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A day spa is the next best thing. Being pampered and taken care of for even a few hours is a great way to be good to yourself. A day spa is just that-a location where you can go relax for the day and enjoy the treatments and amenities they have to offer. This is great if you have a shorter time window to escape. It is the best place to get a variety of relaxing treatments. One can allow themselves an opportunity to meditate and relax while enjoying the services of the spa.

A day spa is a business where people can go to receive special treatment. Treatments might include massage, facials, waxing, body treatments, and skin exfoliation. A day spa is a not to be missed lifestyle activities by today’s urban working ladies. It is a weekly routine for ladies to love themselves within a few hours time here from a top to toe relaxation treatments that re-energize their body and soul.


Natural Reflex Therapy” (soft tissue techniques and reflex points) is combined with the typical broad, flowing strokes and pressure point manipulations of Swedish massage. An outstanding approach to alleviating stress and pain. Natural ingredients like licorice root, papaya, and green tea extract are wonderful when added to cosmeceuticals to relieve the itching and redness often associated with sensitive skin conditions. Innovative formulations containing oxygenating proteins to absorb daily abuse on our skin can retard the aging process.


Massage reduces muscular pain, improves blood circulation and offers great relaxation. However, it is important that a registered massage therapist must do the massage. Massage, facials, and much more are available for men and women alike. A massage just might be the answer after a long day on the links. Massage, water and detoxification treatments, care of skin and body conditions all contribute to optimum wellness. Wellness Spas will continue to evolve as the demand for fully natural health care increases.

Massages of this sort concentrate on manipulating parts of the hands, feet and/or ears which practitioners feel are linked to other parts of the body. Various reflexology techniques are found in many day spas.


Travelers can revitalize and nourish their skin with an aloe wrap, or unwind with a comforting hot-stone massage. Travel immerses you in a land of unexplored and unexpected vistas. Mimic that feeling by dining in a restaurant you have never been to in a part of town you rarely frequent.


Full Body Treatment – Most women going to a spa want “the works” done to receive the most comprehensive treatment possible. A full body treatment usually includes cleansing with fruit enzymes including tropical favorites such as mango, papaya, pineapple and orange.


Visitors most certainly do not feel claustrophobic, as the spa’s building consists of wide open spaces, high ceilings and tall doors. Visiting a day spa is something that can be worked into a routine and repeated visits can teach you to appreciate yourself, your own body and the positive strength within it.

Naming Your Animal Massage Business – 7 Ideas For Coming Up With the Perfect Business Name

Coming up with the right name for your business is one of the most important parts of starting a company. It’s a good idea to spend some time on finding a name that’s unique, memorable and reflective of what it is you have to offer your clients.

When I tried to think of a name for my animal massage business, I got a bunch of friends together at a bar and asked them to help me brainstorm. They came up with several ideas, one worse than the other, and I ended up going to bed that night without a single good name to work with. And woke up the next morning with the perfect (in my opinion) name for my business (Nimble Limbs Animal Massage). Sometimes your brain does its best work when you just leave it alone.

Here are a few other ways to come up with a great name:

1. Pick up a dictionary and just leaf through it. Or look at one online – the interactive is fun to use and displays a “map” of related words for every word you type in.

2. Think of a tag line for your business (things like “The Touch That Heals”, or “Put The Spring Back In That Spaniel”). Sometimes it’s easier to start with that and come up with a name based on it.

3. Write a mission statement. You’ll need one anyway, and you might come up with the perfect name while thinking about what your business is all about and putting it on paper.

4. Brainstorm with yourself. Write down a bunch of words that relate to your business (animal, massage, pet, health, dog, etc.). Pick one word you know for sure that you want in your name, like “pet” for example. Then try on words around that, like Healthy Pet, Pet Comforts, Pet Pampering or Pampered Pet (I always like alliterations – the repetition of the first consonant sound in a phrase). Just play around with it. Sometimes you’ll realize that you don’t want “pet” in the name after all, and that’s fine, it’s part of the process.

5. Go on and look at all the business names listed there – something might trigger an idea.

6. Try out different names on domain registration sites (like GoDaddy or Many will suggest other options to you, and since you’ll probably want a website or blog anyway, it’s a great way to combine your name search with a domain name registration.

7. If you’re completely stuck and don’t mind spending $99, enlist the help of the online community at You just describe your business, the members start brainstorming, and after 48 hours, you’ll be presented with several names.

I hope that at least one of the suggestions above will help you find the ideal name for your business. Don’t worry if the process takes several months – it’s an important decision that shouldn’t be rushed.

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