7 Mistakes Men Make On Valentines Day Jewelry

Gifts of jewelry for Valentines Day is an age old standard. I think that jewelry is a special gift for this holiday because jewelry can convey such meaning – love, caring, history. I also think that jewelry is a popular gift from men to women because it allows men to express their feelings without having to speak.

Whatever makes jewelry a popular Valentines Day gift, it is important to choose and give a gift that is perfect. Below are the most common mistakes that men make when choosing and giving Valentines Day jewelry.

1. Thinking in terms of red gemstone jewelry only.

Don’t get me wrong, ruby and garnet gemstone jewelry is a traditional and meaningful gift. But it is also at every jeweler at every store!

Ruby jewelry has a special meaning for Valentines Day. Rubies are a symbol of friendship and love. Garnet, the birthstone for January is also a symbol of love.

However, if your Valentine is like me, I have earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants with ruby and garnet stones. In fact, I have several earrings and pendants with these stones.

So, red stones might be a bit overdone. Instead, think of pink, purple and blue gemstones. There are so many stones with special meanings and in special settings that you really limit yourself to think of just Ruby and Garnet.

2. Thinking of hearts only.

I love hearts. I have them in every style, material and gemstone imaginable. Hearts are absolutely the universal symbol of Valentines Day.

Valentines Day hearts come in flowers, candy boxes, and every conceivable item possible. So, when thinking of your Valentine, do you want to be one of the pack or someone that thinks beyond the rest?

Think of circles jewelry, infinity symbols, and Journey jewelry. All of these styles have special meaning especially to long term Valentine couples.

3. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

Well ok, they probably are. But are they the perfect Valentines Day gift? If you are on a budget, diamonds can be pricey – beyond some budgets.

Try to think past inexpensive diamond “accent” pieces. These are really not diamonds that are girl’s best friend. These are a bit of glitter that barely makes the definition of a diamond.

However, look for sterling silver settings with smaller but pretty diamonds. These are really unique and fresh!

4. Not her style!

First, determine her style. Does she work outside the home and if so, what does she wear daily – a nurse’s uniform, business suit, khaki’s and sweater?

What she wears daily will help you decide what jewelry to buy. Larger, substantial, expensive pieces are really for evening wear and if worn during the day, they are for women that dress in high end business suits or have high profile executive jobs.

But most of us don’t dress that way every day. In fact my favorite pieces are those that I can wear with jeans and an evening out. Think of simple but unique pieces, with gemstones that have 2-4 carats of jewels.

For diamonds, it is a bit harder since carat size varies by the type of piece. Stick with 1-2 carat diamond earrings or 1 carat or less of diamonds in a necklace or pendant.

5. I saw that necklace in every ad and every store everywhere!

I don’t know any woman that buys a dress that she has seen on 5 other women. Women don’t want to look just like the women standing next to them.

And women really don’t like to have the same piece of jewelry that everyone else in the office got for Valentines Day!

Look at ads and browse websites for ideas but choose something that you don’t see at the mall. You want your gift to be one of a kind just like your love!

6. Too big/too small – not just right!

This advice is very tailored to your special someone. Is she tall, short, thin, or full figured? The size of pendants, necklaces, and earrings should reflect the women’s stature.

You would not want to choose a petite gift for a woman who is full figured – it would get lost on her. By the same nature, you would not want to choose a large gemstone for a petite woman – it would make her look top heavy.

Here is where gemstone jewelry can really help out. Gemstones come in all sizes and may be clustered with another jewel to allow them to go from petite to a large size – all at prices that fit most budgets. As baby bear would say, this gift is just right!

7. A gift with no meaning.

Valentines Day is all about celebrating your love. Yes, I know it is a greeting card holiday. But you can make it so much more if you find a piece of jewelry that “speaks” to you.

Men can speak to jewelry – you just have to learn the language. Spend a few minutes looking at jewelry websites and you will absolutely learn more about gold, diamonds, and gemstones that you thought possible. Find a piece that says “I Love You”!

This process will translate into a thoughtful, unique and meaningful gift for your Valentine.

Special Gift Ideas for Men

Most people love to receive a gift for a variety of purposes. This can include birthdays, anniversaries, or other important events. Both men and women enjoy receiving gifts. But here are gift ideas for men along with some further suggestions for consideration.

There are a wide variety of gift ideas to consider for men. The type of gift you send them can be dependent on how well you know that person and what his interests include.

However there are some general guidelines you may want to consider in order to find something the man will really appreciate.

First of all many men enjoy sports related items. For example if the person enjoys golf, then consider getting him something related to this hobby. Depending upon your available budget you want to consider a golf club or something else related to the sport like balls or other accessories.

If you aren’t sure specifically what type of sports related item to purchase then a gift certificate from a sports related retailer might be a good choice. Many men would very much appreciate the effort and expense in doing so.

Personalised sports related gifts can also be a great choice. However be certain that you know what interests the man has first. For example if he has a favorite sports team then something related to this could be a great gift idea. However don’t get him something from a team he greatly dislikes or the positive aspects of sending him a gift would be diminished.

Another type of gift to consider might be something related to cars. If the person you want to send out a gift to owns and really enjoys a particular type of car, then a nice gift might be an accessory related to this. It could be as simple as a keyring with the logo of the car he drives. Or perhaps something more involved or expensive such as body trim, etc.

It shows the person how much you care about him and how you have the taken the time and effort to find something important to him. Many men also enjoy working with their hands so perhaps something related to home improvement might be appropriate.

And other great gift ideas include personalized items such as desk accessories. You can get him a nice pen holder or paperweight engraved with his name or message. This is something he can use every day. In the process he can be reminded of your gift and further reinforce the positive nature of your gesture.

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