordPress blog for this website. It should be “ This website will give you a quick access to thousands of backlinks. You can also get a few hundred visitors from this free website. Also, this website is very niche specific and provides a very relevant backlink to your site.

So, you can create 50 free domain names to create 50 relevant backlinks to your website. Internet marketers have used this idea and still now, It is a very good trend to do so. You will need to have an exceptional fast copy writing service to write all the content. I know it is hard to create 50 websites but, it is a good idea if you are creating a celebrity brand. Building blogs on the root domain is also a good idea to get good links. Some website allow their visitors to create blogs on their website without paying a penny. It helps in attracting fresh content, generating sales, and attaining good page rank.

Please do not try the same platform to create all of those 50 websites. You can create different websites on different blogging platforms. Here are few websites that I recommend:







Netfirms Business Hosting With 5 Free Domain Names

Choosing a hosting company for your business may sometimes seem like an afterthought, especially if you run smaller websites that do not require a dedicated server to keep things moving along. However, no matter whether you are big or small it is important that you assign more seriousness to the final decision of where you ultimately place your business.

While some hosting companies will do and say anything to get your business only to leave you hanging once they have your money, others give you real incentives to choose their service for ongoing business needs. Netfirms is one of the best in the business because they understand how the Internet entrepreneur works. Rather than placing all your eggs in one basket, they know that you seek multiple streams of income to thrive in today’s economy. That’s why the Netfirms deal is not to be overlooked.

Signing up for business hosting with this provider lands you five free domain names right off the bat. This is a great way to start any online business venture because it allows you to experiment with your ideas and see which ones pick up steam. Most sites do not generate enough monthly income on their own to provide you with the type of lifestyle that you want to lead. It is always best to keep five or more active in order to reach more potential visitors and, thusly, more potential advertising dollars.

Other benefits of signing up for the Netfirms service include customer service that is unsurpassed in the industry. Any time you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding your hosting plan, there is someone available to talk 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with never any time off, because when you own a business, the chances are likely you do not get time off either. The Netfirms crew is there to make your life easier and give you the support that you need to get ahead.

In addition to the five free domains and the round the clock customer service, you can also manage all of your domains from one user name and one password on one of the easiest to figure out intuitive control panels imaginable. The mechanics of how you operate your website should not be the primary focus of your business, especially when starting out. Netfirms makes sure that it is not. Giving you the tools and the experience to get started quickly is what Netfirms does the best.

While the freebies and incentives that Netfirms provides are great selling points, it would be all for naught without the attention to customers that the company provides. When you are getting ready to decide on the best hosting option for your business, this is one company to keep an eye on.

Your Online Profits Will Explode Thanks to Free Website Promotion

Many people wonder if it is really possible to promote a business website at no cost. Is there such a thing as “free” website promotion?

I think there is, and with current economic conditions, it is also a perfect solution to the need to control costs. For unemployed people starting a home business on a shoestring, it could also be a life saver.

If a new business owner learns some basic techniques he or she can promote a website through nothing but their own hard work. If you can afford a little help, the results will be even more dramatic.

In fact, there are many well-documented cases of websites experiencing large flows of visitor traffic through the application of the ideas and methods discussed in this article.

So here are the top ways to publicize and promote a website in order to get new visitors and new customers for your online business, or any small business. Note: More detail on these methods will be found in some of my later articles.

  1. List Your website in over 1400 free internet directories
  2. Find the right forums to join and lead
  3. Make the news with weekly free press releases
  4. Make New Internet Friends Who Will Help You Get Traffic
  5. Write articles every day and distribute them to a wide audience who will look upon you as an expert.
  6. Put your website address on your business cards and stationary
  7. Swap ads with other website owners to get free advertising
  8. Start a blog and get people to follow it who are current or future customers
  9. Open a free Twitter account and coordinate it with your blog postings
  10. Open Facebook and MySpace accounts and invite to join your current and future customers
  11. Whenever you make a blog post, write an article or issue a press release, post a free notice on social networking sites like Digg, Delicious, or StumbleUpon.
  12. Make some free videos about your business with your camcorder and post them on YouTube as well as your blog and Facebook account. Let people know they can watch the videos to learn about your business. Make a video about each article and press release you write.

There are probably a few things I’ve forgotten in writing this article, but I hope you get the picture. With the advent of social media, blogs, and a 24/7 news cycle there is no end to the opportunities you have to promote your business online — for free!

Free Website Promotion Strategies Your Online Business Cannot Ignore

The success of any online business depends on how well the website is promoted. A great amount of effort is made by all webmasters to put in place a strategy for website promotion. Smart webmasters know very well how to maximize all free website promotion strategies they know of. The interesting aspect of these website promotion strategies is that some of these free strategies are among the best you can think of.

To begin with the easiest way of promoting your website is to ensure that all your e-mails have your signature with the URL of your business in it.

Another easy way to promote your website is to start exchanging links with other websites. You should identify websites that are similar to the theme of your own website preferably with higher page ranks and request link exchange partnerships. This will ensure that you get targeted traffic to your site.

One of the best free website promotion methods today is to write articles. It is not everyone who has the ability to write good articles but it is not at all difficult to learn to write articles. Write articles related to the theme of your website and submit it to some of the leading article directories. You have to make sure that you have a link to your website in the resource box of your article. If you write quality articles displaying your expertise other webmasters too will pick up these articles and publish them in their websites thus giving your website huge amount of free exposure.

A very popular method of free website promotion that is catching up fast with entrepreneurs is the social networking and social bookmarking websites. To begin with you have to Register yourself with these sites, create a good profile page, place a link to your website, start updating regularly after registering with these sites you can bookmark your websites, articles, blog posts and start networking.

Another strategy you can adopt to promote your website is to join various Forums related to the category of your website, participate in the discussions and make constructive and valuable contributions. Most forums allow you to place your signature so make use of this opportunity and place your signature and the URL of your website.

Free website promotion can also be obtained by submitting your website to web directories especially to the high page rank topic related directories that can provide great exposure to your website.

You can also promote your website by advertising in free classifieds sites. To obtain the best results you have to choose the category to which your online business website falls and place your ads. in that category.

There are organizations through which you can submit a free press release. Every time you introduce a new product or make changes in your business submit a press release thus promoting your website and creating awareness of your online business.

Free website promotion strategies are a boon to online business entrepreneurs and especially to those working on a low budget. Many people have succeeded by taking advantage of these free strategies and why not make the best use of them.

Website Traffic – Boost Your Online Business Web Traffic and Its Free

For new entrepreneurs starting an online business, it is essential to find methods of generating web traffic that are cheap and effective. Most small online business entrepreneurs do not have the luxury of high capital, meaning that the little money that is available to the online business needs to be spent carefully. It can be disastrous to spend money on methods that do nothing to generate traffic to the website.

It is important for any online business that wishes to make money to have a customer base that is capable of bringing in the stipulated profits. This can only be achieved by having a website that is effective in bringing in clients as well as potential clients, and keep these clients satisfied and interested in your business. There are however only a few ways to do this for free.

One of the ways to generate free web traffic is by taking advantage of social networking sites. Such sites as Facebook and Twitter are highly popular around the world, and offer a unique opportunity to advertise your online business for free. One can do this by forming a group on any of the networking sites for people interested in your products or services.

Another way to make money and generate free traffic to your website is by blogging. Blogging is free, and can be an effective tool in creating awareness for the products and services that are on offer. By using a friendly tone, one can create a personal relationship with potential clients, and create a reliable customer base for the online business.

For a blog to be successful however there is need for useful content that will be popular with potential clients. The information on the blog needs to be accurate and useful, for it to serve any purpose for your online business, and enable you to continue to make money. This will also help in the indexing of your blog, such that it will be highly accessible to Internet users.

Another method for generating free traffic for an online business to make money is by posting information in the form of articles or reports. There are many popular websites that allow for posting of such information for free, and can help your business be highly visible on the Internet and make money. One needs to find out which websites are popular with surfers before taking this step.

Lastly, posting links to your website on a blog or online article is another method that encourages web traffic for free. This method can help your business make money, as readers curious about the article can click on the link to find out the products that are on offer. This is a great way to target potential clients to take interest in the online business.

Although there are only a few ways to generate free website traffic, these methods are highly effective. They are simple tools that can help you make money online, and continue to enjoy a significant share of the online market.

Home Business Ideas – A Free Foolproof System For Success

Once you’ve got a handle on your emotional and mental state of mind (which must be done to achieve success), here is a simple foolproof system for successful home business ideas.

You may already have a home business idea, or you may be looking for some things that will help get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully this system for successful home business ideas will be useful to whomever you are.

The gist of this successful home business idea system is to create a content-rich website, grow it and make it profitable. It will not happen overnight, nor even next month, but it will lay the foundation for achieving a dominant position in your home business idea niche.

Oh yeah, it will be free too!

1. Research your home business idea niche. Look for a problem many people are facing and offer a solution. Follow popular trends try to be ahead of the curve. Focus on eternally popular niches like dating, pregnancy, or travel. Or just simply follow your passion or area of expertise for your home business idea. Use online discussion forums, news websites, online chat groups, and magazines. Then the next step will be to look for the top keywords in your home business idea niche of choice.

2. Setting up your framework. First, set up a blog for content management of your home business idea. Next, integrate your blog with a message forum. Third, set up an autoresponder and integrate it with the forum and blog. What you will essentially have at that point is an automated email newsletter created from your home business idea blog’s content.

3. Create content. Create it yourself, or outsource it and hire someone else. Alternatively you can license someone else’s content, or buy pre-created content packs and customize them. Focus on creating content for your home business idea that is optimized for your niche keywords. Then, put them into their own site and link to them from your blog, forum and newsletter, thus creating several keyword rich areas.

4. Optimize your blog and content. This would require several more articles! But the idea is to optimize it for search engines for higher pagerank status for your home business idea.

5. Begin marketing everything. Have you blog ping major services, promote your autoresponder opt-in everywhere, submit your blog’s RSS feeds, encourage your viewers to spread the word, submit articles linking back to your blog, this too would require several more articles for in-depth explanations!

So, there is just one of many foolproof, and free, systems for successful home business ideas. It may seem complicated and time-consuming, but all of it can be done with less than two hours of work per day. And it really is fun! Your home business idea will be sure to succeed if you stick to the plan.

Free Online Businesses – 3 Free Online Businesses Ideas That You Should Try

Are you looking for free online businesses but are having the hard time choosing the right one? Online business offers one of the most promising ways of earning money. The cost effectiveness of an online business and the advantages it offers is simply amazing. Imagine owning a business where the working hours can be adjusted depending on the person’s availability, or a business that only requires small amount of funding to start. Online business offers one of the most flexible, convenient and effortless way of generating income. What’s even greater is some of these businesses are free to join. As in zero amount of capital is required.

The secret to all free online businesses are good marketing campaigns. Marketing is the most important aspect in online business for it to run successfully. Only by establishing a strong internet presence and making the product or service known to the customers can a business succeed. Here are different businesses ideas that you might want to try.

1. Affiliate Marketing – although some companies charge a small amount of fee to their recruits, majority of them are free to join. There are many free affiliate programs that only require their recruits to fill out an application form. Affiliate marketing is a decent online business because the amount of money a person gets from here depends on the number of products that were sold under their sites. Which means the more products are successfully sold the higher the pay. Although affiliate marketing may require an ample amount of time to begin and a good web traffic strategy, the here reward is definitely worth it. Just remember that in order to make affiliate marketing work. The strategy to be used should center on how to increase the site’s web traffic. There is even no limit as to how many affiliate programs a person can promote.

2. eBay – Selling items in eBay is also a nice business for people who want to get rid of their excess items, especially those who have many extra items at home. eBay is a very popular money-making site, and almost every person turns to eBay when they want to buy or sell different items. The idea here is to try to generate money by selling unwanted or extra items online. eBay is 100% free to join and 110% effective in creating cash. In order to maintain the website running though and for maintenance purposes, eBay charges their subscribers a small amount of fee only when they successfully sell a product.

3. Paid Surveys – There are many paid surveys that can be found on the internet. Surveys are very easy to do and are perhaps one of the most effortless ways of generating money through the internet. In here a person is asked to fill up and answer a set of questions and then gets paid afterwards. Some surveys take time before they pay their subjects but the bottom line is they will get paid. This online business is free to apply.

Aside from these, there are many free online businesses that can be found on the net. Be extremely cautious in choosing though as some of these businesses are illegitimate and bogus.

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