Vending Machine Business Record Keeping Basics

Keeping good records of the status of each of your vending machines when you service them is both a critical and very easy practice. Even for those who strongly dislike record keeping and struggle with the practice, the process is not overly taxing. The benefits, after all, far outweigh the small inconvenience that it presents. After all, by keeping records, you will be able to see how you are doing over time so you will know exactly which machines are offering the best performance, how many of what product is being sold, and what profits you can anticipate in the weeks and months to come.

As a business owner, this is information that you need. With even the most basic record keeping, you will have a much more thorough understanding of your business and how it is doing from one machine to the next. This allows you to continue what you are doing right with some machines, and consider the relocation of other machines that just aren’t performing as they should be.

That being said, you will also greatly appreciate your efforts to keep accurate records when tax time comes around. Nothing is more painful than trying to scrounge together exact numbers from records that are either sketchy or non-existent.

The two kinds of records that you will want to consistently maintain within your vending machine business are a basic ledger and a report of all of the locations on your route. The basic ledger is essentially your general bookkeeping. It should document all of the income and expenses totaled from all of the locations on your route. You can do this on paper, but it is much easier and faster if you use a simple bookkeeping program on your computer. If you save all of your receipts and keep a good route report, you will be able to update your ledger quickly and easily each time you complete a service route.

While on your service route, you should keep a record of the status of all of your machines at each location. Each machine should have its own page where you take notes from each servicing. This way, you will be able to flip to the page for any given machine to observe its performance including expenses, income, the placement of products, and the popularity of each of the products.

When your business is still small enough for you to do all of the routes yourself, you will be responsible for all of the record keeping for both the ledger and the route. However, once your business gets large enough that you need to hire someone to run some or all of your routes for you, you will need to make sure that that individual is also keeping the detailed, accurate records that you need to make all the difference in understanding the success of your business.

The same thing goes if you wish to hire a bookkeeper to keep track of all of the income, expenses, and other data collected by the people running your service routes for you. The trick is to make sure that these records never fall behind, that they are always complete, and that they are always accurate.

Do not forget to actually use the information that you have collected. Keeping records is only a practical process when you examine and analyze the data that has been collected. Keep a close eye on the performance of each of your machines so that you always know where attention is needed.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Safely, Effectively and Finally Keeping It Off!

How To Lose Stomach Fat

Have you ever wondered if there’s a ‘secret’ to losing stomach fat? So many of us read and practice healthy lifestyles, exercising and making sure our protein intake is sufficient to keep us from bingeing, and yet many of us still battle the bulge.

Well, I believe I’ve found the answer to this battle and I’m very excited to share with you what I’ve found. There’s a new product on the market by Herbalife, a tried, trusted and true leader in the health and wellness industry with over 30 years of science and products. I tried the product myself and had absolutely AWESOME results. The best part was that all I had to do was incorporate this amazing product into my every day lifestyle and watched the belly fat melt away! I found it to be simply one of a kind and give it a two thumbs up – a definite winner in how to lose stomach fat and even inches in hips!

Prolessa Duo’s One of a Kind Unique Proprietary Blend

Prolessa Duo is a revolutionary product with three key ingredients:

  • Palm Oil– one of the edible plant oils derived from the fruits of palm trees. It’s extracted from the pulp of the fruit of the oil palm, is naturally reddish in color because it is just loaded with beta-carotene. It’s one of the few saturated vegetable fats that has no cholesterol and is known for its ability to suppress appetite.
  • Oat Oil– is extracted from oat in a manner that leaves its biological value intact. It’s rich in oxidation resistance agent such as vitamin E and sterols which can remove the active oxygen free radical resided in the skin cell, defer the aging process, depress the formation of age pigment and protect skin cell from damage. It’s very well known for its use in lotions because of its natural emollients.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid– perhaps the most unique of the three products in the proprietary blend. CLA for short has been beneficial in human health for a very long time. It’s been known to hinder the growth of tumors and is a well known anti-cancer agent. CLA is mostly found in grass fed beef and it’s important to understand it’s capabilities in firming and toning. It firms belly fat, firms the carcass fat and increases lean body mass and reduces body fat.

It’s important to understand that lean body muscle burns more calories than body fat, thus increasing the resting metabolic rates and hence the weight loss effect.

How To Use Prolessa Duo

Prolessa Duo can be added to your favorite beverage, or, you can use it in conjunction with other Herbalife products like the Formula 1 Shake. You can use it like i did by simply putting one scoop of Prolessa Duo into your favorite cold beverage. It comes with a scoop in the container so there’s not need to worry about measuring the exact amount. Simply put one scoop into your morning or afternoon beverage and mix it well.

Side Effects From Prolessa Duo

There are NO reported adverse side effects from using the product which makes perfect sense, considering the wonderful and natural proprietary blend that was discussed previously. Because of the perfect balance of the ingredients used in proprietary blend, there are no ‘jittery’ feelings or cause for anxiousness or panic like with most appetite suppressant products because there are no dangerous ‘drugs’ used. Everything you’ve read is exactly what is in this product. It absolutely curbs the appetite and takes off the inches. Most of those who have done testimonials on the product have shown significant loss in the tummy and hips area which are very difficult areas to lose.

The Cost of Prolessa Duo

The product comes in two different plans – the 7 day program or the 30 day program. The 7 day program is less than $25 and the 30 day is less than $100. The product, like all of Herbalife’s products has a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Because Herbalife is such a well renowned company with over 30 years in the health and wellness industry and 70 different products in their healthy living product line, this is one product that I would absolutely recommend in your quest for weight loss and healthy living!

The Bottom Line

Because I know first hand that this product is absolutely AMAZING, and because I am my own testimonial that it works and I’ve kept the belly fat off, I say you have nothing to lose except the stomach fat you’ve been fighting with. I got a 25% off coupon online when I ordered a 30 day supply and posted the code for others on my site.

Multi-Location Software: Keeping Businesses On Track

As the global economy expands, more and more businesses find that they are in need of multi-location supply chain software to efficiently track and record their business around the globe.

One such area that finds itself in need of this technology is businesses that deal with supply and logistics. Most industries that have multiple locations need to be able to track information from multiple sources. By investing in a system that can provide real-time information from all locations, a business can adequately prepare for the needs of their customers.

An example of a business that is frequently in need of this form of technology is school systems. Since most school systems have multiple campuses, having a service that can compile all of its mandatory data, such as attendance, in one concise format, the school district is able to save on it resources and keep track of state, local, and national requirements.

When corporations, such as hotel chains, are doing business, the home office is in charge of keeping up with the daily information from each hotel. If a hotel in the chain needs to order 500 rolls of paper towels, the software can hold the order to ensure that other hotels in the chain do not need the same item. This capability saves the company on shipping and can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing in bulk.

Other large businesses, such as hospitals, are in constant need of purchasing supplies. While most hospitals have a department dedicated to purchasing for their own location, in order to take advantage of the global market, the sister hospital across the globe may need similar items.

When the inventory of an item is depleted at a factory in England, for example, the sister factory in Boston will show the lowering of the inventory. This provides the most up-to-date information at all times for accuracy within a company.

To use another example, if a client in France needs 5000 widgets from your company, the sales representative can look on the multi location software to see if the branch of the company in France has enough widgets. If not, the representative can check other company locations and place a transfer of widgets from that facility to the one in France to complete the order.

While the idea for this type of platform has been in the planning stage for several years, technology has caught up. With the technology now available, every potential market that has numerous locations could ultimately benefit. While accuracy will improve the bottom line in business, it will also have an impact on customer service.

One of the largest complaints of customers and clients across the globe is poor customer service. Selling products that are out of stock, shipping products that are incorrect, ordering inaccurate amounts of products, and many other issues are listed as poor customer/client satisfaction. Every business, however, knows that it is customer satisfaction that truly affects the bottom line. By using this type of technology in business, schools, factories, and hundreds of other areas, customer satisfaction, accuracy, dependability, and the bottom line will almost certainly improve.

Discover How to Start an Internet Business From Home While Keeping Your Day Job

With the world in financial chaos at the moment, many people are anxious about their chances of holding onto their jobs, while others are just looking for a way to start an internet based business from home as an added security measure to bring in some extra income.

In this article we will discuss the best way to start your own small business from home without having to quit your day job.

There are many people who are totally dependent on their day job as their sole means of support and if this is your situation then starting a small internet based business from home, part time, is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get into a business of your own.

A small internet business can be used to sell your products and services globally or locally. You could choose to sell either physical or digital products, just remember that if you sell physical products you will have to be able to ship them to your customers whereas digital products can be downloaded directly from your website.

You could also think about becoming an affiliate marketer. This entails selling other people’s products and earning a commission from your sales. How this works is that the products you sell will be coded with your “affiliate link” which you place on your own website. There are many extremely successful internet marketers who make all their money using only this method of internet marketing. Alternatively you could also use a combination of the two methods.

It is relatively cheap to start and run a small home based internet business and by working it on a part time basis you will be able to keep your day job until such time as you start to make money. Your business will then be able to provide you with an extra source of income or extra security for the future especially in these uncertain times.

There are hundreds of viable legitimate income opportunities available on the internet today, and there is absolutely no reason why anyone with average intelligence cannot start an internet business of their own.

One very important point to consider, however, is that you will need to focus your goals and work out a plan of action that is realistic. You will need to take into account the hours that you spend working on your day job, any family commitments and also allow some recreation time. Nobody can work day and night without a break and do a good job. So set your goals by taking all of these things into account.

You will need to make some sacrifices if you wish to be successful. It may entail giving up some TV time or some other activity that you enjoy but is not essential. If you cannot sacrifice some of your pleasures and make time to build a business, your business will remain nothing but a pipe dream.

If you find that you have very little time available to spend on building a business you may need to reconsider just how strong your desire is to have your own internet home business. If you are not prepared to sacrifice a few of the less important activities in the beginning, it is highly unlikely that you will see the project through to a successful end.

One great side effect of starting a small home business on the internet part time while still working in your day job, is that you will be forced to become more efficient in the limited time that you have available.

Don’t hate your job, rather try to see it as a means to help you in reaching your dreams and desires for your own business. As you work towards achieving your goals your business will start growing and become an asset rather than the liability you may initially find it to be. Once this happens you may then feel that you need to spend more time working on it and you will be able to give up your day job and work full time on your internet business from home.

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