The Joys of Owning a Turnkey Business Website – Your Own Home Online Business

The business ventures available on the web keep growing. Many online enterprises offer your own turnkey business website. This allows you to get round the hassle of building a website and immediately begin making money.

Working at home is both convenient and cost-effective. Nothing can be more handy than working in the comfort of your home, where you do not have to spend additional time commuting to work each morning and home every afternoon. From a financial point of view, you do not have to spend lots of money on work wardrobe, you save on transportation, and eating lunch at home can be less expensive and healthier.

Advantages of a home web business

Historically, the long run money advantages of having your own business greatly outweigh the benefits of continuing to work your 9 to 5 job. But not many are suited to having their own retail store or restaurant. Fortunately, there are other business ventures and ideas out there that might be more acceptable for you. One of the best business ventures has your own online small business. Having an internet home run business has many great advantages including:

Working from home costs less than retail enterprises

The difficulty with retail companies is that not so many people have the capital to start such a massive investment. Often you need to invest up to $500,000 to start up such a business venture with the continuing costs of lease, employees, and advertising. One of the best benefits of having your own online small business and telecommuting is that you can establish the start-up fee to invest, the advertising costs you may spend and there aren’t any employee issues. Usually you can start a web home-based business for a bit less than $200 and you can limit advertising costs to whatever fits in your position. You do not want to fret about rent as your home is your office.

Work when you want

Having an internet small business gives you the power to work when and how much you want. With the internet available anytime, you can choose to work at midnight or mid-day, the decision is yours. You also have the chance to work nearer to your folks, spend a little more time with your children and take vacations whenever convenient for you and not your supervisor. Remember though, that as flexible as it sounds you do still need to put in the time to make your business a successful one.

In Business for yourself but not by yourself

You are your own boss. You can promote your business however you like. You are the driver of your business but you aren’t alone. Your business associates and other online sources offer training and support to demonstrate how to be successful.

Tax benefits

There enormous tax benefits of being in business for yourself. You’ll find that many of your standard costs become tax deductible when done for business purposes.

Additional benefits of internet business web marketing include:

* Nearly anything can be sold through internet marketing.

* Payments can be picked up handily on the internet.

* The product is promoted worldwide that will even reach the most remote places.

* Online selling can stay open twenty-four hours per day, 7 days a week.

In order to choose your unique home based enterprise opportunity, look at potential demand and supply. What’s the product, do folk need it? Is the price reasonable? There are plenty of turnkey business site prospects. Keeping your unique interests and gifts under consideration, you’ll be sure to find the one that is’s right for you to make money working from home.

Writing Your Affiliate Home Business Plan

Here’s a typical scenario: You are deciding to start a home business and suddenly everyone you know has his nose in your business, literally. What do you tell them? And how do you answer your own questions? What should you expect from the company in terms of stability, longevity, vitality, trust, income, and so forth? First the bad news: there are no guarantees. Then the good news: there is plenty of information from which to draw your own conclusions. The internet is huge, and any good company will offer free marketing tools and training.

But back to the WHY of that business plan. You’re going to be starting small, slow and boy! is there a lot to learn. What’s the point of actually sitting down and writing a business plan? You’re not Bill Gates, this isn’t Microsoft, just you in your home office a few hours a week, slowly building an online business presence, not really understanding what the heck you’ll be doing.

Relax and breathe. Unlike Mt. Rushmore, your plan won’t be designed to withstand the weathering of the ages. You can expect it will change and bend with the flow of your real experiences, which will be totally yours, not identical to anyone else’s.

What writing your plan will do is cause you to pause, think, dream, study and focus. The written document, whether it is one page or twelve, will give your business a framework to work within. The internet is vast and seemingly endless. It is easy to lose focus and drift away on a different whim or idea every day. Understanding where you are today, what tools you have to work with, what your goals are, and how you can best achieve them and measure your success, will help you stay on target and not waste what few hours you may be investing in your business at start-up.

Whenever you feel lost or confused, you can return to what you have written. When you analyze your situation and decide to make a change, rewrite that part of the plan. Understand that it’s a living document, intended to grow with you and your business. Your business plan is your friend.

Getting Started with the Business Plan

First you need to study the company and its management. You need to read and learn about the products, the compensation plan and the network structure. See you next month. Just kidding.

Plan on doing SOME reading each and every work day for the next few months, if not indefinitely. Keep up with the company forum entries every day; read something in the training reports every day. Your education will continue. Plan for it.

When you are ready, open up a Notepad window and answer these questions:

What service/products does your business provide and what needs does it fill?

Who are the potential customers for your product or service and why will they purchase it from you?

How will you reach your potential customers?

Where will you get the financial resources to start your business?

Ok. Maybe your company offers many products and services. What do you want to focus on? I suggest that, at first, you focus on one or two products and/or the affiliate opportunity. In other words, keep is simple. Once you get the hang of what you’re doing, you will KNOW when it’s time to expand. Do only what you are comfortable with, every step of the way. This is YOUR business, it’s your right and privilege to decide on your approach.

Internet marketing hinges on building trust. How will you do this?

Reaching customers means marketing. Your decision, once again. And again, the options should be in your company’s training materials.

So we’re talking developing a reading/study schedule. Here’s a possible list, once you’ve read enough to make your own decisions to answer the above questions, start writing. Your writing can be lists of words and phrases, free-form brainstorming, outlines, mind maps, whatever works for you. Just write it down, and don’t forget to save often. If your home office is inhabited by cats or small children, they have the tendency to press on random keyboard keys. Documents do occasionally just disappear. Saving avoids total disaster.

  1. Study the products.
  2. Read the training materials.
  3. Read about commissions, bonuses, etc.
  4. Study the marketing aids and strategies
  5. Find out what free tools are available.
  6. Visit the forums on a regular basis. Read everything about getting started.
  7. Ask questions.

Your final written business plan will have at least four parts:

Introduction/background: history of the company and its founder, internet marketing trends, why THIS company and why NOW, and so on.

Goals: I suggest you think of what you would like to be earning in two years, but mainly focus on goals for your first year. Realistic goals can be projected based on info on the company website, in newsletters, searches on the forums, and focused questions to other affiliates.

Marketing plan: based on your answers to the first 3 questions above and your study of marketing aids and tools.

Action plans: the specifics of what you will do on a monthly, weekly, and/or daily basis for the next year.

I can’t tell you what your answers should be, because you have to decide how much money you have to invest. Only you can decide how many hours per day, week or month you can invest in your business. What products you feel most comfortable marketing, and who you decide to target as your customer base, are all decisions only you can make. If you get stuck and don’t understand a question, don’t know where to find information, or don’t know how to ASK a question, contact your sponsor or someone in your upline. If they can’t help you, they should be able to send you to someonewho can.

You should NEVER feel alone. Work should be FUN!…

Success Tips For Home Based Businesses

Are you an online entrepreneur? Then you will know how important the role of proper planning is in business success.

Have you planned for success in your home based business? Do you know how to increase your chances of home based business success? Here are some suggestions that will help you get the most out of your online business. As an online entrepreneur, you will find these tips invaluable.

The first thing you should do is to chart out a schedule. Set your goals and plan how you are going to achieve them. Follow your schedule strictly, doing your best to take all the steps that are needed in order to gain your business objectives.

Although a home business offers you freedom from regular hours, and you can work whenever you wish, it is important to fix timings for yourself and adhere to them. It’s tempting to take a nap or go on a picnic with your kids instead of working your downlines but you have to be disciplined about the amount of time you put into your home based business.

Economize where you can, without compromising on the quality of the service or products you offer your customers. This is particularly relevant at a time like this, when the economic downturn has forced several organizations out of business already. Do your best to keep expenses down – the old dictum that a penny saved is a penny earned has never been truer than at the present time. Look for ways to economize such as bulk buying, waiting till goods come on sale, leasing instead of buying or going in for cheaper options wherever possible.

Be innovative. Spend time thinking about things you can do to increase customer satisfaction, ways to streamline your business operations, new products you can add to what you are offering your customers, striking ways of advertising your product and creating awareness about it. When you get a good idea, try it out to test its effectiveness. Innovation will keep your business fresh and your customers interested.

Diversification is also important as far as home based business success is concerned. It is always wise to have more than one source of revenue. In times of economic recession, having multiple streams of income can be of immense use. Even if you lose your job, or one business fails, you have other resources when it comes to income generation.

Ideas to Create Own Work At Home Online Business Product

The voice you heard by the majority of people in the Net is true, the real true money generating machine is to offer your own product or service where you can keep 100% of the profits.

Before you even start creating or introduce your own product or service, you should do some research to check the target market size, competitors and the available pricing methods available for the type of product or service that you intend to offer.

The most common product that people develop are ebook or what is commonly known as info product. It is based on the experience that you have accumulated over the years either through your jobs or hobbies and convert them into writings.

Everyone of us have a special skills and things that we do better than the rest. You can further expand your knowledge database via further education or self-education in order to create the business.

Many new business are created not by developing new products or services but by improving something that already exists. The initial innovators of products might received lots of recognition for their innovation might not know how to make the product appeal to the mass consumers and sell like hot cakes. Subsequent bright businessmen or women succeeded in relaunching the same product after some improvement as they are able to saw the mistakes that have been made and was able to capitalized on it.

The movies industry is the best example, many movies are just about repackaging to appeal to the movies consumers. Why develop new super heroes when you can make good money from old familiar heroes like Spiderman. Many movies goers grows up watching Spiderman cartoon and although they maybe adults now,

they still enjoy it like when they was young. It is so familiar with them.

Therefore, time spend trying to find brand new idea should instead be spend on improving existing idea. The most important criteria is to try and find a NEED which you can filled.

For improving your business success rate, try not to go into a hot industries that are already overcrowded with suppliers unless you can offer something cheaper and better than them and still make a profit. Finding a niche market is a better strategy as an unique product or service will increase your chances of success.

Starting a Work At Home Online Business means that you should look for product or service that can be sold online and delivered to people living around the world. It should be cheaper or more convenience to order online rather than offline.

The most famous successful niche finder is The books they sold already exist offline and by bringing it online and pricing its books competitively, they slowly build up their niche market and have now become the world largest online books sellers.

Therefore, open your eyes wide and start looking at things around you and think of ways to improve them.

An Internet Home Based Opportunity in Online Marketing

These days is seems everyone knows what the Internet can do and how pervasive it is. However, some people shy away from involvement with an Internet home based opportunity because they don’t have any experience in running a business online. Before starting an Internet business, it is important to have a firm grasp of online marketing and that doesn’t have to come from marketing experience alone.

Best Internet Business Training

If you are interested in starting the best Internet business possible, you need to get the best training. Getting that training from a top home business company that can assist you in direct sales is ideal for several reasons. When an anonymous trainer offers Internet marketing training, it may not be because of a sincere interest in helping people to create the best Internet business they can. It may be for nothing more than popularity online.

However, when a direct sales company offers Web marketing training along with entrepreneur opportunities and combines that with a deep and abiding faith in Christian principles, it is understood that such a company will provide the best training possible.

Unless you are well trained, you will not generate a high sales volume nor will you make a good residual income for your parent company. Creating effective training materials and providing continuous training is an important part of running a direct sales company and budding entrepreneurs can benefit from that kind of training and attention.

Home Business Internet Marketing and New Business Owners

Is online marketing really something that you can learn through training materials, or is it something that requires you to have years of experience to be effective? This is a question that many new online business owners often have. The answer to this question lies in the diverse population of people who are making money online through online marketing.

Everyone from teenagers to elderly Web users are profiting from online business ideas. You don’t have to have any experience at all to get started nor to become a success online. If an Internet home based opportunity includes effective training, you can begin exactly where you are and not have to wait years for success. People from all experience levels, ages and interests have been able to make a great income online by marketing products to those who are in search of them.

The Best Online Business Idea in Marketing

There are a number of ways to get involved in the Internet marketing world, but some are expensive. The best home based business idea in the industry is to begin with an established direct sales company. It provides an inexpensive way to get started in the industry without having to give up any income. Because you don’t have to invent a new product or order hundreds of units of a product as a distributor, you can spend less and still have a healthy bottom line.

With the best home based businesses, you can expect to use the full power of online marketing to earn a high income for yourself and your family. Best of all, you can begin at any time and run your business from absolutely anywhere.

7 Key Factors That Constitute The Best Home Business

The Internet has brought various opportunities for making money online at home. It is now increasingly common for people to want to start a home based business and earn more money to supplement their main job’s income; or to have a better work-life balance by working from home and spending more time with family.

The internet is full of home based business ideas. Some of these ideas are proven, legitimate and profitable ways to make money. However, the Internet has also been inundated by many frauds and scams that promise people instance riches overnight. It is very important for anyone wanting to start a home based business to do their research on the opportunity before they join.

It is noteworthy that an online business is no different from any other business. You have to make the investment, in terms of time, money, effort and commitment. With any home based business idea, for it to succeed, you should be prepared to learn a lot, work hard and you must have lots of patience.

So with all these home based business ideas available online, how can you decide which one is good for you? What constitutes the best home business idea or opportunity?

1. The best home based business idea is one for which you feel the most comfortable with and are passionate about. The business idea must match your interests, so that you will enjoy working on it consistently. What are your interests? What products or services would you enjoy marketing, and be confident representing? By answering these questions, you will be able to identify what is the best home business idea for you. If you are passionate about your online business and the products or services you represent, then you will easily work hard at it, and you will easily succeed.

2. The best home based business idea must be a business that gives you a repeating income and does not rely solely on your own efforts. This is called residual income, and it means that for the effort you make today, you will continue getting paid for many years to come. Home based businesses with residual income give you any opportunity to earn money through sub-affiliates. Instead of making your online wealth from 100% of your own efforts, you can make it from 1% of 100 sub-affiliates. This means that as you continue growing your business, you will be building on the amount of money you will be earning in the future from your business.

3. The best home business idea is one which gives you multiple streams of income. Some business opportunities have multiple stream of income which allows you to earn money from various streams. An example of a good online business can be a combination of several affiliate programs which are in one ‘business opportunity package’, so that by simply promoting your business, you are growing various income streams.

4. The best home based business idea is one that gives you a secure and lasting way to earn a living online such as selling a product which you can develop or upgrade over time; or simply a business opportunity is established and stable. An online business is similar to any other business – long term security is important. It is therefore advisable that you focus on home based business ideas that have long term success potential.

5. The business must suit your skills and experience. If you start a business for which you do not have the necessary skills, then you must be prepared to work hard and learn a lot quickly; otherwise you will fail. As an example, for most people starting out to make money online, affiliate programs tend to be the easiest way to start with. They have minimal investment requirements and some very good ones come with a step-by-step guide to help you start making money with the affiliate programs. As your skills and experience develops, then you can start on other more advanced ways of making money online.

6. The best home business is one for which you can have a well executed marketing plan to grow that business opportunity. How you market any business can make or break that business, so the marketing plan you have for your business – whatever it is – and how effective that marketing plan is, will determine how good your online business will be for you. How you decide to promote what you choose to do online will make the difference. Key factors will be your marketing skills as well as your budget.

7. The best home business is one for which you will commit to work on consistently to grow it. The key to making an online business succeed is to work the opportunity every day without fail, and to stick to it. A lot of people come across good online business opportunities, but most of them quit before finding financial freedom, and they jump onto the next online business opportunity. This is mainly because the internet is full of ‘business opportunities’ some of which are scams, and also, some wealth seekers think that there are some easy and quick ways to make money online. Pick a proven online business that suits your interests and experience, focus on it long enough, do not get distracted, and you’ll make money.

While you do your search for the best home based idea, assess each opportunity using the 7 factors outline above, and you will be able to identify the best opportunity for you. A home based business idea that offer you many benefits and good potential for you to earn money is what you need to look for, and then invest your total commitment and effort to make it

Make Money Online With Home Based Business Opportunities For Everyone

More and more people are researching about profitable ventures that they could do at the comfort of their own homes. This could be quite difficult for those who have no prior knowledge about how to make money online with home based business. People could actually learn a lot from the internet. All that they have to do is to use the various search engines to come up with a list of websites that offer information regarding home-based businesses. However, there are a lot of questions that may arise in the minds of the people regarding this type of business. Are these businesses real and possible?

There are a lot of possible things that could happen online and one of these is the possibility of putting up a business that is home-based yet will be able to usher money in. For those who have families, this is actually a great idea. They could get to spend more time with their loved ones at home while at the same time, they get to earn for a living. Can you really make money online with home based business? Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, there are a number of different options available for people who wish to stay at home but still have a business to turn to when it comes to getting money. But then, how will the people know if the offer is real or not?

Research is a key factor in pointing out what websites are the real thing and which ones are the ones just after to cause havoc among the lives of people. People who wish to indulge in this kind of business should do their part and perform background checks on the websites that they have seen offering such opportunities. Scammers would usually offer the people get-rich-fast schemes, which is something that is difficult (as well as near impossible) to reach. To make money online with home based business one has to do the legwork and learn more about how they might be able to achieve this.

There are a lot of people who would rather stay at home and put up their own businesses so that they could spend more time with their loved ones. But it could be difficult to find the appropriate type of business for the people at first. They could try looking for such businesses online, with the help of the search engines. It is best that they do a thorough check on the feedback of people regarding the sites or the online businesses so that they will not commit any mistakes. More and more people want to make money online with home based business because it is easier than having to look for work outside their homes.

4 Home Business Ideas For Women

Women everywhere want to spend quality time at home with their young children and still feel accomplished in their careers. They want the freedom and luxury of being able to be home and have their own lives, yet still make money. That’s why finding some home business ideas for women can be difficult. Are there specific opportunities for women? Or is it a more even playing field online and from home? We’ll look at these questions as well as finding legitimate ideas for women starting their own home businesses.

Here are 4 home business ideas for women. These are just a few ideas out of many that are out there, so make sure you do your own research as well, so you can find the right opportunities for yourself. But, let me save you some time with 4 solid ideas you can start with right now.

1) Do what you know best with where you are now. Many small home business ideas start with where you are at right now. Look at the careers you have before starting a family, and research what you can do from home in those fields. You might find similar opportunities in related fields as well. It’s important to spend time researching what you are qualified to do, as well as what you can learn to do if you have the time to study on your own.

2) Find your niche and make your presence. Once you have figured out your home business ideas take the next step and make your presence online. If you are working with or for someone else, do your best and make an impression. If you are working for yourself, get your foot in the door. You can build your online presence around a website or blog that caters to your unique strengths. You can generate buzz through local directories, news websites, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and by visiting blogs and forums related to your niche, both professional and social. Get yourself out there.

3) Sideline ideas that could work. It’s also beneficial to look at your hobbies and tasks that you do daily, things not connected to your former work or profession. Are you an amazing cook? A skilled craftswoman? Into photography or web design? Are you known for your charitable works? Market yourself. Get involved in your community. You might just see more and more people requesting your services. You can make income from your hobbies and you may just find a new career path, one you can do from home.

4) The 21st Century. More and more home business ideas go to the internet each and every day. More and more opportunity for women is found online. You can start a blog, make it semi-popular by social networking, and add advertising (i.e. Google AdSense) and make money. You can become a freelance writer about any subject at all at sites like You can affiliate market other people’s products, and even conduct online research for companies. The opportunities for online work is limitless. Take your skills and find something that works for you.

These are just a few tips for you to get started immediately. Whether you renew your former career from home or venture onto something new, there are plenty of home business ideas for women out there, get started now!

The Entrepreneur and Internet Home Business

Have you ever tried running a company that is online? Many business owners are currently depending on the power of the Internet to market their services or products. Home based business are getting increasingly more popular now-a-days. Likewise, it’s probably time for you to think about an online entrepreneurial home based business.

Occasionally, those that have young family members can’t manage their time between their career and the responsibilities of the home. Because of this, many of them are compelled to leave their jobs so they can take good care of their family. This is not the end of the world for you. Actually even if you’re home and looking after your family, you can run an online business.

There are many of home based business possibilities online. All it takes is exploring your home business alternatives, and selecting the best one that will certainly benefit you. If you have the top qualities of an entrepreneur, an online home business will certainly be the solution to your needs.

Sometimes, if only one spouse works, the earnings are not enough to provide for the family’s needs. If you don’t have a job, you could start considering an effective online home business possibility.

If you have your own computer, and also, most significantly, an Internet connection, you could become an entrepreneur who owns or runs an online home business. Nevertheless, you need to also make sure that the business is reputable, to prevent any kind of issues in the future.

The first option is to end up being an affiliate online marketer. For those entrepreneurs with minimal funding for starting a business, this is an excellent selection, considering that you will just need a small amount initially. You will need to find an affiliate company that will certainly give you a lucrative opportunity with the product or services they are providing.

After doing this, you will then develop your own website where you will market the services or products. In order to bring a large amount of traffic to your site, it should be interesting and memorable. You will certainly have the ability to get compensations for every single product sold or for the services provided.

Supposing you currently have a home business such as selling arts and crafts, you probably have observed that you have few clients in your area. If you intend to have a bigger market, you could turn your home business right into an Internet based one. By doing this, you could even reach other countries. But first, you need to develop your own website, where you can place images of your arts and crafts.

This will certainly take a lot of effort, especially if you’re just starting out; this will take a lot of tough work. You will need to put a lot of effort into your website to ensure it is user-friendly. If customers can navigate within your website with no trouble, and you have exceptional arts and crafts products, even more orders will certainly come.

Considering that you’re an entrepreneur, you will not have many issues managing the orders and arranging the deliveries of your products. You just need to develop the right contacts, or links, and earnings will certainly come rolling in.

There are still other online home business possibilities for business owners. By surfing the Internet, you can discover the ideal business possibility for you. Your best qualities and abilities as a business owner will not go to waste if you take part in an Internet business.

So if you have restricted funding and few business resources, try the home based business possibilities that exist online.

Internet Online Home Based Business Coach

When it comes to starting an online business, especially as a newbie (beginner), its a bonus to have a coach who can encourage, inspire, motivate, teach, and create strategies to expose yourself as an entrepreneur.

As a matter of fact, attracting traffic to your website is the ultimate goal for online businesses. In other words, if you can direct tons of traffic to your website, the chances are, someone at some point, will buy your offerings.

Provided that you have the product or goods that visitors need or want.

For this purpose, by experience, a coach can teach you how to expose your website to the masses of visitors hovering around on the Internet, looking for the next best thing to enhance their appearance, to earn money online or find the answers and solutions to their problems.

One of the greatest joys I have experienced in my life, is the opportunity to be a coach in a field of sport in which I have a passion for, namely in the game of Rugby.

I was brought up from a toddler to play this tough mans sport mainly since my father played this game and it was a sport that seemed to dominate my peer groups in the street we lived on. Furthermore, the passion for this game was embedded, as I became a teenager through my college years and extending towards adulthood. And certainly, it wasn’t long before I started coaching my children and adults at school and club level.

Not only this, but the thought of being a coach, became a training ground for the future prospects of coaching elite players and jobs opportunities available around the world. In fact, the salary packages are quite substantial and enticing for any rugby coach who has a passion for this sport.

Having said that, the most rewarding experience as a coach was the joys of watching my teams execute moves and strategies to win very important games and, sometimes winning the game by 1 point or by 1 try.

The same with an Internet online home based business coach. The online business coach knows when to execute the proper way of writing articles, the proper ways to expose your website. By way of example, to start with “Affiliate Marketing” is the opportunity to promote other people’s products and services and get paid a commission when someone buys the product from your store (blog or website).

The same is true with “Article Marketing,” as a positive traffic generator, especially if you have a talent for writing. And, the countless directory sites proliferated around the search engines and certain software to automate the delivery process is beyond belief, as you will or may have experienced.

By way of example, its common knowledge among gurus to work smart with marketing activities than work hard as it speeds up the process by allowing other people to do the work for you. Websites such as are popular as professionals offer their expertise for all kinds of subjects as well as article writing.

Considering this, there are hundreds of directory sites that will love to have your articles in their directory as these sites need good quality content to keep their directory sites on top of the search Engines. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to expose your business acumen and the opportunity to create back links to your website.

More importantly, an Internet online home-based business coach will teach you why it’s important to put a bio authors signature link at the end of each article.

In conclusion, there are numerous ways an Internet online home-based business coach can teach. From article marketing, search engine optimization, forum marketing, social media and many more traffic generators that are part of the necessary arsenal to expose your website to thousands of visitors. However, the real challenge for a beginner (newbie) is finding a coach who has these teaching skills.

Unfortunately, there are gurus who tend to keep their Webmaster skills to themselves without sharing their success of ‘how to do’ training. And if you come across one of these marketing gurus, the chances are, you may need to pay a big substantial fee to belong to their inner circle. Fortunately, though, there are gurus who are quite willing to share their expertise for free or a minuscule fee.

If you don’t have a website, and would like an e-store that will start your online career from a good start, you can click on the link below and you will be taken for an example of a website to sell “Hot” digital products online at a shoestring budget and last of all you will have the opportunity to be schooled by a 12 month mentor to teach you step by step how to market these products also at a minuscule fee.

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