Hedge Fund Jobs – 3 Easy Methods For Securing a Hedge Fund Job

Getting a job with a hedge fund is the goal of many recent college graduates and young financial professionals. Like investment banking jobs with Goldman Sachs or consulting positions with Bain or McKinsey, jobs with top hedge funds like Citadel in Chicago, or Farallon in San Francisco, are highly coveted. Some of the brightest financial minds battle for the opportunity just to interview with these top funds.

Of course not all intelligent young financial professionals attended Ivy League universities or have the financial experience typical of successful applicants at high powered hedge funds like Citadel. However, there are over 5000 hedge funds in the United States of varying sizes and specialties. The hundred largest of these are the target of a disproportionate amount of attention from job applicants. The competition for junior analyst positions is extremely competitive. Meanwhile thousands of smaller hedge funds remain relatively under the radar, in part because many hedge funds are hard to locate and choose to keep a low-profile. Getting a job with these lesser-known hedge funds is far more likely for the typical candidate.

The Three Best Methods for Obtaining an Interview with a Hedge Fund:

Personal Connections: It is somewhat unfortunate that this method likely remains the best method of getting a hedge fund interview. However, the definition of “personal connections” varies. For the lucky few, this might be a family friend who manages a fund in CT or NY. For others this may be a college classmate who is now an analyst at a hedge fund. These types of connections can get you an interview when your resume alone may not be enough. Do not forget about online networking and sites like LinkedIn for expanding your larger network of contacts.

Financial Recruiters: Because large hedge funds are often hesitant to post open positions on job boards, they rely heavily on financial recruiting firms/headhunters. Using headhunters and recruiters is advised for candidates with several years of experience and a substantial resume. Less experienced applicants may find themselves at the bottom of the totem pole. However, it is often worth working with a large recruiter like GloCap as it requires minimal effort (you will probably interview personally with the recruiter and fill out some forms and submit a resume).

Direct Contact: One of the most overlooked methods of obtaining an interview with a hedge fund is to contact hedge funds directly. The vast majority of hedge funds have less than ten employees and don’t maintain a human resources manager. With these smaller funds, send a well-written cover letter and your resume to the CEO or MD. Because hedge funds, particularly the thousands of smaller firms, maintain a low-profile it is well worth getting a list of hedge funds with contact information.

Remember, the most important characteristic of successful hedge fund analysts is their intelligence and determination. Searching for a hedge fund job can at times be a test of your determination, but the right attitude and a few tools can help put you a step ahead of your competitors.

Stop Using Your Private Industry Resume to Apply for Government Jobs on USAJobs

As a Federal Career Consultant and Federal Resume Writer, I am consulting with many federal job applicants who have submitted 100 to 400 job applications for government jobs on USAJOBS.gov by uploading their private industry resume.

If you want to get Best Qualified for a federal position and hopefully get referred to a supervisor, you have to write a very specific style, content and format federal resume.

Applying for a federal job – as doing any business with the government – is complicated. Of course, the federal resume is NOT the same as the 2 page resume that a person uses for private industry job searches.


1. LENGTH: Most federal resumes are 4 to 5 pages long. Mid-career professionals with 15 to 20 years experience will have a 5 page federal resume. A 2 page private-industry resume WILL NOT WORK.

2. MORE DETAILS: You need to include more details about your duties and accomplishments in your last position or the most relevant position. The typical private-industry resume will have 8 to 10 bullets of information about each position. The federal resume duties section spells out what you did, usually in complete sentences. The position that is most relevant for the federal position could be an entire page long.

3. FORMAT: Make sure the resume is readable for human resources specialists who have hundreds of resumes to review to determine who is most qualified for their positions. Many private industry resumes consist of short statements with bullets. Many current federal employees write their resumes in huge block of type based on position descriptions. The best format is a reverse chronological Outline Format Resume. The Outline Format features the top skills needed for the position. For a Public Affairs Specialist, the top skills could be: Media Specialist, Writer-Editor, Researcher / Analyst, Media Events Coordinator.

4. TYPEFONT: Feature the Top Skills in ALL CAPS, so that the busy human resources reviewer can find the skills they are seeking.

5. KEYWORDS: Add language and keywords from the vacancy announcement Duties and Specialized Experience into your federal resume. You can find the keywords by search for words that are repeated multiple times in the announcement; these could be technical terms or phrases that describe specific skills.

6. PROVE YOUR EXPERIENCE: You will see the USAJOBS vacancy announcements will tell you that they want to see One Year Specialized Experience in a certain field in your resume. The announcement will also suggest types of examples that can help to prove your experience.

7. 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE: The federal HR specialists typically read / scan the last 10 years of experience in your federal resume. The years before 10 years can be added to the resume, but keep that information shorter.

8. RECENT AND RELEVANT: The HR specialists will be looking for recent and relevant experience in your Work Experience Section.

9. MONTH, YEAR AND HOURS PER WEEK: It is imperative that you add the month and year and hours per week for your jobs. Since they have to see that you have One Year Specialized Experience in positions and level that are similar to this job, you will need to add this information to your resume.

10. SALARY: The federal resume in USAJOBS.gov asks for your salaries for the last 10 years. They need to see your salaries in order to see your experience and judge the grade level that you could be qualified for in a government position.

11. COVER LETTER: You can add a cover letter into the USAJOBS account now, after Federal Hiring Reform. We recommend a cover letter to emphasize your specialized experience and most relevant training or experience for the position.

12. RECENT AND RELEVANT JOBS: You do NOT have to add every job into your USAJOBS Resume Builder. If you have short-term positions which were taken to earn cash for bills, you can leave it out. Yes, it will leave a little bit of blank time, but the HR specialist is really seeking the specialized experience.

13. 5 USAJOBS RESUMES: USAJOBS will allow you to upload 5 resumes. Create multiple resume versions for each announcement. Your original resume can be changed slightly to match a few keywords for each new announcement.

14. FEDERAL RESUMES MUST BE FOCUSED TOWARD AN OCCUPATIONAL SERIES WITH DIFFERENT KEYWORDS: If you are seeking a Program Analyst position, use the keywords and skills for the position. Keywords for the Program Analyst will be: Analyst, Research, Studies, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, Briefings. If you are also seeking an Administrative Officer position, your keywords will be different: Operations, Budget Management, Supervision, Customer Services, Project Management.

Economics 101 – Free Trade and Outsourcing Jobs

Free trade is an often misunderstood and polarizing subject. In my musings with everyday folks to academics it is shocking how confused the subject can become. Speaking in generalities, most Americans want a healthy, robust economy here in the United States. That is what I want and that is why I am an avid supporter of free trade. This is why the issue of shipping jobs overseas has particular importance to me. In my experience most people see shipping jobs overseas and the decline of American manufacturing as an unequivocally bad development. Avid supporters of free trade often take a negative stance towards businesses who shift operations overseas. This line of thinking is simply wrong. If this sounds crazy or offends you then that is exactly why you need to read on and gain some perspective. I want jobs in the United States and I want people and businesses to prosper and flourish but demonizing businesses for making shrewd decisions to stay competitive is pointing the finger at the wrong party. The problem isn’t the business that “ships jobs overseas,” it is the policies that make the business “ship jobs overseas.”

To illustrate the point I would like to talk about the sugar industry in the United States. Beginning in 1816 the United States implemented tariffs on sugar imports. These were designed to placate the newly acquired Louisiana territory and their sugar plantation owners. These tariffs were intended to protect the sugar industry in the United States and provide incentive to buy American sugar. In 1934 the government implemented import quotas to complement the tariffs and funnel subsidies to American sugar growers. For almost two hundred years these policies have protected sugar growers in the United States but this encroachment on free trade has not come without its costs.

For 59 of the last 60 years sugar prices have been equal to or higher than the world market price. At one point sugar in the US sold for 21 cents per pound when the world market price was 3 cents per pound. Every cent the price of sugar goes up costs the US economy between $250 million and $300 million to consumers. A commerce department study estimated this costs consumers more than $3 billion dollars a year in the United States. In 2002 Kraft moved its Lifesaver factory to Canada. In 2004 Brach’s moved its candy production to Mexico. Hershey Foods shut down operations in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and California and relocated them in Canada. Chicago, once the candy manufacturing capital of the U.S. has lost thousands of jobs. In 1984 both Coke and Pepsi stopped using sugar in their products and switched to high fructose corn syrup causing a drop in sugar consumption in the U.S. of 500,000 tons per year. Since then a slew of manufacturers have made the switch to high fructose corn syrup. In 2006, a Commerce Department study concluded that for each sugar industry job saved nearly three food manufacturing jobs were lost.

When businesses pull the trigger and move operations overseas we need to have a deeper understanding of why they are moving business overseas. In a previous article I spoke of our minimum wage that raises the cost of labor. The United States also has the second highest corporate sales tax in the world. These things tilt the scales and often make it more profitable to do business overseas. Many people like to spout the mantra “Buy American” but in a global economy this is often difficult to do and racked with confusion. Toyota has three of the top ten most American vehicles. Saying “Buy American” doesn’t hold much weight unless you talk with your wallet. People act in a fashion that gives the most bang for their buck. That is why we get cheap clothing and electronics from overseas.

Buying American is great as long as the price makes sense. When the price doesn’t make sense, it can hurt the economy and cost us jobs. I know this sounds scary and goes against what some of you might feel in your heart but it’s true. When you spend inefficiently and buy American products that cost more than equivalent foreign products, the difference in price is money that would have been spent in another part of the economy. If you spend $100 more on an American bed than you would have spent at IKEA, that is $100 taken from another part of the economy. The aggregate effect of this mentality could cost American salesmen jobs or American distributors. This is just like spending more on sugar to prop up American sugar growers while costing thousands of jobs in the food manufacturing industry in America.

It is misguided to blame companies for making tough decisions to stay competitive. If an American manufacturer decides to keep jobs in the U.S. when it is more efficient to outsource their jobs, they become less competitive. That means their prices will likely be higher. Their profits will be lower which means they have less money to expand or invest in research and development. If they cannot stay competitive then they will likely go under costing all of their jobs rather than just jobs they would have sent overseas. These are all things that need to be considered in free trade. Tariffs and subsidies cause distortions in the market where the negatives often outweigh the positives. Forcing “Buy American” policies when the price doesn’t makes sense may prop up one industry but at a cost to other industries and we often forget that.

Free trade works but we can’t pick and choose what kinds of free trade we like. When companies move overseas we need to stop blaming the companies and look at the policies that push them to do it. We can’t pretend that shipping jobs overseas has only one effect that is negative or that usurping free trade to keep certain jobs here doesn’t have negative effects. Companies don’t ship jobs overseas to satisfy some insatiable greed, they do it to survive in a competitive world market. It gives us low prices so our dollar goes further and our quality of life is higher. If we want manufacturing in America we need to address the reasons why businesses outsource manufacturing. We need to address things like our corporate tax rate, minimum wage, tariffs, and import quotas. Free trade is an amazing way to allocate funds efficiently for a maximum benefit to society. When we see things happening in the economy we don’t like you are likely to find that the source is a policy that hampers free trade rather than free trade itself. Get rid of the sugar program and we will see more jobs in America.

Online Freelance Writing Jobs – How Article Writing Stands Apart?

There are several online freelancing companies. They are working 24 hours of the day allowing their writers produce quality write ups and earn some handsome amount of cash. Moreover, all internet marketers would want their business to get noticed through quality contents. A valuable and worthy content can draw lots of audience to a particular website. Good content help in building good relationships and also initiates the success of a business for a long period of time. A good content not only helps an online company make a handsome amount of profit, it also makes way for a writer to earn his daily bread and butter.

Content writing freelance jobs in India helps in better correspondence and worthy reciprocation. The more you write that better idea you can generate. When you start writing it is one sort of standard, when you continue writing your scribbling gets more relevant as you start developing more worthy ideas. Your sense of putting ideas into words develops each day. This is how Indian freelance writers have gained worldwide reputation and are able to write more profoundly maintaining an international style and standard. There are lots of companies throughout the world you are in search of quality Indian content writers because they know that there is a perfect crowd in this country that can really make products and concepts speak.

Online freelance jobs in India have become a custom because in this country literacy gets brushed up each day. People discover how to write better and how to write differently. Indian freelance writers have to handle so many things at one time. Their works involve sales, marketing, interacting with sub contractors, project work, marketing and billing. Thus, when an Indian writer handles so many things at one time and tries to put everything on paper accordingly his skill gets sharpened and his aptitude receives international recognition.

Article writing has always made a difference. An article can provide platform to your business. An article can make your working arena thrive each day. An article gives your work a perfect identity and helps people know you better. In this way an article always stands apart and helps in adding value to your work.

Best Work From Home Jobs

Many moms would love to find the best work from home job, and today, thanks to the internet, moms work at home jobs are becoming increasingly popular. For example, some entreprenuers offer free internet business classes online, so moms can stay at home, raise their kids, and have a legitimate job.

Remember the day maternity leave ended and the baby had to go to the sitter for the first time? The baby is quite content, but Mom cries all the way to work. Then, as time passes, when Mom picks up the child in the evenings, the babysitter recounts some milestone she has witnessed today. Soon, he/she will be a toddler, a preschooler, a kindergartener, etc. and Mom has spent the majority of those years at the office, while someone else raises her son/daughter.

Today, more and more moms work at home, earning a substantial sum of money, while taking time out to kiss skinned knees, wipe sticky fingers, collect dozens of hugs and wet kisses, and have the flexible time necessary for frequent trips to the park. In other words, the best work from home job is the one with a flexible work schedule, allowing for the most important job of all-being Mommy.

Moms work at home while the kids are down for a nap, at school, or busy playing with Dad. For Mom, being able to choose the schedule also means not missing “Billy’s” play, or being a classroom mom for “Susie’s” Christmas party. With self-imposed hours, Mom can adjust the schedule to accommodate special and memorable events.

The best work from home job is one Mom can enjoy and feel good about accomplishing. For example, maybe she has a college degree in marketing or education. Plenty of positions are available for ladies to start her own business, or work with someone who already has an established online business. Truthfully, the online businesses realizing the greatest success are managed by individuals with good marketing skills. If they did not have the skills when the business was first begun, marketing became something to be learned as soon as possible.

Another example is former English teachers. Now, educated moms work at home as writers, virtual tutors, and online course instructors for colleges and universities, and editors. Whether she is looking for a part-time paycheck to help with a couple of household bills and grocery money, or choosing to work full-time as the main breadwinner in the family, the Internet has ample opportunities for gainful employment.

Realistically, the best work from home job is the one where moms work at home as moms, first and foremost, and the income bearing job is secondary. However, with the rising divorce rate, and the ever-increasing cost of living, many single moms choose to work at home for economical reasons. Oftentimes, by the time Uncle Sam gets his cut and the sitter gets hers, a mom is lucky to bring home half a paycheck.

In addition, with the inflated price of gasoline and automobile maintenance, staying home, with the car in the garage, and working part-time at the kitchen table makes economical sense. Being a good mom is actually a full-time job in-and-of itself. Coupled with the office work, moms are lucky to get enough time to sleep. So, why invest in a company’s or the boss’ future. Having the two best work from home jobs are a definite investment into Mom’s future, and that of her children.

Online Business Jobs – Create Top Online Business Jobs With Online Affiliate Marketing

How can you create top online business jobs with online affiliate marketing? First, let me tell you what this unique and exciting field is all about and how it can create outstanding stay at home online jobs and online jobs for stay at home moms, where you set your own schedule, make your own decisions and be your own boss. As has been stated, there are countless numbers of people just like you, who have created their own jobs and careers in this professionally and financially rewarding field and are making outstanding incomes from home on their home computer.

In order to create top online business jobs as an online affiliate marketer you will write short articles, generally between 250 to 450 words, on subjects that are of interest to you or to others. Your articles are placed on The Google Search Engine free of charge under the keywords that you choose. There are literally thousands of online merchants that sell just about any product or service imaginable who are always seeking affiliate marketers to join their affiliate programs at no cost to you. You can choose from the one or ones that sell the products or services that your article is about. In your article you place a forwarding link to your affiliate merchant.

When your article reader clicks on the forwarding link to your online merchant, they are forwarded to your merchant’s website. When a sale is made on the merchant’s website you are paid a generous commission. You are not involved in the order taking, shipping, billing or anything else concerning the sale except to deposit or cash your monthly commission check and you can represent as many online merchants as you would like and write as many articles as you like on any subject you wish.

Again, there are many, many people, just like you, who have learned this exciting business and have created their own online business jobs and jobs for stay at home moms. Affiliate marketing is one of the nicest ways to create top stay at home jobs. You owe it to yourself to check out this unique and exciting online sales and marketing field.

Virtual Call Center Jobs – Finally Exposed! Know The Truth!

Often a phone call to the customer service department of many companies, here in America, leads to a foreigner on the other end of the line. Fortune 500 companies and many marketers online are offering virtual call center jobs and other remote jobs to people outside the United States. This is called offshoring. Many Americans argue that this is taking away from the US economy, especially in times of economic crisis. Is this harming America’s economy?

That’s an argument that can be debated on both sides of the coin. Most companies and online marketers are outsourcing to India. Some companies claim that they have no choice. With the economy being in an uproar in the United States, some companies claim that they are forced to offer virtual call center jobs outside the United States. These jobs are also offered to Philippine workers. Many are college educated. They can speak good English too. Filipinos accept virtual call center jobs for as little as $1.25 an hour USD. This is the main reason why American companies hire offshore.

Internet marketers claim that foreign workers are more loyal workers than American workers. Is this true? Maybe, maybe not. So in essence, many employers whether online or offline state that foreign workers often stay with them for the long haul. Offering virtual call center jobs to foreigners is known to lower cost by 70% while increasing productivity. That is certainly a huge advantage for business owners. Many Americans are angry and will never get over the whole idea of offshoring. Remote jobs are so hard to find, especially when there is about one in every 25 remote jobs being legitimate. The other 24 are scams.

So many Americans, especially stay at home moms, the handicapped, etc are desperate to find jobs that allow them to work from home. Offshoring certainly does not help the situation at all, or does it? Is there a better way for struggling companies to avoid offshoring? Many angry Americans have a hard time answering this question. Several states are considering laws to restrict or prohibit offshoring. Unions are also lobbying Congress to end what they call, “madness.”

Despite the fact that offshoring can create a dip in the amount of jobs available To Americans, the truth of matter is, it can also benefit the American economy. Companies pass cost savings on to American consumers through lower prices. Also cost savings are passed on to investors through higher profits. Let’s talk about new sales. You see, companies also get new sales from Indian firms that boost imports from America. The U.S. economy also redeploys workers who lose their jobs from offshoring. And this is done in ways that boost growth as well. So therefore, offering virtual call center jobs and other remote jobs to foreigners can be looked at from “Both sides of the coin.”

Top 9 Online Jobs & Part Time Work From Home For College Students, Housewives & Freshers

Most people have certain unique skills that can be monetized. Also, you can re-skill yourself anytime nowadays. After starting to do these part time online works from home, your income would increase.

You can become a successful businessman / woman and increase your income and profits by starting these types of online businesses. These business ventures require little or no investment.

You can operate and sustain many of these business activities from your home. Even, if you are already employed, you can operate a small business. For many, these ventures can become a full-time business.

A few top proved and profitable part time jobs from home and small business ideas are listed here, which would suit the skills, knowledge, and temperament of different types of people. Here are some excellent online business ideas here for everyone.

You can start a small business on your own. You can set up a home office. You can utilize the workspace at your home.

Most of the times, a fast/reliable Internet connection, a computer, phones and the required skills are all that is needed to start a small online business.

Profitable Home-based Online Jobs For College Students/ Housewives/ Fresh Graduates/ Unemployed/ Working Professionals

1) Social Media Expert

You can offer your social media promotion and marketing services from your home to the small-scale businesses.

You may manage their Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media profiles, groups, and pages as a freelancer. You will be implementing the right methods for managing the posts, content, and followers.

2) Make Money From Home By Freelancing

One can earn money by offering various types of freelance services to the companies. Fiverr.com, Upwork.com, Peopleperhour.com, and Freelancer.com are some popular platforms for freelancers for getting projects. Numerous assignments and jobs are available for all kinds of skill sets.

Register at these sites as a freelancer to get projects. Technical services, website designing, content writing, logo designing, illustration, translation, proofreading, editing, ghostwriting, etc. are some sought-after areas for contract work.

Freelancing is one of the best online jobs for college students, fresh graduates, housewives and retired persons.

3) Creating a YouTube Channel

If you prefer online part time work and home based business ideas, then starting a YouTube channel is quite profitable.

Independent channels can be started by the users on YouTube and videos can be uploaded there for free. YouTube videos are highly popular. YouTube receives about a billion monthly visitors.

Videos showing and reviewing the latest gadgets, digital devices, electronics, cosmetics, etc. are very popular. You can create informative and entertaining videos, how-to video guides, videos on beauty/makeup tips, life and relationship tips, recipes, etc. that are highly profitable.

Most of us have seen advertisements while watching any video on YouTube. “Skip Ads” is clicked to watch an interesting video. This way the makers of the videos earn money. When the visitors play any video in which an ad is shown, the owner of the channel gains some money from Google. This process utilizes YouTube AdSense.

If needed, you can re-skill yourself anytime joining a short course, to learn the secrets of becoming a successful YouTube Channel owner.

4) Monetize Your Blog / Website Using Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing

Do you have your blog/website where you have been posting great content? Does this site or blog have many visitors? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then you can start monetizing your blog. This is a profitable small business at home.

A great way to convert your blog into a source of income is using Google AdSense. Sign up for your Google AdSense account.

AdSense allows you to display ads on your blog or website. The ads are targeted at your website’s content. For including the AdSense ads to your website, you just have to add the script where you wish to display the ads. You can earn money if the site-visitors click on the ads to view them.

You can also register for affiliate programs. If your web content or blog post focuses on a specific topic, you can include affiliate ad links of products relevant to your content. If the reader clicks on the affiliate product link and purchases it, you will earn money as commission.

Amazon Associates Affiliate program is quite popular since Amazon.com has a vast range of products.

Monetizing your blog is a profitable part time work from home. Manage your blog or other’s blogs.

5) Online Tutor and Online Courses / eBooks

If you excel in the academics and can explain complex topics lucidly or have a flair for teaching you can become an online tutor. Earn money by sharing knowledge through online, virtual classes. You can teach and guide students online via video-calling.

Online tutoring is one of the best part time jobs from home.

You can work as an online trainer for your favorite subjects/skills. Also, if one is adept at creating videos and eBook, he/she can create online video courses and eBook courses. Reasonably priced online courses are very popular nowadays.

After creating eBooks, you can sell them via online retailers such as Amazon. Also, you can sell your courses, eBooks, and videos via your website.

6) Content Writing

A ghostwriter sells his/her articles or other written content to another party, without claiming any ownership or rights over those write-ups.

If you possess excellent writing skills, you can start your own writing business or work as a freelance writer. You can work as a content writer. This is one of the most popular part time work from home jobs.

For becoming a web content writer, you need to cultivate the proper reading, writing and research skills. You will get paid for writing creative or technical content such as reviews, articles, blogs, press releases, website content, social media content, etc.

Register at the freelance job sites and create your impressive online portfolio.

7) Editing or Proofreading

Proofreading and editing are necessary for all significant write-ups. If you are good in the languages and have good reading and writing skills, you can start your editing/proofreading business.

8) Translator

Vital documents or articles often require translation services. If you are good in English or other languages, you can earn money by working as a translator online.

Create your online portfolio and register at the top freelancing websites.

9) E-commerce Business

Selling products and services online is easy nowadays. Collect your chosen products from a wholesaler and sell them at higher prices via your websites or sites like Amazon or eBay. You can also ship your goods to Amazon, and it would sell and ship them to the customers for you.

If you can make various types of the latest jewelry or other exciting handicrafts or attractive soft toys, you can sell them on sites like Etsy.

This is a great part time work from home for housewives, fresh graduates, students and retired people.

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