What Exactly Is Passive Income?

Any income where the individual does not have to physically earn is called passive income. This of course is a very attractive way of earning an income and indeed those who are lucky enough to make a decent living this way are quite happy.

Ways To Generate Loads Of Passive Income-

There are currently some very popular and common ways to earn a passive income. Writing a new melody or song or even a jingle and then selling it as a commercial property will earn some very lucrative passive income. Opening a bank savings account, is another way which just by saving money can get the individual some interest residual income though it is not that much and fluctuates often at the whim and fancy of the banking systems.

Staring a multi level business is another way to generate passive income. There are some multi level companies that don’t require the standard work of recruiting and selling product but just to use their products. Becoming a financial product consultant is not only a good passive income source it is also a way to expand the client base.

For those with a little more money to spare, they can consider other type of investments which are likely to bring in the returns. Buying property and renting it out helps the individual to pay for the loan thus not requiring any immediate financial commitment.

There are a lot of innovative ways to make money of the internet engine. All it takes is a little time spent to look for the legitimate business tools. One of the more popular tools include the creation of one’s own information for e books and other sell on line tools that require perhaps language changes.

On the more risky way of getting passive income would be to invest in various stocks and bonds. However, the risks levels are quite high and often not worth the risks.

Residual Income-

After paying off all monthly commitments the money left over is known as residual income. This income can be of great help to an individual and is normally linked to the older more established income group. This is also the way the banking industry calculates the probability of giving out a loan commitment to their clients. This is an income that also continues to give well past the time frame of the first initial payment.

There are many ways to try and earn residual income. Writing for instance is one way of adventuring into this realm of gaining residual income.

If the writing material is good there would be a chance to sell the rights, and so it is with other avenues like writing a workable software program, composing a song, inventing a gadget and many more.

Becoming famous like perhaps as an actor or singer, where there are still payments coming in every time the work previously done is reused. When this is done for further entertainment modes, the said entertainer gets a residual income in the form of certain percentages form the original initial performance.

Earning residual income from real estate is perhaps one of the more popular styles of investment with this intention in mind. If done well this type of residual income in the most ideal and profitable.

Other much simpler ways of getting residual income would include starting a savings plan early on in age. Keeping to this diligently would help to ensure the comfortable retirement where residual income would be a great help.

The best types of residual income plans are normally where the individual had total autonomy over how, where and when the product is used. In being able to dictate the using methods the individual also has the end say over how the general promotion and other aspects of the invention goes.

Leveraged Income-

Possibility of having a continuous income in a long term scenario. Using the leverage income style, the individual ears more money with much less This is perhaps among the most beneficial ways of creating the effort simply because the profits made don’t only come as a direct result of one’s own efforts but also from the added sources of other people’s efforts.

Ideally most people work towards trying to earn this style of income both in the short term and long term scenario. In its most basic terms, leverage income allows the individual to concentrate on other endeavors once the initial stages of setting up and getting a particular project started. This said project is then left to generate income with no need for anymore particular daily involvements on the part of the investor or inventor.

Most people who are financially comfortable have ventured into this type of investment, with the intentions of generating some sort of leveraged income. Using a little time and effort to realize a project and then stepping back as the project eventually runs itself is indeed the perfect scenario. This leverage style of earning power gives the individual the option to retire early and enjoy the fruits of his or her labor without the hassle of having to oversee the foray or having to be physically involved.

Besides the various investment arms that can be used to generate leveraged income, starting up a network marketing company or business venture is also another one of the more popular ways of generating this style of income. This of course requires a little hard work in the beginning but once the business is established then there will no longer be a need to be as completely involved as in the initial stages.

Active Leveraged Income-

Active leveraged income works on more or less the same principals of the normal leverage income format with one significant distinction. In this style the individual will be required to be more hands on and have a higher percentage of involvement in the initial stage and at some stagnated stage throughout the foray.

Being able to provide a service or product that “keeps on giving” on a large scale would be of course quite ideal, thus making a study of such a product or service may bring about some rather interesting and viable options.

Some of the simple options of active leveraged income would include providing one’s services at workshop conferences and seminars. Also conducting training session for corporations is also beneficial as the material used would have already been designed as a basic format to be used over and over again with only a few adjustments being made every so often.

Designing good home study modules are also another very profitable way of garnering the leveraged income style of earning a comfortable living. This also requires an initial investment of time and effort which usually create the platform for continuous and profitable sources of income. Thus by doing so, it allows the individual to then be able to focus on other possible forays to further enhance the income base.

The more successful formulas used in the past just required the individual to focus on designing a product or service that would be continuously and consistently used and reused, thus creating the desired revenue that would eventually evolve into leveraged income.

There are basically three types of leveraged income styles. The active leverage style, the passive leverage style and the basic leverage style. All there style require some degree of initial work but if well designed and executed the long term hand on participation can be kept to a minimal level.

Internet Marketing-

Internet marketing is also referred to by several other terms such as digital marketing, web marketing, online marketing, search marketing, and e marketing. All these have the similar marketing style with only a few minor difference but all have the main intention of making money.

This style of marketing is considered to be fairly broad and lucrative. This style may include services like creative and technical assistance, designing, development, advertising and sales. The various possible services the internet marketing tool can provide include the interactive customer engagement, a search engine provider for marketing purposes, a platform for ads, and many other possible earning tools.

The use of the internet marketing tool can provide for the one to one approach which is not always possible in the “real” world scenario. This approach though fairly broad and with no particular direction can be reached through the use of key words which are entered by the user in order to garner the required information or service.

Designing marketing tools which are supposed to appeal to specific interest groups is also done through the internet marketing route. This style created the platform for the connections to be made between a typical segment group and the product touted.

Niche marketing done through the internet marketing tool has its merits. The success of the style is very successful indeed and is certainly popular with those people who have limited time and interest to browse the internet. Thus this service provided is very beneficial to them and wide used too.

The advantages of creating an internet marketing business has it many advantages, ranging from the possible huge incomes derived to the leisure pace one can dictate. However nothing of course comes without some level of effort put in to see the success desired and being the most common tool of business now, it is well worth the effort to look into.

The individual who chooses to provide residual incomes for themselves through the passive income style are people who are very focused and with a positive mindset. The strong positive mind set is almost a prerequisite in keeping the individual in track toward success.

Being hopeful is also another attribute that is needed for this kind of endeavor. Because this style of residual income does not have the pressure on having to answer to superiors for not achieving a certain amount of business the individual has got to have all the necessary positive attributes to be able to push themselves to the next level.

This is especially necessary when the energy levels are low and coupled with the fact that the perhaps there is a lack of visible achievements being evident.

There are many self driven people that have chosen to venture into this type of earning arrears. Most of them already have the drive and the goal of being a success firmly in place and all they require is to be able to identify the relevant endeavor which will provide for what they desire. They are always alert to any possible avenues that will allow them to create a healthy residual income scenario. Being always in the know will also ensure they are very aware of the possibilities available to them.

So hopefuly I have gave you a pretty good idea as to what passive income is all about, and how you can start thinking of how you can start earning passive income.

To your great success on your passive income journey

Earn Extra Income With SFI

If you have been wondering where to start and make extra income online, SFI would be a great pick. Considering that there are many home based business opportunities online, you need to be selective of where you invest. It does not necessarily have to be investing money, but your energy and time. No one wants a futile program that you will input so much energy and time, only to realize that you cannot withdraw your earnings. With SFI though, you can be confident that you are not wasting your time. On top of that, the income is real, and you can withdraw your earning and actually see the fruits of your hard intent work.

So, what is SFI all about?

SFI provides services for real internet income. I know you are wondering what these services are, so, I’ll break it down for you. SFI is an affiliate market program, which you can sign up to for free. It is also an E-commerce website that offer different products and services to clients. Form the website; you will find all you need to get started and have a rough idea of what is expected of you. They have over 90,000 products plus commissionable products you can earn from. Without these products, then there would be no means of the extra income you want to earn. On top of that, new products are added on a daily basis. So, you can expect plenty of products to trade and new ones every day that will help increase your income.

What are the requirements to start?

The only thing you need is a laptop and the internet. Nothing else. Many people shy away from affiliate marketing programs because they ask for charges. At least most of the real and profitable ones. But, for the same ascertained providence, with SFI, you can get all that for free, YES! You can start free and build your online empire slowly but steadfast. They also provide you with adequate training that will help you work with the available products. Their training is extensive and touches on every aspect of affiliate marketing and E-commerce. So, no need to worry about experience and expertise at the field. Everything is at your disposal.

Am I obliged to purchasing?

No, not at all. As a matter of fact, there are no purchase requirements whatsoever during the time period you are earning income with SFI. The internet income opportunity is a free ride for you as the company provides you with the necessary products you will be marketing. They won’t ask for payment to send the products as they ship them to you for free. As an added advantage, you will also be provided with free sale support services, payment processing, and customer support, all at no cost.

When can I expect to start earning?

At first, you will be requested to do simple actions that will help you get started. This all comes within the first few hours of joining SFI. So, there’s no need to wait around for the time to earn to start that only seems to be so near, yet far from reach. It is more than your friendly website where you can earn money online for free. It provides an open forum where you can receive your rewards in no time. Withdraw upfront or accumulate so that you have a large portion of extra income. Whatever that pleases you. After all, the money is already yours from the commissions you’ve earned on sales made.

Want to hear more about how you can earn with?

You should know that once you have signed up with SFI, you become part of their worldwide initiative to provide their services to everyone. You are the affiliate to the customers, and they are the bosses offering you opportunities to establish your online finances. On registering, you are given a professional marketing website that you will be using to promote the products you have been assigned. Once you make a sale, then SFI automatically records the data and creates a commission for you. The commission is then transferred to your website where it displays your earning and other important details.

How do I access the money earned?

One thing you will love about SFI is that you can withdraw money in your country’s currency. What does that mean for you? It means you do not have to worry about conversion rates and other inconveniences with converting currency. Withdraw from various platforms such as Payoneer, AlertPay, and PayPal as well as through checks and MasterCard. Once you have the money from SFI, you can easily access it and have the feel of your hard efforts.

Final Verdict

SFI is as real as it gets and there is no more you can ask for than you receive. It is free, they guide you through the earning process. Above all, you can see the tangible pay of the sales you’ve made. The good thing with SFI is that you will be making money from home or anywhere else you are comfortable working from. In short, you have the freedom to choose from where to work from. It is a real lifetime opportunity with all the other reliable E-commerce websites that actually help you earn real cash.

Do not waste your time on affiliate marketing if you are not guaranteed of making any substantial wealth. Join SFI today, and find out more on the benefits you are promised. Help yourself and help your friends succeed by getting started on SFI today!

Want to Earn Extra Income From Home With Network Marketing? Just a Few Things To Keep In Mind

With the economy in flux, many people have been flocking to the home based business industry to earn extra income from home. It has become increasingly popular in recent years and the need to have an even narrower focus is increasing as well. Luckily, the competition that is amassing has made it all the more easier to earn a living at home.

The most ever growing way to make money from home is network marketing. Many would consider it the most sure fire way to earn extra income online. It doesn’t take as much internet savvy or experience as other options given the proliferation of sites out there that would provide you with all the necessary material and instructions you need for dirt cheap or even free. But that certainly doesn’t mean that you will become overwhelmingly successful without these things.

In order to earn extra income online with network marketing there are a few tools you need to keep in your arsenal:

Effort and Focus: Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you that you can get rich quick online. To earn an extra income online you will undoubtedly need a bit of focus and effort to reap significant rewards in the long term. Rarely does earning extra income from home happen immediately so make sure you do your research and stay on top of whatever niche you choose. If you choose not to, you could miss a crucial step or make a critical error and grow impatient because the gratification isn’t coming as rapidly as you thought it would.

A Little Internet Cleverness: I would suggest to take advantage of two things in particular: keyword analysis and article or blog posting. By taking these steps you will definitely put you ahead of the pack and earn extra income faster. Keyword analysis involves researching which search terms are most popular in Google and will have your blog or webpage ranking high on the first page. Once you have a good number of strong performing long tail keywords, be sure to publish articles or blog entries that are rich in these keywords. This way, you will be marketing for a purpose and you will make money online in a more cost and time effective way. These steps are incredibly essential if your goal is to earn extra income online.

Be sure to keep these things in mind when you begin the network marketing process. If you fail to neglect just one of these things you will be just spinning your wheels and running a non-profit organization. Given the increasingly stiff competition these days, you will certainly need focus, and effort to have the patience and resolve necessary to generate considerable income but you will also need good keyword researching techniques and blog writing sophistication that is absolutely crucial to earn extra income from home.

The Power of Residual Income Membership Sites

The reason that so many marketers have created Private Label Rights Membership Sites is there are few markets online more profitable than the Membership Site Business Model. The most important benefit of owning a membership site is that it creates that elusive residual income.

For years the top Internet Marketing Gurus peddled their wares, one program or one product at a time. These marketers were like traveling salesmen, selling one product to one customers and going to the next house to repeat their sales spiel all over again. These marketers embraced the Amazon.com model that gives you credit for one sale and then the customer belongs to Amazon.com.

Seeing the light before the end of the tunnel, these same top marketers realized that they needed a way to keep their customers. The basic sales strategy is that it is most cost effective to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer.

That reality began the big push to create opt-in list. These list are worth their weight in Internet gold. Each customer on an opt-in list represents potential income. In fact some mathematically inclined marketers can predict with accuracy exactly how much money they will make from their huge opt in list as soon as they push the send button.

But true residual income program pay the Business owner like clockwork. Many new Internet Marketers and some of the seasoned marketers miss this important source of income. If a marketer does not leverage his income and focuses on only one type of income, a Google Slap could wipe out ongoing income. If a marketer is dependent on one product or suite of products for their livelihood, when a newer or more innovative product is launched, a highflying new marketer may find that the impressive income disappears overnight

Most affiliate programs pay a one-time commission. With residual income programs like Excel Communications, or the program that sold residential energy, the mantra is that you work hard to day for ongoing income tomorrow. Residual income programs are available for many different products. Products like life insurance sales, to communications or Internet Service Providers, and to some extent hosting companies.

With residual income program, marketers are not required put together a new hyped up

email invitation for every new launch on the Internet. It is not as important to send out a daily email begging for the next sales to a list of individuals who are just about tired of hearing from you.

The money from a residual income program is automatically deducted from your customer’s account and placed into yours. No matter where you happen to be in the world, the payments are automatically added to your merchant account.

This is the reason that Membership Sites are expanding daily on the Internet. In addition to the massive income that some marketers are making, these sites represent a long-term stable income model.

This new business model creates the ultimate in hands off recurring income. Membership sites are the perfect example of a perfect residual income model. This multi-million dollar business model combines the best of Multi-Level Marketing with Internet Marketing.

This new moneymaking trend is spreading like wildfire all over the net. The Internet is quietly transforming from a free for all gold rush to a pay for content enterprise. Those individuals who can stay in front or the trends and profit from that knowledge will indeed become the new millionaires.

This is the business model that 75% of the Top Internet Marketers online have adopted. Of course all Marketers create at least three types of income. But the residual income model is the least intrusive and the most profitable over time. Most top Internet Marketers are using these sites as their retirement income. A membership site with recurring income is in fact the ultimate way to earn a living on the Internet.

Income Seldom Exceeds Personal Development

Income seldom exceeds personal development because it takes a lot of change and dedication for any one to become rich. They say “Its not all about the money its about what it makes of you to get that money you desire.” You are going to go through hell and back in order to achieve your goals in life but most people fail after their first obstacle which is about 97% of people in this world. The other 3% are leaders and will not quit no matter what. They go and go to the point of “until”. This means they do not stop or quit “until” they have achieved their goals and dreams in life because they know it takes a lot of development to achieve something so great but they also know you must go through a lot of failure and obstacles before you get that reward. The more failure and obstacles you overcome the bigger of a person you become and the bigger the reward will be awaiting you at the end.

Personal development is what every business owner must work on because when times get hard they need to know that they are still the owners and they must take responsibility and still make it run even in the hard times instead of crying and being afraid to spend a little more money on advertising to get those customers. The ones who always think so much are never successful. The ones who just go out there and take massive action daily and take it to critical mass are the ones who are always successful and get what they want when they want it. I just wanted to share a little tip. Make a schedule for yourself and follow it daily for the next few weeks and I promise you will see results increase dramatically. When you have a schedule in front of you and you see it you will go through it everyday and you will not miss or skip but if you did not have a schedule written sometimes you might skip a day here and there and sometimes you might not do everything you were supposed to.

Last thing I wanted to share which is my favourite quote. Take Massive Action. “Do something for some one today in the knowing that there was no way they could ever pay you back and watch how this world changes for you.”

Genuine Internet Income Experts In Nigeria

Internet fraud has been a recurring stigma in the Nigerian Internet business community and the world at large.

Stories abound daily about foreigners fleeced of their hard-earned money by unscrupulous Nigerians on the Internet.

But can one fall victim of Internet fraud without being greedy? That’s a matter currently being debated in the different forums on the Internet and print media in Nigeria. Most people believe that those who fall victims of the fraudulent acts are all greedy.

A contributor in a recent post on warrior forum expressed his disgust about the subtle way so-called Nigerian Internet players perpetrate scams. But contributors believe that genuine Internet experts exist in Nigeria. The way to look at it is that the Internet is a global phenomenon. The Nigerians in the business should not be seen as residing in Nigeria physically but all over the world from where they operate.

Recently, a friend of mine on a social media lamented how he was duped on the Internet and is lost on how to stage a come back. He will need to find genuine Internet income experts in Nigeria to build his confidence.

The truth is, genuine Internet business experts are in Nigeria like it is in other locations and places across the world. But the question is, where can they be found and what kind of genuine Internet business do they engage in.

In an attempt to answer that question which may also be in many other people’s mind, a recent project was launched to identify the Internet experts in Nigeria so that prospective clients can find the right people to do business with safely and with peace of mind.

Curiously, these Nigerian Internet experts are mostly in their mid twenties and thirties. They are very young and behind the launching of new small-scale businesses in Nigeria right now ranging from Internet payment solutions to Internet marketing and information marketing. These are new lines of income opportunities destined to redefine the way business is done in Nigeria. Foreigners can now easily find genuine Internet experts in Nigeria to partner with and do real profitable business.

Who Are These Genuine Internet Income Experts In Nigeria?

Leading the way is the guru himself, Dr. Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase. He pioneered genuine Internet business in Nigeria. It should be on record that 75% of other genuine Internet experts in Nigeria learned the trade directly from his stable. They include:

Lateef Olajide, the CEO of Internet Marketing Nigeria,

Akin Alabi, the CEO of Alabi Forum,

Efe Imirem, a lady and CEO of Service Forts Ltd,

Onome Maureen, another lady and CEO of Rich Corper,

Dennis Isong, CEO of Experts Hosts,

Iyabo Oyawale, CEO of Iyabo Oyawale Forum

Paul Goodluck Oghogorie,

Samson Olatunde, the Rich Kid and others which space cannot allow to mention.

These Nigerian Internet Income experts reveal their secrets and show the way to do genuine Internet business in Nigeria in an Interview Series published monthly at


Domain Flipping – Use Domain Flipping to Start Your Income Online

Domain Flipping:

With the increase in cost of living, people are working harder to earn huge income. Apart from their day jobs, people are looking for secondary jobs that will add some extra money in their bank accounts. Due to this reason, people are getting into online businesses. Many kinds of online businesses are available at present. Affiliate Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) are some prominent types of online business. However, these businesses have disadvantages (such as time sinks and no guarantee of income.)

If you really want to earn a decent pay packet from the comfort of your home, then Domain Flipping is just the right kind of online business for you. The process of this business is purchasing a domain, making some changes in it (or if the domain name is good enough, you don’t even have to make changes!) and selling it to make profit. You may work on this business according to your suitability and it does not take much of your time. You only need to put in an hour daily for doing this business efficiently.

Domain Flipping – A Profitable Business

This is a very simple and profitable business. All you need to do is purchase a domain name that cost you around $10 or less and each year.

Hereafter, you need to work on your domain name to make it valuable to make other buyers interested in buying your domain name for a higher price. Sometimes, you may be able to sell your domain name for hundreds of dollar or even thousands.

Thus, just by investing a mere $10 in the beginning, you are able to earn around thousands of dollars. For earning thousands of dollars, you hardly need to spend 1-2 hours per day. The chances of earning are much higher than any other online business. With the help of this business, you may also sell information on other products such as audio and videos on a domain website.

If you have your own website, reserve the domain name to direct traffic on your website only and when someone looks for a domain name similar to yours, he/she will be instantly directed to your website. In case you have a popular domain name, buyers will pay you huge amount. Thus, domain flipping is really a profitable business for everyone keen to work online.

Reasons to Look Forward:

Domain flipping is an addictive form of online business. Any of your family members, who are familiar with computers and the Internet, may do this business. This business offers a hefty pay packet every month aiding to survive in the era of inflation. It also does not affect your day job and allows you to work as per your suitability. In addition, this business allows you to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Hence, with so much benefits and facilities, why will you want to go for any other online business? Domain flipping is one business where there are better opportunities to achieve success in life. With this business, you are able to give your family a better life and happiness all at the same time.

Just The Basics – How to Start Generating Income In Your New Network Marketing/Direct Sales Business

Whether this is your first year in a home business or your tenth, there are some basic things that you should do in order to start generating regular income.

It is important to understand that your attitude is critical when it comes to being successful in any business. Therefore, you must start your new business with the mindset that it is a real business. The fact that you are working from home does not change that. It certainly doesn’t stop you from earning a tremendous income should you desire to do so. There are people just like you that literally earn millions from the comfort of their homes . These people not only recognize the potential of the industry but always treat their businesses with the respect and dedication that they deserve.

Personal growth comes before the fortune. You may have heard that before in one form or another. It simply means that you must educate yourself first and the money will follow. Can you bake a cake without knowing the recipe or how to operate an oven? How about drive a car without knowing how to get it started? Do doctors practice performing surgery before they learn the skills required? Hopefully, you will get the picture. It doesn’t matter if you are doing something as simple as baking a cake or complicated as brain surgery, you have to learn some fundamental skills first or you are certainly headed down the path to failure.

So, what skills are required to build a profitable home business? Assuming that you have already mastered having the right attitude about your business, here are some basic skills that you will want to learn or improve.

People Skills

Time Management Skills

Marketing Skills

People skills are required because this is really a people business and not necessarily a sales business. Yes, there are plenty of individuals and teams that teach sales techniques as the primary way to build their businesses, but it is not always the best solution for the average person in network marketing. Most people are resistant to this method of team building and it makes it very difficult for them to grow a profitable business. There are always exceptions but we are not talking about those people. By developing some basic people skills, it will help you to communicate more easily and find out what the other person actually needs. Maybe they need your product versus extra money. It is your job to find out how you can help them and not push them to join your business. You might check your local bookstore for “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

Time management is extremely important because it is very easy to get distracted while working from home. Children, televisions, and other things can result in zero productivity for anyone who is not accustomed to this environment. You must learn how to use your time wisely and to set aside consistent hours each week to work your business. In addition, you want to use your allotted time effectively. That means that you are constantly working on tasks that will help to truly grow your business. Organizing your office every day may indirectly help in having better time management but it really isn’t a “business growing” activity. Focus your time on tasks that will expose your product or service to potential customers or partners. It is very difficult to be successful without good time management skills.

Marketing is an income producing activity and another critical skill that you should constantly learn and improve. Marketing is a very broad term but it basically means “the activities involved in the transfer of goods and services” or how to get the word out about your offer. Creativity and consistency are two words that come to mind when one thinks about effective marketing. So, how does a new home business owner go about marketing their products?

First, you must realize that network marketing is a business based a great deal on duplication. If effective marketing techniques are duplicated throughout your organization, that provides the greatest opportunity for rapid growth. You should find and use strategies that can also be used by anyone on your team. There are people that have the financial resources to purchase full page color ads in national magazines but that is not the kind of marketing that is easily duplicated by everyone in your business.

Here are some other suggestions…

Read and learn about marketing tips

Learn from team members that are successful

Be consistent and persistent and market daily

Watch your marketing dollars/budget closely

Hire professionals or outsource when required

Employ sweat equity or money equity

Use marketing that fits your personality

Distribute samples whenever financially possible

Put your business cards into the marketplace

Network with other business owners

Share with family and friends when appropriate

Search internet for creative marketing ideas

Know your primary target market and how to find them

Many years ago a very successful network marketer told me that success was based on 99% consistency and persistency, and 1% skill. Those numbers may not be totally accurate but the basic concept holds true. If you performed a very simple action of giving out 2-3 business cards daily for 90 days, you are very likely to generate interest, customers, and potential business partners.

There are many ways to build a business and start making money in network marketing. However, if I had to narrow it down to just one thing, it is targeted MARKETING.

However, keep in mind that having a marketing plan without action is useless. You must commit and implement your full marketing strategy. How many times have you ordered business cards and left them in the desk drawer? Have you ever ordered 100 leads and called only 10 of them? Your business will not thrive unless you tell someone. How you go about telling them is up to you.

If you are serious about generating income in your new home business, make a personal commitment for the next 90 days. Find a marketing technique that is a good fit for you and put it to work daily. At the end of that 90 day period, evaluate how successful you have been at being “consistent.” Your check will normally be a direct reflection of your previous daily actions.

Remember, “procrastination is the killer of all dreams.” Make a decision today that you want to generate a real income from home. Once that decision is made, identify the products/services that you want to promote, choose a few marketing techniques, and take action. 90 days (or less) is all you need to see measurable results. A few weeks of solid dedication can change your entire life.

Free Paid Surveys For Daily Income

Free paid surveys are great for people interested in earning money from home. A legitimate opportunity for people who take the job serious. Market research companies may actually pay you to join. Many survey sites online boast millions of members getting paid for sharing their opinions.

Free surveys get paid because companies need you. They need you to shape the products of the future. Sometimes you may be asked to critique a product or service before it had a chance to hit the market. For example, a company may find after an extensive survey campaign for their product it was a hit with everyone except 35 – 42-year-old men who live in the suburbs. There was no way to identify this without surveys.

You never have to worry about your information being made public. Even though you sign up with your name, email, and maybe address, your information is kept confidential. The results of the survey may be made public, but your personal information is never made public.

The marketing surveys allow businesses to fine tune and tweak products based on the results of the campaigns. It is vital for people to be honest with their feedback. Do not think you can just fly through the surveys and receive a reward. You may receive a few payments or two but you will not qualify for the highest paid surveys in the future.

Getting paid for online surveys is a great gig if you love sharing your opinion. They literally have surveys for just about everyone. If you love movies you may be asked for your opinion on a movie trailer before it comes out. Another survey may ask your opinion about a certain electronic device, nature, baby products, shopping habits, and much more.

In order to get paid doing surveys you will need a PayPal account. Many of the legitimate survey sites will send your cash through this method. Other forms of payment include checks, gift cards, e-cards, products and services, sweepstakes, and more.

Paid research surveys is a billion dollar industry. Would you be interested in earning even a little bit of that in your spare time on topics that interest you?

With online paid market research surveys your able to work whenever and wherever you want. If you want to spend just an hour doing surveys that is fine. You can do them at night, during the day, in your pajamas, totally up to you.

Avoiding Scams

The best paid surveys are free to join. You should never be asked for your credit card in order to join a survey site. Unfortunately scams do exist but you can easily avoid them by reading the about pages and doing a few searches online about the company.

Companies invest a lot of money in market research to seek out honest people interested in sharing their opinion. The best people are the folks who would have shared their opinions anyway without being paid.

How Creating Digital Products Can Give You Passive Income

Have you heard the statistic that millionaires have up to seven income streams? That’s seven different ways that they’re making money each month. Now take a look at your business; how many streams of income do you have?

If the answer is one, then it’s time to open up that creative part of your brain and create more income streams. One option is passive income products.

“Passive income” is something of a misnomer. Creating products or setting up different forms of income still takes work. But the difference is that these streams of income can work for you—almost on autopilot—for years to come.

Benefits of Passive Income

1. Increase your bottom line profits. This is the most obvious benefit, but worth mentioning, because who doesn’t want to earn more profits? And (as you probably well know) limiting your practice to 1:1 coaching can be a “feast or famine” proposition. Passive income streams can help you get through the “famine” times.

But, even in “feast” times, your income from 1:1 coaching is limited to the number of clients you can handle. Passive income streams can help remove that “income ceiling” and create a cushion.

2. Regain time in your day. Hold up… I know I just said that creating products and other streams of income takes time! But jump ahead with me for a minute and think about the back end of the process, when your income stream is completely set up, and the upfront work is done. With a strong marketing plan, you can easily earn money on these passive income streams even while you sleep. That means you can take off a little earlier or take an entire day off for fun, because your “passive” products are still earning money.

3. Increase your credibility by helping more people. Think of passive income as a way to share your expertise with an ever-expanding audience. Imagine a snowball at the top of a mountain representing you with your inner circle of coaching clients. As the snowball travels downhill, it gathers more and more snow until it reaches mammoth size. The same is true of you. As you reach out to more and more people, and providing guidance through your books, webinars, or courses, increased exposure and word of mouth leverage your knowledge and showcase your expertise to more and more people. This all can lead to increased sales and an army of people who rave about your work. So (at least in this case) the snowball effect is a very good thing!

Planning Your Passive Income

Now that I’ve hopefully sold you on the benefits of having passive income streams, it’s time to plan out what those streams should be for your business. Passive income includes affiliate marketing, membership subscriptions, or writing a book. But by far the most popular and engaging is creating courses or digital products based on your coaching specialty.

Digital products allow you to solve other people’s problems from the comfort of your home. And your customers get answers to their particular questions almost immediately, and in a format they can use—their home computer, or smartphone.

“A successful digital product has almost unlimited income potential, and there are dozens of examples of successful digital marketers earning millions of dollars each year from products they released several years ago.” – C.M. Burns, BigHappyProfits.com

Imagine what your business & life could look like, say, if you had your own online course…

✓ Students excited to learn from you

✓ Working fewer hours while transforming more lives (and without exhausting yourself with 1:1 clients)

✓ Building your credibility & becoming an authority in your niche

✓ No more cap on your income

By creating a digital course, you will finally have a valuable business asset you can launch & sell again & again.

Creating Your Product

There are many steps involved in creating a product but once you’ve done one, creating others will be easier. When creating a digital product, you want to be sure to make it relevant to your main topic of interest. So, if you are a health coach, you want your product to be about a health issue, not a career issue. Also, you want to further hone it down by asking your audience what they need. This is something you can determine by quick surveys or just by keeping track of their frequent questions.

Next you need to validate the product, double-checking to make sure it’s the right one. Ask clients if it would be helpful and/or relevant. Put out questions about it on forums. You could even do a prelaunch with valued clients to test the product for you. I have a colleague who I give my products to in exchange for her evaluation of them.

Then you will need to write content for launching and promoting your product, and, finally, determine your pricing.

Launching Your Product

When you are launching a product, you need both a series of anticipation emails, and a series of launch emails.

1) Anticipation emails build excitement. They should be educating your audience on a topic you’re passionate about (and one that’s related to the course you’re selling). And give them a teaser for the product.

2) Launch emails make the offer. They say that the product is ready and point to where people can buy it.

As this marketer puts it:

“With my launches I built up to anticipation over a matter of weeks, not months or years. Each time I talk about it, the likely buyers get more and more excited. Then I give a clear date for when the product will launch and be available for purchase.

“The day before launch I send out a detailed email providing every bit of information my subscribers need in order to make a purchase. This email covers the benefits of the product, pricing information, and even answers frequently asked questions (that actually haven’t been asked yet).

“The one thing the email doesn’t include is a link to buy the product. Instead I tell them exactly when the product will be available (8:00 AM Eastern tomorrow) and to expect another email from me at that time.” – Nathan Barry, Founder, ConvertKit.com

If your launch runs for 5 days you’ll need at least 5 emails. I’ve been on some lists where they sent out two emails a day—sometimes the same email but different subject lines. To me that’s overdoing it, but it depends on your audience as to how often to email them. Keep in mind that they probably don’t read all their emails. So it doesn’t hurt to send out more than one.

Creating Urgency

Here are four easy ways that you can get your on-the-fence customers to purchase now:

1. Have sale or promotional pricing ending soon

2. Make the product available for a limited amount of time

3. Provide an additional bonus only available to the first x number of customers

4. Limit the quantity available for sale

Pick one or two of these strategies that will resonate with your audience. With careful planning, the urgency in your launch emails can boost sales.

In Conclusion

Working with clients one-on-one is great, but it shouldn’t be your entire business model. You need to have some other sources of income that supplement your coaching program. After all, how many times have you had a month with no new clients? With another source of income, that scenario is less painful.

If people don’t know you yet, they’re probably not going to drop $1000 on a coaching program. But they might be willing to take a chance on you for something that costs them $50 or less—because it’s low risk for them.

The good news is that you CAN create passive income with low-end digital products, and, if you need some help,

Learn how to create, package, and launch low-end digital products here: https://contentcreationtoolkit.com/low-end-offer

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