Role of MIS in Business Management

Despite the vast improvements in information technology, computers (on which modern IT is based) cannot as yet take over business management. However, business information systems have transformed the effectiveness, power and efficiency of management.

In an earlier article on business management software, we looked at surface aspects of how modern management information systems help businesses. We saw how computers sped up and improved the quality of operations. We also mentioned the existence of broad categories of business software – office suites, functional software such as accounting and inventory, and industry software such as retail management software. In this article, we seek to look more analytically at the role of information management systems.

Decision Support, Problem Analysis and Overall Control

Business managers often need to make decisions that can affect the business’ fortunes one way or other. For example, a company with sales outlets or distributors spread over a wide geographic area might want to optimize the logistical operations of delivering merchandise to the outlets. The best solution might be affected by numerous factors such as demand patterns, availability of merchandise, distances involved and the option of using external carriers (who can find two way loads and might prove a lesser cost option over long distances) instead of own vehicles.

While it might be possible to use complex mathematical formulas by hand to compute the best solution, computers transform the whole process into a routine task of feeding certain information as input and obtaining suggestions for best solutions as output. The task can typically be done in a few minutes (instead of hours or even days) and it becomes possible to examine several alternatives before deciding upon one that seems most realistic.

Identifying problems and analyzing the factors that cause them also has been transformed by modern computer information systems. In a typical MIS environment, standard reports are generated in a routine manner comparing actual performance against original estimates. The software that generates the report can be instructed to highlight exceptions, i.e. significant variations between original estimates and actual performance. Managers will thus become aware of problem areas in the daily course of their work simply by looking at the reports they receive, without having to do detailed data collection and computations themselves.

Identifying the factors responsible for the problem can also be routinized to some extent by using such tools as variance analysis. Variance analysis is an element of standard costing system that splits deviations from estimates (or standards) into causative factors such as increase in price of materials used, excessive usage of materials, unexpected machine downtimes, etc. With such a detailed report, managers can delve deeper into the problem factor, such as why there was excessive usage of materials.

Control is also exercised through variance analysis. Budgets are prepared for all business operations by concerned managers working in a coordinated fashion. For example, estimated sales volumes will determine the levels of production; production levels will determine raw material purchases; and so on. With good information system management, it then becomes possible to generate timely reports comparing actual sales, production, raw material deliveries, etc against estimated levels.

The reports will help managers to keep a watch on things and take corrective action quickly. For example, the production manager will become aware of falling sales (or rising sales) of particular products and can prepare to make adjustments in production schedules, and purchasing and inventory managers will become quickly aware of any mounting inventories of unused materials. MIS thus enhances the quality of communication all around and can significantly improve the effectiveness of operations control.

Effective MIS Involves Humans and Computers Working together

The major aspect to note is that MIS provides only the information; it is the responsibility of concerned managers to act on the information. It is the synergy between efficient, accurate and speedy equipment and humans with commonsense, intelligence and judgment that really gives power to MIS.

Role of Computers in Architecture in India

In the technological and advanced world, the use of computers in India has became an essential part for any kind of innovation or invention as its benefits and significance are not hidden by anyone. The computer came into existence in the 1940s and India took a decade to purchase it. No one can imagine their daily or official life without the use of computers though it is replaced by the invention of laptops and portable devices. It’s a useful element due to its time and energy saving performances in every possible field such as science, manufacturing, engineering etc and one of the most essential fields is “architecture”.

All the working stages in the architecture field requires the computer in order to increase the accuracy along with speed. The computer-aided design is one of the great advances for the development of architectural field with engineering design projects as they both are directly proportional to each other.

Architects are very well known for creating presentations whether it is 2D constructions documents or 3D models along with typical business documents on the computer. The concept of the computer aid design means an understanding application of the difficult structures with the help of computer solved equations and information generation. The reason behind the use and acceptance of computer in India is simple as it is much more efficient with minimal wastage of time without any glitch.

Use and importance of computer in all the fields are different but here is the role of computers in different areas of architectures:

Business functions: Like many other businesses in India, numerous architecture firms and individual architects consider the use of computers in order to complete many functions of businesses like interacting with the clients through skype or mail, maintaining records which can be accessed easily by employees, conducting particular researches etc.

In addition to this, they utilize the computers for sensing the multiple images, messages and also coordinating files between the design team, engineer and the construction manager.

Preparation of the presentations: Many building proposals in India required the presentations for their various clients such as Jaipur engineering colleges or many professional businesses. Architects prepared the structure of any project in a digital model for its efficiency and fulfilling all its requirements. The purpose accomplished by the computers is the creation of image boards, brochures, formal reports or slideshows with other media messages. Architects use graphic design software in order to facilitate the layout of each proposal as it is much more time saving plus fulfilling.

Documents of Constructions: The computer-generated construction documents in various businesses and engineering colleges Jaipur in India are the perfect replacement of blueprints which used to drawn by hands originally. Now the computers and computer aid design are being used by the numerous architects as a basic tool for creating and modifying the structural designs.

Creation of 3D models: By creating a virtual 3D model on the computer, architects now have the ability to illustrate segments and projects for the clients without making a physical model. There are the rendering options in the computer through accurate representations of lighting, texture, and color can be done.

Such software and innovations have reduced the level of stress and provided with the opportunity to apply dream into digital practicality. India has already faced the boom in the IT industry when the computer was introduced. With more digitization, India will be one of the most advanced and technological countries soon.

Role of Customs House Agent

Customs house agent is a very important person whenever you are importing or exporting any goods. By definition he is a person who has acquired a license to acts as an agent for transaction of any business related to departure or entry of transportations or the export or import of goods at any customs station. Generally the businesses that imports or exports goods don’t have knowledge about the rules and regulations of the government and neither do they have any time to look into these matters. Hence, they appoint a agent to act on their behalf. However, all the duties performed by the customs house agent are administered by a government body known as “Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations.”

Nowadays, almost all the metros have customs house agents. There is Ahmedabad customs house agents, Mumbai customs house agent, Delhi customs house agents, and many more. However, to become an agent the applicant must possess some qualifications. Below are few requisites to become an agent.

1. Applicant must be graduate from recognized university
2. Applicant must hold Form G pass
3. Should have three years work experience in customs clearing
4. Should have property of Rs. 1 lac or Rs 50,000 cash verified by a scheduled bank
5. Faithfulness of the applicant and their financial status are also considered

Apart from this, if there are too many applications for the licenses, then the commissioner selects the applicants by seniority. Once deemed as a licensed agent they have to perform certain duties and obligations specified by the licensing regulation. Some of the duties and responsibilities of an agent are:

• An agent can only clear the imported or exported goods against the approval from the principal and is also required to produce the authorization letter when asked by commissioner.
• An agent has to personally clear the goods and all the documents prepared by him to clear the goods must bear his name on top of the document.
• An agent is obligated to advice the client to follow all the provisions of the government act and other regulations.
• The agent is supposed to promptly pay the government all the duties and taxes money that he has received from the client.
• The agents should maintain all the financial transactions up-to-date. Furthermore, he must also maintain all the documents like bill of entry, shipping bills, etc. for at least five years.

Ahmedabad customs house agents and other agents nowadays use computer software for creating and filing various bills online. This made their work much easier and faster. However, the software is free but it requires registration of the agent’s website to ICEGATE.

The Role of a Webmaster in Your Internet Business

A webmaster is one of the most important person in your Internet business. This person should be one who is reliable, and can work quickly. An agile mind with efficient coding ability is what you should be looking out for.

In many circumstances, your Internet business will need changes to be made on the site fairly quickly. Therefore, it’s only reasonable to assume that your webmaster can keep up with the demand of the job. For example, you may be doing a product launch, and you desperately need the site to be up by a certain date. So your webmaster needs to get things organized – setup the graphics, setup the emails, etc. All must be completed within the time frame. Otherwise, you will get a lot of complains from angry customers.

So let’s talk a little bit about the role of the webmaster in your Internet business. What exactly is he (or she) responsible for in your Internet business? There are no standard answers for a question like this. It all depends on your agreement with your webmaster. And your agreement depends on the needs of your Internet business. So to re-frame the question, it would be better to ask what does your Internet business need?

Graphics work.

Obviously, all websites need to be updated with the latest graphics. Graphics can be logos, photos, posters, and so on. These need to be posted on the website on a regular basis. If your webmaster is too busy with other stuff, such tasks can be outsourced. Of course, your webmaster will still need to supervise the work and stay on top of things.

Development work.

Webmasters should also be competent when it comes to coding. There are many different types of web programming languages on the Internet – PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, CFM, etc. The most popular is PHP. Make sure that the webmaster you hire is familiar with the language that you are currently using on your website.

Development work means working on bugs on the website and coming up with new features. As you can see, there is never ending work for new features. So it’s easy to overload your webmaster with too much work. The key here is to stay organized. Make a weekly plan to roll out the features, and work on them one at a time. That way, it’s easier to have quality control, and the work gets done.

Maintaining the website.

This is another key area that your webmaster should be in charge of. Maintaining a website means keeping everything ship shape. If there is a broken link, fix it. If there are spam emails coming from the site, work on it. If there are trouble makers posting nonsense on the forum, ban them.

Professional webmasters provide quality services that cover all the above areas. You can easily hire a webmaster from an online webmaster forum. Such community sites are where webmasters hang out, and you can easily pick up a few good webmasters from there.

Role of a Web Development Company in Shaping the Future of Your Business

Every business exists to achieve some goals and realize their objectives. For some, physical presence does the trick while for others, online remains the best place to find prospects. We know the web is growing at a rapid rate and in such a scenario, no enterprise can ignore the digital world and its amazing benefits. However, it takes a quality website to take the business online and put it in the league of industry leaders. The website has to be designed and developed keeping in mind the changing tastes and preferences of users of modern age.

Further, the website will be a link between your business and its prospects as it conveys information and draws attention. Its sole purpose is to help promote products, services and ethos of the business to a bigger and wider market. More importantly, the website your business plans to get created has to be made to cater to the users by enriching, informing and enlightening them at every stage of the way. Quite clearly, the task at hand is not easy particularly when you aim to leverage the ever-growing potential of the web and shape the future of the business.

You will certainly need to find an experienced and skilled company with a proven track record of creating web-enabled solutions such as apps, websites and portals etc. The company has to be familiar with the latest trends and techniques of the web world and have the resources to utilize the acquired knowledge in a true sense. Similarly, it must know about the features and functionalities needed in a website to perform well over the internet. So, it makes sense for you to first search, then analyse the options at hand before choosing the right company for your web project.

In addition, the website in question should be user and search engine-friendly so that accessing information from it remains smooth and easy for users. What’s more, it has to come fitted with simple navigation options and buttons to let visitors reach from one point to another in a hassle-free manner. There must be technical finesse in the site but not at the cost of creating confusion for visitors. Responsive design should be used so that the resultant website can perform consistently across devices and operating systems. The design should be in sync with the changing norms of the web market while mobile-friendliness has to be kept in mind.

More so, high-quality business websites are known to convey information and ideas in an easy manner, so yours one must consider this aspect as well to catch the attention of more prospects on the web. Similarly, the website has to be designed as per SEO standards so that superior visibility remains a matter of fact. In fact, compatibility with web browsers can’t be ignored else the reach and impact of the website might at best be limited. Proper web optimization is something no website can ignore and you should also keep this is mind to gain great results on the visibility front.

In overall, it’s a good decision to take your business online and reap benefits that are multiplying by the minute. For that to happen, you must avail the services and expertise of a top web development company and realize the true potential of the business. You should know the role played by a skilled company in regard to your website’s performance in the digital world, so the hiring must be correct. Only then can you expect the site to reach to more users, take the business essence forward in a desired manner and bring home advantages galore.

Role of Customer Service – Why It’s Important to Your Business

Plan to get the financial Data:

Blockchain technology usually attends the financial sector, but they could transform the number of industries and range from the Internet of Things (IoT) which support to healthcare and from the supply chain to arts and entertainment.

Blockchain expert explains the technologies has broad reach comes from its employment to secure and efficient way. To ensure data integrity, transparency, immutability and fairness, across different types of transactions.

Existing business functions Ideas:

We are the proprietor and managing director of, and also Blockchain. We can improve an existing business system using pursuing the idea to create a competitive advantage through more efficient accounting processes and solving potential customers’ challenges.

We are ready to prove the second point where P2P energy-trading platform, eliminates the middleman from renewable energy sales. And another Blockchain startup provides a platform that seamlessly shares data along supply chains. Investors seem to like the startups’ solutions to everyday problems, awarding more than million to Origin Trail and over million to Power Ledger.

Capital fundraising:

Ideas to create a new service model and products to launch on your business, we support the capital work concept for better choose blockchain services and support for business.

We use Cryptocurrency to get the alternate solution to the traditional funding project. The Cryptocurrency has startups using work capital amount on the direct investment tag using token generation events. The fellows have some policies to maintain and support the project as per legal services.

Attain New Customer Services:

Blockchain technology has cryptocurrencies model that they could transmit the data into an extended field on market. The Cryptocurrency have private and public investment to verify the transaction on recognizing companies to attract the Bitcoin and other online currency also. It helps to support and translate into sales.

According to blockchain tool, we have large media data to highlighted and transmitted on the forum through small family business. The PIVX has storage devices to get a new client and customer in to get the Bitcoin easier and faster on payment modes.

Cyber Security Empower:

We use half of the Bitcoin to share on private data breaches and half of the data to share on public data breaches. In each company they have some qualify experienced support for learning the business into the next level of approaches. Blockchain technology can be used to reduce your risk of a data breach.

Blockchain has enhanced cybersecurity efforts which we have infrastructure, transparency, event tracking, cryptography and other security data sharing information systems.

Ensure Bitcoin Privacy:

Privacy policies have several complementary tasks on cybersecurity systems. It is an important consideration to follow the particular consumers to purchase the Bitcoin to safeguard your information through online.

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Global Challenges using Cryptocurrency:

At last, we have entrepreneurs who like to capitalize on the employing blockchain technology to build the other places to devastate by natural disasters.

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This blockchain is the easiest way to help the Cryptocurrency platform in the easiest way of response. We offer Bitcoin and other currencies in the market which is empowering your business in an easy manner.

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